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Tact-Out LEO Flashlight

By Tactical Response Staff

The LEO is two lights in one. It has 800 lumens of bright and strobe light in its full-size length, or remove the 2.2-inch center tube for a more compact light rated at 600 lumens. The wide bezel produces a perfect center spot and a wide secondary corona.

(This article was originally published in Tactical Response Sep/Oct 2014)

Fight with Light

By Donaldson, Charles

Assume the bad guy is at least as intelligent, determined and motivated as you are. Many have been in prison where they practice new tactics. Using light against us is one of them. That makes our ability to aggressively use high-intensity light all the more important.

(This article was originally published in Tactical Response Jul/Aug 2014)

New Illumination Tools from Streamlight

By Law and Order Staff

For 2014, Streamlight introduced a number of new, more powerful handheld, weapon and area lights. They are clearly explaining candela reach versus lumen brightness.

(This article was originally published in Law and Order Mar 2014)

Field Test: Pistol Light Comparison

By Jennifer Gavigan

TR sought six of its readers to test pistol-mounted LEDs from BlackHawk, Insight Technology, Streamlight, Smith & Wesson and SureFire. The testers were tactical-minded officers from across the U.S. who used the lights on patrol and during training. Areas of evaluation included Ease of Installation, Brightness, Size/Weight, Tactical Features and more.

(This article was originally published in Tactical Response May/Jun 2011)
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