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BATT Series of Police Armored Rescue Vehicles

By Jim Weiss

The Armored Group’s series of SWAT armored vehicles is known as the Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport (BATT) Line. BATT ARVs are constructed with Threat Level III and IV armor, among other features.

(This article was originally published in Tactical Response Jan/Feb 2010)

Police Armored Rescue Vehicles: Tactical Rescue Considerations

By Jim Weiss

Tocay there are four essential ingredients to successful rescues under fire: 1) Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), 2) Armored rescue vehicles (ARVs), 3) Tactical Emergency Medical Service (TEMS), and 4) Emergency Medical Service (EMS).

(This article was originally published in Tactical Response Mar/Apr 2009)

Urban Shield Preparedness Exercise

By O'Brien, Bob, Mickey Davis, Jim Weiss

Urban Shield has grown into a full-scale regional preparedness exercise assessing the overall San Francisco Bay Area’s response capabilities. Urban Shield continues to test regional integrated systems for prevention, protection, response and recovery in our high-threat, high-density urban area.

(This article was originally published in Law and Order Jul 2014)

SWAT Team Vehicles

By Kathy Marks

SWAT team vehicles, just as other specialty vehicles, have their own set of requirements that differ from other specialty vehicles.

(This article was originally published in Law and Order Jul 2015)
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