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SoundOff Signal mPOWER Fascia LED Lights

SoundOff Signal, a global leader in lighting and electronic warning solutions for the law enforcement, school bus and amber markets, is bringing first-generation material technology to the market through the introduction of

mPOWER™ Fascia

, the first extremely compact, tri-color line of lighting on the market.  

“Consistent with our philosophy of creating

Smartly Designed

products, SoundOff Signal collaborated with Dow Corning, a leader in silicones, silicon-based technology and innovation based in Farmington, Mich., to create a first-generation optical design called ClearDuty™ technology,” said Keith McRobert, Director of Marketing for SoundOff Signal. “In addition to establishing a powerful, head-on, and off-angle illumination for the Fascia light, ClearDuty withstands punishing use and the duration of brutal weather conditions.”

ClearDuty technology provides a molded one-piece housing and optic design that delivers a number of sustaining advantages over conventional polycarbonate optical light lenses: a small footprint with maximized candela output; greater resistance to gravel pitting, scratching or cracking; improved sealing to prevent water from entering the light; and higher UV and thermal stability to prevent lens yellowing over time.

mPOWER Fascia’s next-generation design and variety of mounting options allow the light to be placed nearly anywhere on a police vehicle. This capability provides 360-degree, multi-zone coverage, equipping law enforcement personnel with the safety and confidence they deserve on the job. Fascia’s unobtrusive design in an extremely small footprint visually blends into the design of today’s police vehicles.

SoundOff Signal partnered with Midland, Mich.-based Specialty Manufacturing Inc., a contract manufacturer of silicone molded products, to supply the ClearDuty technology for the product’s final assembly.  

The mPOWER Fascia has 12 flash patterns with the Single-color lights and 14 flash patterns with the Dual-color or Tri-color lights. The 6-LED and 8-LED versions are available in Red, Blue, Amber and White. The 12-LED Dual-color version is available Red/White, Blue/White, Amber/White and Red/Blue. Finally, the 18-LED Tri-color version is available in Blue/Red/Amber and Blue/Red/White. The mPOWER Fascia is SAE J595 and J845 Class 1 certified and CA Title 13, Article 22 compliant.

The mPOWER Fascia may be bracket mounted in four different ways: 1) quick mount with VHB adhesive directly to the vehicle with no holes drilled; 2) stud mount with trim clips and three holes drilled; 3) stud threaded mount with studs and nuts, also involving three holes drilled; 4) screw mount with three holes drilled and externally exposed screws. Most of the Single-color versions are 2.9 inches long, 0.9-inch high, and 0.5-inch wide. Most of the Dual-color and Tri-color versions are 4.0 inches long.  

“We are pleased to announce this new technology that will ultimately safeguard police officers who serve and protect us on a daily basis,” said Mark Litke, President and CEO of SoundOff Signal. “We are also delighted to have built new business relationships with other Michigan companies through the design and development journey. Having a Michigan-based product is something we are very proud of.”



Published in Law and Order, Jul 2016

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