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SoundOff Signal mpower® Fascia

SoundOff Signal extended its smartly designed mpower® Fascia product brand. The mpower Fascia line now includes an extremely compact, 3-inch perimeter light, making it the smallest and brightest tri-color light on the market. ClearDuty technology provides a molded one-piece housing and optic design that delivers a number of sustaining advantages over conventional polycarbonate optical light lenses. Fascia’s next-generation design and variety of mounting options allow the light to be placed nearly anywhere on a police vehicle. This capability provides 360-degree, multi-zone coverage, equipping law enforcement personnel with the safety and confidence they deserve on the job. For more information, visit

OPS Public Safety CVE Wheel/Axle Scales Unit

OPS Public Safety released the new CVE Wheel/Axle Scale Unit, specifically designed for Commercial Vehicle Enforcement. You no longer need a pickup truck because this lightweight aluminum unit is designed to fit the Ford Explorer and Chevy Tahoe pursuit vehicles. It holds four scales, extra gear, rifles, etc. and provides easy access to the spare tire compartment (model #: OP-FIU-20-40-40-305). For more information, visit

TruckVault Strike Guard Technology

TruckVault developed its patent-pending Strike Guard Technology to provide an additional level of security to its most popular locking system. Strike Guard Technology has been added to reinforce the Push Button Key Override Kaba Lock with a flanged lip, consisting of a Strike Plate and Backer Plate constructed out of extremely tough AISI 1020 Galvanized Steel. When locking the new system, the Strike Plate works in unison with the Backer Plate and primary structure of the unit to firmly lock the bolt and prevent bolt tampering and movement. For more information, visit

Code 3 Pursuit Lightbar

The Code 3 Pursuit lightbar features an ultra-thin 0.40-inch power and data cable and operates on a serial network allowing programming and customization via the C3Pro configuration software. Completely customizable flash patterns with individual or multiple selections of lighthead modules allows users to select their own unique flash patterns. Featuring tough polycarbonate exterior lenses fixed to a solid alloy chassis with stainless-steel fittings, the Pursuit is designed to survive in the harshest working environments. The Pursuit’s serial controller is encapsulated for protection against vibration and the integrated lens sealing system in conjunction with membrane vents protects from moisture, dirt and dust. For more information, visit


Kussmaul Power Timer ECN

The Power Timer enables you to have a time delay for up to a 30-amp load. This weatherproof unit includes a set of dip switches to program the time of the delay with high and low disconnects built in. Its optional ignition sense wiring restores power immediately to radios when the ignition is activated, rather than having to start the engine. The Power Timer comes with a three-year warranty. For more information, visit

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Nov/Dec 2016

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