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IBM predictive analytics help slash crime rates in Memphis

By Candy Phelps

It sounds like something from a sci-fi movie: software that predicts where and when crimes are going to happen. But for the Memphis, Tenn. Police Department (MPD), the results of using IBM’s SPSS predictive analytics software couldn’t be more real.

(This article was originally published in Public Safety IT Nov/Dec 2010)

Digital pen-and-paper solution enables Brookline, Mass. PD to streamline parking ticket process

By Neal Lorenzi

Thanks to a new digital pen-and-paper system, public safety officers in Brookline, Mass., a suburb of Boston, are issuing parking tickets more efficiently.

(This article was originally published in Public Safety IT Sep/Oct 2010)

Zoom me to the White Spaces

By Tim Burke

The future is right now. Clear signal, completely unimpeded wireless audio and video service is available to public safety and IT professionals.

(This article was originally published in Public Safety IT Jul/Aug 2010)

CHP Reducing Traffic Fatalities and

By Joseph Farrow

California has demonstrated that its collaborative approach to traffic safety, based on cooperation and partnership, is one with significant value for safety.

(This article was originally published in Law and Order Jul 2006)

Less Vehicle Concerns

By Kevin Gordon

The International Association of Chiefs of Police Law Enforcement Stops and Safety Subcommittee (LESS) and the NHTSA have produced a video to heighten officers' awareness of traffic.

(This article was originally published in Law and Order Apr 2006)

Intrepid Networks STING Mobile App

By Yesenia Salcedo

Designed for situational awareness in real time and to address communication issues during operations, the foundation of the suite is integrating officer positions and information gathering into a single mobile application. STING provides a live common operating picture for the entire response team to view. The app is suitable for SWAT, narcotics, vice, surveillance, mobile field force and advanced traffic/patrol units. STING can also benefit any integrated response team.

(This article was originally published in Tactical Response Jan/Feb 2014)
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