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Seven Must-Have Features of Offender Monitoring Systems

By Rajala, Yoganand

By using electronic monitoring, municipalities, states, and the federal government can free up vital resources.

(This article was originally published in Law and Order Sep 2015)

No Second Chances for Probationary Employees

By Steve Albrecht

Is a second chance for a probationary employee a good idea or a bad idea? Not a lot of long marriages start with, “I hated him or her for the first 100 dates, but then things improved.” However, there is one exception to the rule of no second chances.

(This article was originally published in Law and Order Jul 2013)

North Carolina criminal justice takes data sharing to new level: Integrated offender information application to save time, money and lives

By Candy Phelps

Criminal justice professionals in North Carolina are saying goodbye to the virtual labyrinth that once contained the state’s offender records and ushering in a new age of state-of-the-art records management.

(This article was originally published in Public Safety IT Nov/Dec 2010)
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