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Permissible Interrogation Practices

By Pam McDonald, Randy Means

Voluntariness and Deception

(This article was originally published in Law and Order Nov 2014)

ILEETA International Conference

By Tactical Response Staff

The ILEETA conference is a six-day, hard-core, hands-on, high-speed learning and networking experience with training tracks for literally every aspect of law enforcement.

(This article was originally published in Tactical Response Sep/Oct 2014)

The 10 Commandments of Interviewing

By Fitch, Brian

This article provides officers with 10 simple principles of interviewing that can be used in nearly every type of setting. While these principles may seem simple, we should never underestimate their importance. In most cases, doing the basics well is all that is necessary for a successful interview.

(This article was originally published in Law and Order Sep 2014)

The Reid Technique Webinar

By Law and Order Staff

The three-hour Reid Technique webinar is an excellent summary of the 40-hour instructor-led classroom course. It serves as both an introduction to the Reid Technique and as a refresher to the course.

(This article was originally published in Law and Order Jun 2014)

Computer Voice Stress Analyzer

By Stephenie Slahor

The computer processes the voice frequencies and displays a graph “picture” of them. There is no need for strictly “yes” or “no” answers, and the computer process can “follow” unstructured conversation, recorded conversations, and live telephone conversations…with a 95 percent accuracy rate.

(This article was originally published in Law and Order Jun 2014)

iRecord gives the Addison Police Department an efficient process for suspect interviews

By PSIT Staff

The Addison, IL Police Department is using iRecord for suspect interviews.

(This article was originally published in Public Safety IT Mar/Apr 2008)

Statement Analysis, Part Two

By J.L. Sumpter

When time is on the officer's side, statement analysis is an excellent way to probe for the truth. Here is some advice on how to obtain valuable written and verbal statements.

(This article was originally published in Law and Order Dec 2008)
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