Photo Guidelines
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Photo Guidelines

Articles submitted to our publications must be accompanied by photos. These photos need to illustrate the points made in the text of the article. We accept a wide variety of photos, including:
  • color prints, matte or glossy, 4 x 6 inch minimum
  • black/white prints, 5 x 7 inch minimum
  • digital images, 600dpi minimum
  • NO instant photos, please
Please make a special effort to photograph fully-uniformed officers whenever possible, even for situations normally associated with training. Photos should be based in whichever setting is correct for the article: firearms on the range, investigations on the street, etc. Watch the backgrounds so the subject is properly contrasted. Be creative. Consider using a departmental photographer.

 We pay $25 per photo used in the magazine and $300 for cover photos.

Submit four to six photos per article. For non-professional photographers, use flash or higher speed film (such as ASA 200 or ASA 400) to be sure that the subjects are properly lit or the film properly exposed. If possible, shoot with the sun to your back, the old adage, illuminating the subject.

Each photo should be accompanied by a one sentence caption with the photo numbered or keyed to the caption. Each photo should have the name and contact information of the photographer affixed to the photo on a label. Do not write on either the front or the back of the photo.

When considering photos, please consider:
  • Is it realistic and candid?
  • Does it evoke a positive and professional image of law enforcement?
  • Does it project pride, authority, and professionalism?
  • Is the photo self-explanatory, worth a thousand words? Does it tell a story?
  • Is the photo novel and creative?
  • Is the photo properly lit and color-contrasted?
We find ourselves MOST in need of photos showing some aspect of:
  1. Interaction between officers and subjects (at a traffic stop or field interview).
  2. Cops and computing: laptops, palms, any mobile computing, in car, in office or on street.
  3. Police management, supervision, leadership, or command decision-making.
Additionally, we are in FREQUENT need of photos showing some aspect of:
  1. Negotiations
  2. Investigations
  3. Crime scene
  4. Forensics
  5. Domestic violence
  6. Tactical medical
  7. Women in policing
Please view our Editorial Calendar for a better idea of which upcoming topics we will be interested in viewing.

Submitting Digital Photos

When submitting digital photos, please adhere to the following guidelines:
  • All photos must be shot in 600 dpi resolution
  • The files must be saved as tiff, eps, jpg, or pdf format. (PC Formatted)
  • Photos should also be sent as 8x10. Once we receive the photos, the size can be reduced but not enlarged.

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