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L3 Mobile-Vision BWX-100™ Body-Worn Camera

L3 Mobile-Vision BWX-100™ Body-Worn Camera


L3 Mobile-Vision, Inc.’s newly designed BWX-100™ body camera integrates with L3 in-car systems, each triggering the other when recording begins.

Additionally, the BWX-100, which offers a 140-degree diagonal field of view, can be used with the companion LE Connect Mobile™ app. By cross-triggering recording between the BWX-100 body-worn camera and their Flashback3™ and FlashbackHD™ in-car video systems, agencies with current units can easily integrate the new BWX-100 with their existing systems. Additionally, with full HD recording capabilities, officers can record evidence during a standard shift, then review video content via the LE Connect Mobile app over a wireless link to their smartphone. The app is available for both IOS™ and Android™.

The enhanced BWX-100 also eases officer/device interaction with an alphanumeric LCD screen, tactile buttons, and the ability to tag videos in the field. As with previous iterations, the platform provides a fully integrated evidence management system with the ability to add notes, photos, and other digital evidence into one case file. The BWX-100 launch is the first in a series of new developments designed to advance evidence collection, value, and usability for agencies. For more information, visit or or

L3 Mobile-Vision BWX-100 Body-Worn Camera

Published in Police Fleet Manager, May/Jun 2018

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L3 Mobile-Vision BWX-100 Body-Worn Camera
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