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is a new covert security earpiece that maintains total sound awareness, without the telltale coil tube and with no ear fatigue. It is currently being worn by over 200 US Secret Service agents, as well by other law enforcement personnel in over 12 countries. The earHero earphones have been in research and development for over eight years.

The earHero earphones were invented and patented by the clinical audiology team of Matt and Mali Murphy, who own and operate House of Hearing Audiology Clinic in Boise, Idaho. The earHero headphones were originally designed to be able to listen to their music or phone while being able to maintain complete awareness of their environment at the same time. They were then developed for the consumer market for those who were looking to adapt the technology to their own music players.

The earHero earphones were quickly picked up by government security personnel who immediately saw its advantages as a covert listening device to replace the standard coiled tube they had been using.

The earHero earphones employ special hearing aid quality non-occluding micro-speakers. The earphones fit into the ear canal but do not block it like standard earphones, allowing normal hearing. Not only can you hear whisper level sounds from meters, you can identify the precise location of the sounds, something that cannot be done with standard earphones and that is crucial in tactical applications.


The earHero earphones are designed to facilitate multi-tasking. You can simultaneously talk on a separate phone, communicate with fellow personnel, speak with someone directly, and maintain full situational awareness, without removing the earHero earphones from either ear.

We found the sound quality from the earHero earphones to be excellent. They were exceptionally comfortable and could be worn all day without any ear fatigue. You will hardly notice that they are there.

The earHero earphones employ a unique soft tail called the concha lock that locks the small speaker into the ear canal, keeping it in place during strenuous activities. The speakers are out of the way of perspiration, making them virtually sweat proof. The earHero earphones employ ultra-thin, clear wires that are exceptionally discreet. Traditional coiled tube earpieces are not all that covert; in fact, they are easily recognizable by all. This is not the case with the earHero earphones. They are truly covert.

An adapter is available for the earHero earphones, which allows the user to replace the cumbersome coiled tube from their radio gear with either of the earHero earphones. The earHero Adapter can be used with any set of earphones with a standard 3.5mm jack, such as Apple In-Ear Headphones.

You don’t need to buy a new radio system. The earHero Adapter allows you to connect earHero earphones to most any two-way radio. The earHero Adapter can be taken on and off depending on your mission requirements. A Bluetooth Clip is also available as a companion to the earHero. It is iPhone and Android compatible and allows you to talk without removing your phone from your pocket. The Bluetooth Clip has eight hours of talk time, and 300 hours of standby time. It comes with a plug-in wall charger.

The MSRP for the earHero earphones is $149. The earHero Adapter is $19, while the Bluetooth Clip runs $29. The earHero earphones are a definite advancement in covert tactical headphones, offering many advantages over the traditional coiled tube earphone.



Eugene Nielsen provides investigative and tactical consulting services and is a former officer. He may be reached at eugene.nielsen@live.com.

Published in Tactical Response, Jul/Aug 2014

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