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Ford-Havis-LAPD Embedded Screen

By John Bellah

The technology and upfitting buzz of the season is the joint effort between the LAPD, Ford, Havis and Lectronix for an in-dash mounted screen in the two Ford Police Interceptors. This concept touchscreen is LAPD’s vision of the future police vehicle, the next step forward in police interiors and upfitting.

(This article was originally published in Law and Order Apr 2014)

Police Vehicle Ergonomics & Upfit Safety

By Brad Brewer

We can’t upfit today’s cars like we did the CVPI. The overall space is obviously smaller, and there are many more airbags. Everything we add to the vehicle has an officer crash-safety and officer ergonomic-health concern.

(This article was originally published in Police Fleet Manager May/Jun 2014)

Upfitting and Ergonomics

By Matthew Ayers

Once the vehicle selection has been made and the aftermarket equipment decided upon, the success and ergonomic viability of your finished police vehicle requires the work of a knowledgeable and experienced upfitter. The difference a proper upfit makes in the usability of your “mobile office” cannot be overstated.

(This article was originally published in Police Fleet Manager May/Jun 2013)

RAM ProMaster


Think of the ProMaster as the Jenson Interceptor of work vans. That supercar from the 1970s used Chrysler engines and transmissions in a body designed and built in Italy. So does the ProMaster. The ProMaster is available in a variety of roof heights, vehicle lengths, wheelbases, load ratings and powertrains.

(This article was originally published in Police Fleet Manager May/Jun 2015)

Ford Police Vehicles for 2016

By Police Fleet Manager Staff

Ford has two new vehicles of special interest to police fleet managers: the restyled 2016 Police Interceptor Utility and the totally re-engineered, aluminum-body Ford F-150 pickup.

(This article was originally published in Police Fleet Manager Jul/Aug 2015)
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