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Feniex Industries began in 2010 in Austin, Texas and has been rapidly expanding ever since designing and supplying LED warning lights for emergency and public works industries. “The mission at Feniex is to manufacture an American made warning product where innovation stands and life-saving technology prevails,” Katya Dara, Director of Marketing of Feniex says. With more than fifty employees ensuring the product line retains quality, Feniex is presently the fastest growing emergency vehicle lighting company within the market.


 “We are moving into a new facility in 2017 that can house up to 200 employees”, Kelley Grimes, Director of Sales says. The move will allow the company to expand production and will create more jobs locally.


Feniex provides law enforcement with innovative warning systems that are both affordable and high quality. “We offer more LED lights, more modes, and more functionality in our products than many of our competitors,” says Dara. In addition, their prices appeal to both fleet managers and volunteer markets alike. Each product designed maintains their mission of manufacturing high quality warning products at an affordable price.


 “Our driving force is to make our first responders and citizens as safe as possible,” Nick Mazzanti, Director of Engineering says.  Each product is designed with high-quality accuracy.


Recently, Feniex Industries created their Fusion line by combining their Cobra and Apollo series. This line allows for the ability to choose optics and has a number of products to choose from. The Fusion line has all of the products needed to outfit a patrol car or emergency vehicle. In addition, this product line has a “build-a-bar” option, which allows the customer to design a light bar according to their needs. “Fusion products are the only customize-able optics platform available in the market,” says Dara. “The ability to choose either 40 degree, 180 degree optics or a mix of both on any Fusion product is a huge standout for the entire line.” The Fusion Exterior Light Bar comes in a 49” or 60” option. Each version is equipped with 360 degree lighting and an interchangeable light spread of 180 or 40 degrees. “They are available in dual or single color and offer complete customization of optics,” says Dara. For dual color light bars there are 48 flash patterns available and 16 flash patterns for single color light bars.  Three varying and programmable modes, which include rear-cutoff, work light-Flood mode, and rear directional dimming. Each light is encompassed in a weather and UV resistant enclosure and the 49” and 60” light bars have three mounting options as well. The Fusion light bars are revered for their slim look yet powerful output of light.  Also available is a mini version equipped with up to 49 flash patterns and two adjustable mounting options. These mounting options include permanent and magnetic. The magnet is scratch resistant so that the top of the vehicle is protected from damage.


 Fusion Surface mounts may be placed in any location on an emergency vehicle. Additionally, some surface mounts may be synced with a few of the Feniex LED lights. There are 40 flash patterns for the dual color option and 20 flash patterns on the single color option for this item and there are two programmable modes. Four bracket options including rotating, a license plate bracket, a single L Bracket and a Double L Bracket are available. The rugged enclosure makes the surface mount weather-resistant. Other mounts such as the Fusion Mirror Mount and the Fusion Spoiler Mount are applicable to specific units. Both devices may be synced with other Fusion surface mounts. Mirror mounts may be easily installed using VHB tape that is provided with the product. This mount is angled 45 degrees off to add visibility providing added safety to the driver.


Their Cannon Hide-A-Way line offers three modes 12 LED lights, with eleven flash patterns for single units and forty for dual units. The Cannon Hide-A-Way product line includes dual color capabilities as well. In particular, the Cannon Hide-A-Way 120 is a popular choice among agencies due to its’ versatility. This light is able to function as a turn light, taillight, reverse light, fog light or warning light and can produce 2,400 raw lumens. It also has a surface mount flange ideal for emergency vehicles. Installation is easy and the light itself is compact, weather resistant and comes with a five-year warranty.


Similar products that are top sellers include the 4200 Mini Controller and the 4200 Controller. The 4200 Mini includes six buttons with an LED backlight, and is encompassed in a rugged, aluminum case, which is able to withstand various types of weather conditions. It is ideal for motorcycle units. Each button may be programmed by the customer according to their emergency light needs. Customers have a choice between a swivel and a surface mount for installation. The 4200 Controller is ideal for law enforcement in particular. Law enforcement personnel can utilize this larger, more powerful option for various unit functions. The device has an integrated LED flasher and 28 solid state relays The 4200 Controller also comes with free software that may be downloaded directly to the customers computer. Bluetooth technology is an additional, optional feature that may be purchased. This would allow the user to control the device from their tablet or mobile phone. The Blutetooth technology is available for both Apple and Android devices. This edition offers 18 buttons that may be programmed accordingly as on or off, momentary or with a timer. Included in these options are integrated traffic control, ignition activation, night and day mode, a timer, and a three position slider switch to name a few. “The green backlit LEDs’ are nice and bright so they are visible during the day,” Dara says. When in night mode the LEDs are dimmed so that the drivers’ visibility is not impaired by the lights.



Interior light options by Feniex include the Fusion Front Inner Bar and the rear inner bar. Interior light sticks are available as well. The LED light bar may easily be attached to a visor. There are 19 models available according to the type of vehicle the customer has. Each light bar is easy to install with adjustable trim to avoid windshield flash back. The Fusion Passenger Interior Light Bar is available in dual or single color. The Fusion Interior Rear Light Bar is similar to the Front Inner Bar and the Passenger Light Bar. This LED light has interchangeable 180 degree or 40-degree light spread optics per each module. Dual color bars offer 57 flash patterns and two programmable modes. There are 16 flash patterns and one programmable mode are included in the single color option.  The Fusion Front Interior Light Bar gives any emergency vehicle a professional, high-quality look that is ideal for slick top units. The sleek design maintains a low profile while offering bright warning or take down lighting. Equipped with optional takedown for both single and dual color mode, and a flood mode for dual only, this light requires minimal installation. It has up to 57 patterns as well as 180 degree or 40 degree optics, providing optimal function.


Additional innovative products are the Fusion 1X and 2X. These have a flash back shield and a four-suction cup mount for easy installation. These items are specifically used for the stealth market. By plugging it into your cigarette plug, drivers will have full use of the light and may choose up to 40 flash patterns.


Also from Feniex  is the Arrow Board which is the most budget friendly of its’ kind in the present market. A surface mount is included and the light is enclosed in a rugged case made of aluminum and is easy to install. The Arrow Board includes 57 flash patterns in the dual color version and has two programmable modes; the single color option has 16 flash patterns and one programmable mode. Customers have the ability to choose from the 40 degree or 180 degree optics or a combination.


Light Sticks by Feniex come in five options. There are 57 patterns and six directional patterns on most models. Optics are high quality and will get the attention of other drivers quickly. Each Fusion Light Stick is also weather proof, easy to install and able to sync with other light sticks. The Fusion Rocker Panel Light Stick is designed in a way that allows this light stick panel to be installed between wheels. The Fusion Rocker Panel is sold in pairs and includes six brackets and hardware for mounting as well. The LED lights in the Rocker Panel improve visibility for the driver on the side of the vehicle as it may serve as an added light source.


Feniex Industries is American made, in Austin and adheres to industry standards. Each employee is hand picked based on those whom take pride in their work. “Employees are considered assets instead of an expense reflected on an end of the month report,” says Feniex Industries Vice President, Muna Marawi. “Before skill set, we ensure potential new hires have positive attitudes and are active in serving their communities.” Factors motivating the assembly line crew are making sure the best product is manufactured in a timely manner. “They take pride in every task they do and it is reflected in every product they build.” All products are made according to the customers’ specific needs. On average it takes around fifteen days for a custom order to be assembled.


Law enforcement can appreciate the array of options, the price and the advanced product technology that Feniex has to offer. “ We offer a portfolio of innovative products that are priced for market acceptance and manufactured using rapid production techniques,” says Hamza Deyaf, CEO of Feniex Industries. Feniex intends to continue producing new and innovative products for the emergency industry. “We are working on products that will cement us as the pioneers of new technology for many years to come.”


Hilary Romig has extensive training in law enforcement and forensics. She is currently pursuing a career in public safety. She is also a member of the Public Safety Writers Association.

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Jan/Feb 2017

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