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The clear trend in duty handguns is to use weapons plus weapon lights. All of the major brands of
duty pistol now have some sort of an integral rail for accessories. Following this trend, all of the major
holster manufacturers make duty holsters (security holsters) that accept weapon lights for all of the
popular duty pistols.
Between the major kinds of weapon lights, there seems to be an even split between white light only
and white light plus laser. With the white light plus laser, the green laser is now the definite trend.
Green is six times easier to see than red, especially during daylight.
The buzz with duty guns, although certainly not yet a trend, is the 9 mm caliber. There is lots of talk,
lots of blog, but no serious grassroots action.

Ballistic Spartan Shield

Designed and intended for First Responders, the Spartan Shield is a 2-piece, lightweight,
rigid, ballistic shield that is deployed in under 5 seconds. Ballistic shields are hand-held
shields capable of defending the user, usually law enforcement and military personnel, from
handguns and long guns in Active Shooter, rescue and assault situations. Choose from a
variety of 4” X 10” ID nameplates (Police, Sheriff, S.W.A.T. FBI and more) attach by Velcro.
The Spartan Shield is designed to utilize all of the existing attachment straps that has
made the Instant Armor Tactical Blanket Systems so versatile. It is available in both rifle and
handgun versions. For more information, visit

Streamlight PROTAC HL 4

The ProTac HL 4 is a high lumen flashlight that delivers 2,200 lumens of blinding
white light, using the latest in power LED technology. It functions like a hand-held
floodlight, providing wide, sweeping lighting while also delivering a strong, focused
beam. It’s ideal for clearing scenes or illuminating an entire area, including what may
be hidden along perimeters or in corners. For added versatility, the ProTac HL 4 is
also “dual fuel,” permitting users to choose from multiple power sources, including 3V
CR123A lithium or Streamlight’s new 18650 rechargeable lithium ion batteries. For
more information, visit

Trijicon MRO Aiming Solution

Built to withstand the rigors of combat, or the mean streets of law enforcement, the
Trijicon MRO sets the standard for red-dot sights. From CQB distances to the limits of
the 5.56mm cartridge, the MRO delivers a compact, light, and rugged aiming solution.
Learning from years of RDS use in combat and Law Enforcement, along with input
from operators around the world, the MRO takes combat RDS sighting to the next
level. The sense of looking through a tube or tunnel is all but eliminated. For more
information, visit

Daniel Defense V4s

The DDM4v4s is Daniel Defense’s latest
short-barreled rifle (SBR). Its design is based on a very popular configuration that we’ve
been providing to law enforcement personnel and agencies as well as civilian users who
demand a lightweight, durable, and dependable SBR. Built around a free-floating,
cold-hammer-forged 11.5-inch barrel, the DDM4v4s delivers optimal maneuverability,
reliability, accuracy, and terminal ballistics using a wide variety of ammunition. For
more information, please visit

Tacprogear Gen 2 Tactical Rifle Case
Tacprogear announced the new GEN 2 designs for the Tactical Rifle Case (TRC) line
are now available for purchase. TRC cases are a solution for transporting sporting
rifles or carbines of all sizes. The TRC line includes several new features for Gen 2,
including a loop for ID patches, an embroidered logo, and redesigned TPG zipper
pulls. GEN 2 improvements for the TRC line came from end-user feedback over the
past years. Features adjustable retention straps to secure weapons, foam padded edges
for shock absorption, two exterior pockets with loop sided backing and one zippered
entry pocket. For more info, visit

Otis Ripcords
Otis has expanded its Ripcord® product line with the addition of five new caliber
options - .17 cal., .22 cal. (pistol length), .257 cal., .264 cal., and .338 cal. These
new Ripcords® join nine other sizes – for rifles, pistols and shotguns. The Ripcord®
is a one pass cleaning tool that features nomex coating and a unique shape for an
aggressive 360 degree clean of the bore. For more information visit www.otistec.


Surefire -
Aimpoint -
Hornady -
Defense Technology -

For the past dozen years, less-lethal has meant electronic control device (ECD), or conducted energy
weapon (CEW). That used to mean TASER, but now it also includes PhaZZer. The clear trend in law
enforcement is to equip all officers with a TASER or PhaZZer. The Chicago Police Department is just
the most recent of the major departments to begin this cross-department transition.
In a similar way, the trends in training are toward conflict resolution without the use of higher levels
of force. That means a continued focus on less-lethal weapons, but specifically conducted energy
weapons. Just as a significantly, the trend in training is toward verbal de-escalation. There is a continued
emphasis to get at least 10 percent of the patrol force trained in Crisis Intervention Technique,
CIT, and other forms of verbal de-escalation.

Pro Level Laser Training Pistol

The Advanced Professional Level Laser Training Pistol was co-developed by Laser Ammo and Smart
Firearms Training Devices (SFTD) to offer shooters a professional level training pistol with an accidental-
discharge. Its goal is to build more profound muscle memory and thwart bad habits. The ATLP
was designed to set off an audible alarm when the shooter places his or her trigger finger in the trigger
guard before he or she is ready to pull the trigger. The gun will distinguish between a real shot (with a
shot sound) and a placed finger in the trigger without pulling the trigger (with an alarm sound.) For
more information, visit

Remington Bluegun Training Pistol
The RM380 Bluegun from Ring’s Manufacturing is a training pistol molded from solid blue polyurethane
to differentiate from a live weapon. On the weapon, The RM380 is a DAO micro pistol
designed for gun owners interested in a smaller-caliber gun they can count on. It’s quite compact,
with a 2.9” 416 stainless steel barrel, lightweight at 12.1 ounces, and neatly slim with an as-expected
single-stack. For a positive grip - and to help prevent slide bite which can be a more common issue
with micro pistols - it has an extended beavertail and checkering on the grip and front strap. For more
information, visit

CTS Lightweight Mini-Bang
CTS has added to their innovative line of noise flash diversion devices with the release of the 7290ML;
a lighter weight, higher output design that expands on the popular 7290M Mini BangTM. Weighing
267 grams, the 7290ML has light and sound outputs of 4 to 6 million candela and 175 dB,
respectively. All CTS flash-bang models release energy from top and bottom vents, a safety feature
designed to prevent the device from becoming a dangerous projectile. For more information on all
CTS products visit

Security Devices
International Non-Lethal Ammunition
Security Devices International (SDI) is a defense technology company specializing in
the development, manufacturing and sale of innovative, next-generation less-lethal
ammunition. SDI’s competitive advantage of the BIP over other 40mm less-lethal
weapon technology is that it can be used over both short as well as long distances with
a greater level of safety, accuracy, and reliability than competing products. The BIP
has an effective operational range of 2 meters to 80 meters. For more information


Defense Technology -
Simmunition -
Phazzer -
Taser -

ATLAS-8 Dry-Fire Training Tool
Salted Earth ATLAS-8 dry-fire training tools is designed to give Law Enforcement
the ability to turn anywhere into a dry-fire shoot house. The ATLAS-8 was designed
with a focus on improving target acquisition, tactical prowess, situation awareness.
and readiness. Salted Earth’s ATLAS-8 is a fully programmable adaptive laser
training target where users have full control over the full color display and detection
regions. The ATLAS-8 can detect red, green, blue, and infrared laser emitters while
differentiating between lasers and flashlights to enable true low/no light training
scenarios. For more information, visit

The trend in tactical vehicles is toward better equipped and more specialized vehicles. The past 10 years of
vehicle expenses being partially offset by grant funding has allowed law enforcement to experiment with a
variety of worthwhile options. Now most tactical vehicles are coming with absolutely everything.
The bare-bones, general deployment vehicle is a thing of the past. Everything is specialized. Everything is
customized. Everything is task-specific. Each tactical vehicle manufacturer does indeed pride themselves
on giving the customer exactly what they want. And there are more options now than ever before.
Robots continue to be more capable, handle more different tasks with greater dexterity and are easier to
operate. The recent use of a robot by the Dallas Police in a barricaded gunman situation has definitely put
robots in the limelight of tactical tools.

BearCat X3 All-Terrain Vehicle
The Lenco BearCat X3 is the newest variant to the BearCat family of light APCs. The BearCat X3
utilizes proven Lenco technology in a lightweight Modular variant designed for Special Ops, Counter
Terrorism or Internal Security applications. The pickup-style APC provides up to BR7 Armor Protection
with high ground clearance for aggressive off- road performance and excellent maneuverability. If
your mission takes you off-road, the BearCat X-series will get you where you need to go. The BearCat
X3 boasts a large rear bed with a cargo capacity of 70 - 85 cubic feet based on configuration with a
2,000+ lb. load rating. The X3 offers a wide variety of interior layouts to include Lenco’s 360 degree
rotating hatch and gunner stand and seating for 4-6 personnel. For more information, visit www.

ICOR SWAT Robots and Surveillance Cameras

Mitigate the risk of the unknown with ICOR’s man-portable SWAT robots and surveillance cameras.
TheMini - CALIBER SWAT robot can be rapidly deployed from a distance, climb stairs,
open doors, and clearrooms for safe entry. ICOR’s Tactical Search Pole Camera (TSPC) is ideal
for looking around corners, attics, ceilings, and under doors. ICOR’s tactical equipment augment
your situational awareness keeping your team safe and in control of dangerous situations. Contact
ICOR and discover how our SWAT solutions can help you stay in. For more information, visit

Robotex Avatar III Tactical Robot

The AVATAR® III enhances the capabilities of SWAT and tactical response teams by
allowing them to quickly and safely inspect dangerous situations, there is no longer a
need to send personnel in before you’ve had a chance to assess the situation.
The AVATAR® III saves lives by keeping first responders out of harm’s way, and it
does so at a fraction of the price of other robots. The AVATAR® Robots are regarded
by tactical teams as a standard operational tool, like a firearm, vehicle, or piece of
body armor. Departments across the United States and internationally are using the
AVATAR® Robots. With the AVATAR® III’s market beating affordability and easeof-
use, so can you. For more information visit

OPS Public Safety MAXIMIZER-3 Pickup Drawer Unit

Weathertight MAX-40 Pickup Drawer Unit from OPS Public Safety OPS Public Safety introduces it’s all new Weathertight MAX-40 Drawer Unit that is guaranteed 99% dust and waterproof. It features an optional door with an automotive weather
strip seal that prevents dust and water from entering the secure storage drawer. Standard depths
are 48”, 60” and 72” & up to 90” optional depths. Available features include an anti-skid top,
durable anti-skid rubber drawer bottom lining, full length dividers and egg crate option. 1000
lb. storage capacity. Standard drawer depths are 48”, 60” & 72”. A new drill-free installation
method can be ordered with this design. Available in many models for the following trucks: Ford
F150-F550, 5’5’’, 6’5’’ and 8’ box, Dodge 1500-3500, 5’7’’, 6’4’’ and 8’ box, Chevy Silverado/
GMC Sierra (std. box & long box). For more information, visit:

Tactical Command Cabinets EX2240 Watch Commander Tactical Command Board

Tactical Command Cabinets, LLC engineered the new EX2240 watch commander
tactical command board. The EX2240 Watch Commander was specially designed
for incident command situations involving fire, police, EMS and other public works
vehicles. Complete with vertical incident command boards, now your agency can
have a board on each side of the command area - even room for a horizontal pull out
if needed. Our tactical command boards allow you to switch out boards as needed.
For more info visit

Tuffy Tactical Security Drawer
Tuffy Security Product’s 2013+ Ford Interceptor SUV Tactical Gear Security Drawers are the state of the art in secure gear storage and organization. These highly functional, secure, and fully customizable drawer units are precision crafted from 16-gauge steel in the USA. The large drawers open smoothly on Tuffy’s exclusive slide system incorporating eight heavy-duty precision stainless-steel roller bearings. They can be securely locked with Tuffy’s patented locking system to provide protection for tactical equipment and other valuables. In addition, Tuffy’s superior design and engineering results in a drawer that is typically lighter weight than others on the market.
Each drawer features Tuffy’s patented Pry-Guard II locking system which incorporates a 1/4” thick steel security latch. Unlike
other cabinet type drawers on the market that use retrofitted cabinet or house locks, the Tuffy drawer incorporates a patented
pushbutton latching mechanism similar to typical OEM automotive door latches for security and to prevent rattles and squeaking.
This type of latching system secures the drawer shut while operating the vehicle without the need to lock and unlock the drawer
every time access is needed. During on-duty use this is a real timesaver because the vehicle entry doors can be locked to prevent access to the drawer. For more information, visit


iRobot -
Truckvault -
Oshkosh Defense -
Patriot 3 -
Recon Robots -


The trend in soft body armor has always been toward cooler and lighter and more flexible ballistic
panels while maintaining the same ballistic resistance even after multiple bullet impacts. The new
trend is not so much about the body armor (ballistic panels), but in the carriers.
The trend is toward under-shirt carriers that are more comfortable, fit better, have more adjustments, have
more coverage. A sub-trend with carriers is toward external carriers, externally worn soft body armor, again
for improved comfort. What essentially becomes a uniform shirt is now a widely accepted option.
In tactical apparel and uniforms, the trend continues to be toward more fabric options and colors
and to a better fit. Women’s apparel is now police mainstream, with cut and fit specifically made to
a number of female body shapes. Each new introduction of pants or shirts or boots now includes a
variety of women’s sizes. The tactical apparel that was once cotton canvas, has moved to a variety of
polyester rip-stop fabrics. We are now seeing the first introduction of Gore stretch materials.
Entry tools have become more ergonomic in the past few years. They still ram, pry, shatter, clear,
pinch and pull things like they always have. But the materials are better, the operator’s hands are more
protected, and the tools themselves are more capable.

First Tactical Gear Bag
First Tactical’s revolutionary Tactix One Day Plus Backpack features the innovative Lynx Laser Cut
Platform compatible with MOLLE/PALS, and Hook and Hang Thru compartment for oversized
or specialized gear, exponentially increases organization options. After hitting stores late last year the
Tactix 1-Day Backpack quickly became First Tactical’s bestseller and one of the highest-rated tactical
backpacks on the market. For more information, visit


Certified to NFPA 1994, Class 2, multi-threat
suits made with GORE CHEMPAK ultra barrier fabric enable you to move easily with an increased
range of motion, improved peripheral vision, and excellent dexterity. The demanding activities of your
job and the challenging environments in which you work can increase your risk of heat stress. The
lightweight multi-threat suit allows you to remain engaged longer because the patented construction of
GORE CHEMPAK ultra barrier fabric promotes evaporative cooling when its outer layer is wet down.
For more information, visit

HWI Elite Defender Riot Suit
The Elite Defender riot suit (ED100) offers critical protection from blunt force trauma that doesn’t
sacrifice fit and comfort. The effective and consistently reliable ED100 riot suit is easily deployed and
or removed for riot control, cell extractions or other tactical situations. The Elite Defender Riot Suit’s
contour molded outer shells feature impact ridges that disperse the brunt of the blows, jabs and other
projectiles, while foam inner padding cushions the officer’s body. Soft brush and mesh line the inside
to reduce abrasion and provide long-term comfort. The sturdy PE hard shell protectors are used for
covering and protecting most of the body. They are designed to withstand hard blows, and prevent
penetration or stabbing by sharp tools, anti-fire
and anti-acidity. For more information, visit

Reebok Duty ZigKick Tactical Series

Reebok Duty ZigKick Tactical series featuring FootFuel Footbed Comfort Technology, look and
perform like no other tactical boots. The ZigTech midsole delivers maximum shock absorption and
ultimate flexibility. Engineered with a TPU heel stabilizer in the midsole and slip resistant rubber
bottom, ZigKick Tactical boots keep your feet firmly planted. For more information, visit www.

J&N Tactical TR-1 Breaching RAM

J&N Tactical, a leading provider of breaching tools and NFDD delivery poles/
systems, has introduced the new TR-1, a engineered, perfectly balanced, 34”, 35lb
breaching ram with an integrated hand guard to protect the operators hand during
breaching operations. The ram handles are resin coated which allows for a good
firm grip by the operator. The TR-1 was designed and developed by J&N Tactical’s
owner, a current full-time police officer and tactical team operator with over 26 years
of experience. The new TR-1 has been tried and tested by several SWAT teams from
around the country, all of which have given it great reviews. For more information,

U.S. Armor CuTEC Copper Thread Technology

U.S. Armor now offers CuTEC Copper Thread Technology in their concealable vests
as a body armor carrier option. This innovative material reduces prickly heat rash on an
officer’s chest or back. U.S. Armor is proud to be the first armor company to combine
Copper Ion Thread technology with a layer of unique spacer fabric to produce a body
armor that not only eliminates moisture and odor-causing/skin-irritating bacteria, but
also promotes healthy skin wellness and skin texture. For more information visit www.


5.11 -
Armor Express -
Safariland -
Point Blank -
Broco -


Technical communication devices continue to be more capable and more enhanced. Miniaturization
in electronics is continuing. Cameras are getting smaller and smaller, and microphones are more and
more sensitive. There is literally something for every aspect of tactical communications and covert
surveillance, more now than ever before. From covert cameras built into sunglasses to rugged helmet
cams to bone-conducting headsets, the task-specific devices are numerous.
Communication technology is growing at a faster rate than any other aspect of law enforcement
gear. Of course, the ultimate in surveillance technology remains body cams. There is a body cam for
absolutely every enforcement task. Within the larger category, there are two body cam trends. One
is to combine the purchase of the body cam with some sort of a cloud storage option. The other is to
integrate the body cam, with the in-car camera and other wireless connectivity options.

Atlantic Signal Push-to-Talk

NEW! Atlantic Signal wireless, gun rail mounted, push-to-talk! Allows operators to keep both hands on
their weapon while accessing comms to TX when required. 18 months in development. No more need
to reach up onto your vest to engage a PTT button when up on a rifle. No wired remote switch anymore
- the device is wireless - paired to your personal comms system. Rugged and robust. Developed,
designed and manufactured in the USA by Atlantic Signal. We are North America’s Largest Tactical
Communications Manufacturer and Supplier! See details on this and hundreds of additional tactical
communication devices and systems by visiting

EyePole Telescoping Pole Camera

The EyePole is designed and built in the USA to perform at the highest level in the tactical law enforcement
environment. With this telescoping surveillance tool you will be able to safely peer into
remote places. The EyePole is a single-stage telescoping pole camera, and is the only pole cam that is
fully load-bearing. Unlike other tactical cameras and pole cameras, the EyePole has no external wires,
one button operation, and no field assembly. The camera head displays in color and automatically
switches to IR for night vision up to 40 feet. The camera head is also interchangeable with the Under
Door Camera Head (UDC). The UDC is available with amplified audio, IR, and dual (back of door)
camera head views. For more information, visit

INTERCEPTOR Bluetooth Speaker/Microphone

The patent-pending* INTERCEPTOR from The Earphone Connection offers the user both Wireless
capability and Dual Pairing and 2 Push-to-talk buttons. The microphone is unidirectional allowing
the user to move freely without sacrificing audio clarity and quality. The INTERCEPTOR
Bluetooth Microphone delivers strength and performance with 20+ hour talk time and 128-Key
Bluetooth Encryption. The Earphone Connection’s INTERCEPTOR Bluetooth wireless speaker
microphone with 2 PTT (push-to-talk) buttons and simultaneous listen feature can pair to 2 different
Bluetooth enabled devices plus listen to dual audio from 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time. For
more information, visit

Rescue Phone Video Component
Rescue Phone, the leader in hostage negotiation equipment, has a new video product that
includes features that will benefit SWAT teams everywhere. We have an improved spool to
transport 1,000’ of cable, MIL spec connectors, and the system can be added to any CNT or
CRT negotiator console purchased from us in the past 25 years. Please e-mail us at info@ or for more information, visit
27 Tactical Response Buyer’s Guide 2016 27

Zistos IR Room Camera

The new and improved IR illuminated Day/Night Camera with optical zoom (WPC-2.5ZIR)
provides increased capability. The new design features IR illuminators that output increased
covert illumination and better overall low light performance. They are part of an ever-expanding
array of interchangeable video components by Zistos. When it is used in conjunction
with the Zistos remote articulating, telescoping pole and WalkAbout display, the camera can
provide increased visual intelligence in tactical missions. The WPC-2.5ZIR features a color
mode as well as an IR illuminated B/W low- light mode for dark environments and stealthy
operations. For more information, visit

TCI (The Safariland Group) Alpha Push-To-Talk (PTT)

The Alpha PTT is a complete line of submersible, compact Push-To-Talk assemblies
that come standard with gas mask connectivity. The line is feature-rich with options
such as cell phone compatibility, volume control, and remote PTT functionality.
An extremely durable PTT assembly manufactured utilizing a proprietary, sealed,
reinforced single molded process; this product has a subcompact profile and is
available for multiple radio models. For more information, visit

PrymeBLU Bluetooth Mic With Wireless PTT

The BTH-300 Bluetooth Headset kit with built-in wireless PTT converts Apple
compatible wired audio accessories into Bluetooth headsets and can dual-pair with
two-way radios. Use your phone/pad earbud or choose one of PrymeBlu’s eight
heavy-duty headset kits. 10+ hours talk-time. Get 10% off. For more information,

CeoTronics CT-MultiPTT 2C
CeoTronics developed the CTMultiPTT 2C for deployment in any mission requiring the simultaneous use of two radio networks for communication. Rated to protection classes IP66/67 and MIL-STD-810G, it offers the highest
level of protection against harsh environments. The large, central PTT key is fitted
with a protective ring to prevent inadvertent actuation, while its rubberized surface
makes operation both easier and intuitive. For more information visit, www.


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