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OPS Public Safety MAXIMIZER-3 Pickup Drawer Unit

OPS Public Safety has focused on providing a secure mobile workspace storage solution that is both lightweight and durable with their new MAXIMIZER unit. Manufactured with heavy-gauge aluminum, heavy-duty ball bearing drawer slides, and a cargo rail mounted to anti-slip top surface. Single and dual drawer units are also available. For more information, visit


Setina Storage Systems

Setina’s Rear Cargo, Firearms, and Electronics Storage Systems are available in multiple tiers and configurations, including their new Whiteboard option (now available with Setina’s new Electronic Keypad or RFID Access Control Locking options). Both are single-piece designs for easy, no-wire integration. For more information, visit


DeSantis Intimidator 2.0 (Style 138)

The Intimidator 2.0 is a minimal two-slot pancake style holster. The holster body is formed of precision-molded kydex, while the back component is formed of leather and synthetic materials making it both compact and lightweight. It is immediately available for a large number of handguns. MSRP is $39.99. For more information, visit


Warson Brands/Reebok Strikepoint Boots

Warson Brands introduced the new Reebok Strikepoint line of 8-inch and 6-inch boots. The Reebok Strikepoint tactical boot features an extensive list of top-of-the-line technologies engineered by Reebok, including U-FORM custom fit technology, ETC® 360° Anti-Friction Technology lining, R52 rebound foam lightweight cushioned midsole, and FootFuel™ Footbed, all to bring the best comfort system. The 8-inch Reebok Strikepoint boot in Coyote Brown is AR670-1 compliant for wear with the new U.S. Army OCP uniform. For more information, visit


SoundOff Signal mpower™ Fascia  

SoundOff Signal brings first-generation material technology to the market through the introduction of mpower™ Fascia, the first extremely compact, tri-color line of lighting on the market. SoundOff Signal collaborated with Dow Corning to create a first-generation optical design called ClearDuty™ technology. In addition to establishing a powerful, head-on and off-angle illumination for the Fascia light, ClearDuty withstands punishing use and the duration of brutal weather conditions. Fascia’s next-generation design and variety of mounting options allow the light to be placed nearly anywhere on a police vehicle. This capability provides 360-degree, multi-zone coverage, equipping law enforcement personnel with the safety and confidence they deserve on the job. For more information, visit


WatchGuard Video VISTA® WiFi Body-Worn Camera

WatchGuard Video introduced the industry’s first fully integrated body-worn and in-car camera system. Now, a 4RE®in-car camera system and one or more of the new VISTA® WiFi body cameras can intelligently collaborate in a group recording of a single incident…strengthening evidence through synchronized video from multiple vantage points. For more information, visit

Published in Law and Order, Jun 2016

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