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New Vehicle Accessories for 2006, Part 4 of 4

By Jennifer Gavigan

Learn about the latest technology available for law enforcement presented at the 112th Annual Conference of the International Association of Chiefs of Police at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Florida last September.

(This article was originally published in Police Fleet Manager Jan/Feb 2006)

Unity Eye Beam Spotlight-Warning System

By Kevin Urbanek

This motion detection alarm system is affixed to a standard Unity spotlight and helps alert an officer of potential dangers. When the driver being pulled over tries to exit his vehicle or if the vehicle moves, an alarm sounds.

(This article was originally published in Law and Order Sep 2006)

New! Whelen's LED Spotlight

By Matthew Ayers

Leave halogen spotlights behind with the Super-LED PAR-46 replacement.

(This article was originally published in Police Fleet Manager Jan/Feb 2011)
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