KDH Defense Systems Body Armor


The Transformer and Magnum are innovative solutions.

KDH Defense Systems Body Armor
By: Susan Geoghegan

Founded in 2003, KDH Defense Systems is a leading provider of high-performance body armor for federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and the military. All of KDH’s innovative, high-quality products are manufactured in the company’s ISO 9001-certified facility in Eden, N.C. Their custom body armor solutions provide optimum ballistic protection and meet the most exacting standards in the industry.

Transformer Armor System

The Transformer Armor System is a modular, scalable platform that offers comfort, performance, and unprecedented system flexibility. It revolutionizes the way traditional concealable armor is used, worn, and cared for by law enforcement professionals. It is the core Internal Speed Plate Carrier Strapping System, which connects directly to the ballistic inserts, that sets this system apart from others in the industry. With this unique suspension system, the same plate and suspension system can be used with concealable or overt Transformer carrier sleeves, allowing for lower costs of replacement carrier sleeves, and better conformity of the ballistic insert to the body. 

According to Paul Larkin, National Director of Sales for KDH Defense Systems, the harness system that attaches directly to the ballistic panels keeps the vest in place on the officer’s body.  “Officers who have been testing the Transformer System have commented that ‘over the years it seems like the body armor wears you; the Transformer is the exact opposite. You wear the armor.’ It stays in place on the body and does not ride up and/or shift on the body when sitting and moving around like past and current body armor inside of a traditional carrier,” Larkin said.

The Transformer Concealable Carrier Sleeves offer a vast range of adjustability and can be quickly and effortlessly removed for laundering and replacement with a spare carrier sleeve, or for rapid conversion to a mission-specific overt carrier. You only need to slip off the outer sleeve for laundering with no need to remove the ballistic panels or readjust the vest each time it is laundered. 

The Transformer S-Carrier Sleeve is a high-performance piece of apparel featuring the most advanced wicking, antimicrobial textiles on the body side of the sleeve. The outer shell features the same compression nylon Lycra® found in competitive cycling garments, and the strategically placed 3D spacer improves comfort while enhancing evaporative cooling.

Magnum TAC-II

Based on input from both soldiers and law enforcement officers, KDH developed the Magnum TAC-II (MTAC-II). As the Generation 2 of the Soldier Plate Carrier System (originally called the MTAC-I), the MTAC-II provides the law enforcement officer with enhancements to a lighter weight system, higher ballistic performance options, and greater mobility. Offering enhanced comfort and ease of use, the MTAC-II is highly adjustable for improved fit, and can be adjusted on the run as mission-critical environments change. 

The MTAC-II system is offered in two versions: a non-releasable and releasable version. The non-releasable version has a front Velcro® gear flap that allows for quick on/off of the system.  The releasable version utilizes four 1-inch side-release buckles that connect at the front allowing for ease of adjustment and superior noise discipline.

MTAC-II features a low-profile, lightweight design. The releasable version adds the benefits of a single-point emergency egress quick-release system. Both systems can be ordered to fit 10 x12 hard armor plates or US issue X-Small thru X-Large ESAPI/XSAPI hard armor plates. Other features include a reinforced drag handle, 360° MOLLE mounting surfaces, and nGuard® resistance to odor, microbes, fungi, mosquitoes, bed bugs, and color fading. 

Optional features include external cummerbunds that accept soft ballistic panels, side plates for increased protection, and groin and lower back protector compatibility. The MTAC-II is available in Black, Ranger Green, Coyote Brown, Universal with Camo and Multi-CAM camouflage fabrics. Warranties for the Transformer Armor System and the MTAC-II cover two years on the carrier and five years on ballistics. 

Susan Geoghegan is a freelance writer living in Naples, Fla. She can be reached at susangeogh@me.com.

Published in Tactical Response, May/Jun 2013

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