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Best Practices for InterOp and Data Sharing

By Susan Geoghegan

The ability to effectively communicate and exchange data in real time is critical to public safety. In the past, agencies and neighboring jurisdictions operating on disparate systems could not perform at peak levels when responding to major incidents.

(This article was originally published in Law and Order Jul 2014)

NG 9-1-1 Takes A Big Step Forward

By John Rennie

The recent FCC announcement on “text to 9-1-1” is both a major milestone and a call to action. The FCC action acknowledges text messages have become mainstream and an alternative route to help.

(This article was originally published in Law and Order Apr 2013)

Emergency CallWorks and Enhanced 9-1-1

By Susan Geoghegan

Emergency CallWorks understands that offering new technology alone is not enough. They understand that simply installing a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution does not prepare agencies for NG911. To effectively face the challenges ahead, seamless transitioning is critical to effectively accommodate continued technological advancements. The company’s Total Solution consists of 911 calltaking convergence, advanced architecture, and streamlined implementation and deployment.

(This article was originally published in Law and Order Apr 2013)
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