Pelham Training: Patrol Trauma Pak A

        Every year a number of law enforcement officers are wounded and either cut off from emergency medical treatment or face extended EMS response times. This crisis situation can be somewhat remedied by carrying a portable trauma kit with the most basic medical supplies. Every single drop of blood that can be prevented from spilling out is critical to survival.
        For the past several years, officers have become more astute in training in firearms, tactics and other survival skills, but many have neglected to learn how to treat traumatic injuries. They may carry a first aid kit, but it's not accessible if it's locked away inside the trunk of a squad car. The best solution is where an officer carries some type of medical supplies on his person.
        Pelham Training, in conjunction with The Haven Group, has addressed this need for an affordable, compact trauma care package with a series of Patrol Trauma Paks. The Pelham Trauma Pak draws heavily on the United States Military's experiences of treating injuries in combat situations.
        Patrol Trauma Pak A contains a SWAT-T tourniquet, wound-packing Z-fold gauze, and two Vaseline petrolatum gauzes suitable for use as chest seals. It retails for $24. Patrol Trauma Pak B contains a tourniquet, Halo Chest Seals(r), and Z-fold gauze. The price is $44. Patrol Trauma Pak C contains a tourniquet, chest / abdomen seals, and QuikClot(r)Combat Gauze(tm).
        Each Pak measures approximately 5 inches x 7 inches and weighs approximately 7 ounces. These paks are specifically designed to fit inside the trauma plate pouch of concealable body armor or uniform pants pockets. The contents are vacuum sealed inside a compact, airtight package. The sealed package keeps everything sterile.
        A tourniquet is used to control circulation (bleeding) in an extremity. Experience in combat has shown that tourniquets alone could save 60 percent of all the preventable deaths on the battlefield. The Pelham Patrol Paks use the SWAT-T tourniquet. Some officers may prefer the CAT tourniquet instead of the SWAT-T tourniquet. Then again, the CAT is much larger and more expensive ($49.99) than the entire Pak-A itself. That said, Pelham offers the larger and more expensive CAT-Pak for those who want the CAT tourniquet.
        The Pak-A includes sterile Z-fold gauze that has been shown to be very effective in packing a penetrating wound to stop the bleeding. Also included is the Vaseline petrolatum gauze that can be used to seal sucking chest wounds. This occlusive dressing keeps air from being sucked into the chest cavity and prevents a lung from collapsing.
        The Pelham Patrol Trauma Paks contain the most basic of wound-care medical supplies for extreme times when death from bleeding out or a sucking chest wound is just minutes away. Designed for the busy street officer on a budget, it offers a few of the most critical medical supplies required to treat himself or someone else at a sensible price. It is all about sheer survival. If you get to the ER with a pulse, you are going to live. Stop the bleeding any way you can, period. There is no wrong way. Stop the your life. Time is running out.

Sgt. Sam Smith is a 17-year veteran with the Evansville, Ind. Police Department. He is currently assigned to the Field Training Unit and Southwest Indian Law Enforcement Academy. He can be reached at

Published in Tactical Response, May/Jun 2012

Rating : 9.0

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Posted on : Aug 28 at 1:43 PM By Susan Abbott

What a great idea! I am really impressed. Who came up with this? Do our soldiers in battle carry something similar? If they don't, they certainly should. Our officers, however, should not have to pay for these temselves. This should be required equipment!

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