Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact the editorial staff?
The best way to contact any member of the editorial staff is via e-mail. You can email Ed Sanow, Editorial Director. If you cannot send e-mail we then prefer to receive mail correspondence. If you cannot contact us in either of those manners, you can call the office at (847) 444-3300. Our office hours are 8:30am to 5pm CST.

Are articles accepted without a query?
We strongly urge all authors to contact the editor before sending any articles or information. We will review all unsolicited articles within 30 days, but prefer to be contacted about each article before submission.

When will I know my article has been accepted?
If your article has been accepted, you will first receive an e-mail notifying you of its acceptance. After that you will receive a release form by email to sign and fax back to us at (847) 444-3333.

If my article is accepted, how long will it be before it's run in the magazine?
Typically, articles run anywhere from four to eight months after acceptance. The editorial staff will do its best to give you an approximate time frame, but the editorial list is subject to change.

If a query has been accepted, how do I send my article and photos?
If the editor has accepted your article concept, you can either send us a PC-formatted disk and photos in the mail, or you can send the files via e-mail.

Are photos required for each submission?
No, photos are not required for each article, but are strongly encouraged and should be included with a copy of the article on a PC-formatted disk at time of submission.

When is an article due?
Articles are due eight weeks before the issue is layed out. If a query is accepted the author will be given a deadline.

How is payment figured for the articles and when should it be received?
Authors receive between 10-15 cents per word printed and $25 per printed photo (up to four). All payments are mailed within four months of the issue's print date.

Do authors receive copies of the issue?
Authors will be sent one copy of the issue along with payment. More copies of the magazine are available at five dollars per issue.

Do I have to include my e-mail with the article?
Yes. If you have an e-mail account please include your e-mail address in your professional bio for print in the issue. If you do not wish for your e-mail address to appear in your bio, advise us of that during your submission.

If I submit an article to your magazine, may I also submit it to another magazine?
While we cannot prevent authors from submitting the same article to numerous magazines, we absolutely discourage it. We will not print any article or photos that have been printed before. Also, once we accept an article and photos and print them, we retain all copyright privileges — they cannot be printed in any other magazine or in any other form without our written consent. The best approach is to submit your work to one magazine at a time. If it is rejected, move on to the next one on your list.

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