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Prisoner and Cargo Partitions for Sedans and SUVs

For many agencies this means the transition from the Ford CVPI to the 2016/17 sedans and crossover/SUVs. Prisoner partitions for sedans, and partitions and cargo barriers for crossover/SUVs are an integral piece of officer safety equipment. Here is a cross-section of creative, effective and practical prisoner partitions and cargo barriers for 2016/17 sedans and crossover/SUVs.


Go Rhino

Since 1975, Go Rhino has been a leader in the design and manufacturing of aftermarket automotive accessories. Their Public Safety Division prisoner restraint and partition systems are easy to install and adjustable mounting to conform to officers of all sizes without purchasing multiple brackets. Importantly, all Go Rhino prisoner partitions are designed to be fully integrated with the Aedec prisoner seating kits.

All the Go Rhino prisoner partitions are side-curtain airbag compatible with all OEM new police vehicles. For installation, Go Rhino products are all ‘no drilling required’ since they use existing OEM anchor points. This assures one of the highest quality and quickest installations in the industry. This minimal mounting space allows for maximum legroom while ensuring complete officer safety.

The Go Rhino 5000 Series construction involves polycarbonate sliding center and fixed side windows. The easy-access locking window latch is engineered to work with or without center-mounted gun racks. It has a steel-reinforced window support bar for additional strength and high-grade steel tubular frame and protection panels.

The Go Rhino 5000 series SUV Partition is specifically designed to secure the rear cargo area. Its angled design behind the rear seat maximizes use of cargo area space. The SUV partition is available with vinyl-coated 11-gauge, expanded metal window section to offer ventilation, or full-window, uncoated clear polycarbonate window section or full-window, scratch-resistant coated clear polycarbonate window section. A 14-gauge high-grade steel seat back protection provides an extra layer of rear-seat stab protection.

Construction of all Go Rhino partitions is extra heavy-duty with an extruded aluminum window frame, which has radiused edges. All partitions have pre-punched mounting holes for components providing easier assembly. The partitions have a thick and durable, black-texture powder coat finish that passes corrosion test standards including a 600-hour salt spray endurance test. All hardware is zinc-plated.

Go Rhino makes prisoner partitions for the Chevrolet Impala, Caprice and Tahoe; the Dodge Charger; and the Ford Police Interceptor Utility and Sedan, and Expedition. For the SUVs, rear partitions (cargo barriers) are available. For the wide variety of pickup and SUV Special Service Vehicles in use, Go Rhino has their 5700W-series Universal Partition. They also make a wide variety of partition transfer kits, recessed and extension panel kits, and flat and lower panel kits.



Havis is best known for their vehicle-specific consoles, equipment mounting solutions, computer docking stations and cradles, prisoner and K9 transport systems, passenger van partitions, vehicle side and rear window guards, trunk trays and storage systems. However, Havis also makes cargo barrier partitions for the Ford Police Interceptor Utility and Chevy Tahoe PPV. These each have a storage solution designed for the partition. They also make a unique load floor solution for the Ford PI Utility.

The rear upper partition (cargo barrier) for the Ford PI Utility and Chevy Tahoe fits behind the second row seat and separates the passenger compartment from the rear cargo area. The bottom half of the partition is heavy 12-gauge steel, while the top half is 12-gauge perforated steel. The large perforation size allows for easy visibility to the rear, while the bottom filler keeps small items from falling under the seat. The Havis partition can integrate with a Havis storage box, which eliminates the need for a full partition in addition to the box.

For the Ford PI Utility, Havis makes a premium fold-up cargo plate. This replaces the OEM rear cargo floor/spare tire cover and attaches without drilling holes. Electronic equipment can be mounted on the underside of plate for protection since there is a 6-inch space from top of spare tire to bottom of plate. The cargo plate is made from 14-gauge formed steel with a black medium-texture powder coat finish. It has a 400-pound weight rating (carrying capacity) for cargo stored on top of the platform when closed.

There is an 80-pound maximum weight rating for equipment that is bolted to the underside of the platform. The cargo plate includes two gas springs for assistance in opening and closing doors. The system is capable of holding platform in the open position with 100 pounds of evenly distributed equipment weight. Optional heavier-duty gas springs are available. An optional floor mat is available. It measures 35 inches wide by 38 inches long and is made of 0.188-inch thick, heavy-duty, masticated rubber.

Havis builds outstanding prisoner transport systems for standard and extended Ford, Chevrolet, RAM, Nissan NV and Sprinter vans. Offered in single, double and triple compartment inserts, they allow you to securely transport up to 12 passengers. Seat belts, seat dividers, and grab straps are included for each seat location. Complete your solution with their wide array of accessories.


Jotto Desk

The Single Cell from Jotto Desk is the next generation in single-prisoner containment systems. It allows even more room for a prisoner, provides more driver comfort, and is designed for ease of installation and cleaning. The Single Cell creates a cocoon-like cell that allows for the complete and safe enclosure of a prisoner. This eliminates the prisoner’s ability to lie down and kick out windows or damage doors.

For the SUVs, the OEM rear seat remains in place. No testing is required as the OEM seat structure has already passed all required testing. No warehouse storage is required to house these heavy/bulky seats and the agency gains the benefit of an ABS seat, i.e., biohazard and contraband control.

The Single Cell also allows the ability to maintain 100 percent of the travel and recline capabilities of the driver seat. That means taller officers can comfortably fit in their mobile offices. The Single Cell design also frees up the area behind the driver seat for storage. Keep rain gear, campaign hat, files, printer and other duty gear stowed away, yet close at hand. The one-prisoner compartments are a trend among the NextGen police sedans.

Of course, Jotto Desk also makes full-width prisoner partitions, which are all unique to the vehicle partition designs. Jotto Desk recognized the unused space readily available behind the front passenger seat and designed the Space Creator partition to take advantage of this space. The improved Bi-directional Recessed Housing provides depth behind the equipment console, allowing for mounting gun racks, printers and other items. It also provides the much-needed leg/knee room in order to transport larger prisoners. While others have versions of this design, Jotto Desk was the innovator here.

Jotto Desk Space Creator partitions offer the High Security/High Visibility (HS/HV) window option, where the opening is only 4 inches by 11 inches. The Jotto Desk Vehicle Partition with HS/HV window is the ultimate in prisoner security. Jotto Desk says the design of this window improves visibility by 41 percent when compared to standard partition windows, prevents prisoner escape, and is easy to clean.

These partitions and barriers are available for 2011+ Dodge Charger, 2013+ Ford Police Interceptor Sedan, 2013+ Ford Police Interceptor Utility, and 2015+ Chevy Tahoe and all of the Special Service Vehicles. Check the website for other fitments and options.



Prisoner Transport Partitions are the first items Pro-gard develops when designing products for each new police package vehicle. Their first concern outside of product quality and reliability is to ensure that it makes as minimal of an impact on the officer as possible. As such, they mount their partitions far enough back on the B-Pillar to maintain full travel and substantial recline of the OEM seat.

Moving the partition farther from the dash does mean less space in the prisoner compartment. In order to recapture space, Pro-gard developed their line of Space Saver Plus Partitions for vehicles with the least amount of space. The Bucket Seat Protector behind the front passenger seat is moved forward to create more room in the knee and foot area of the prisoner compartment. While this creates more space for the prisoner’s feet and legs, it more importantly opens up the doorway, giving the officer more room for loading and unloading prisoners.

Another means that Pro-gard uses to recapture space in the prisoner compartment is to design their Prisoner Transport Seats so they sit farther back and lower in the prisoner compartment over OEM seats (seat cover) placement. These products along with their other Prisoner Transport Products (Floor Pans, Window Armor, Door Panels, and Outboard Seat Belts) are sold together with a clear, polycarbonate center divider to create their Pro-cell Prisoner Containment Systems.

When combined, these products fit together seamlessly to control and limit the prisoner’s movements to one side of the seat all the while still visible to the officer from the driver’s seat. They eliminate access points for escape and gaps or crevices where contraband could otherwise be hidden. They are available for single or dual prisoner transport depending on the agency preference.

Pro-gard also offers their regular and Space Saver Prisoner Transport Partitions that agencies have come to rely on for years. They also offer their newest, innovative product the Viper Shield Enhanced Prisoner Transport Partitions for the current Tahoe, 2013-current PI Utility, and 2011-current Charger. This partition recess mounts a rapid deployment ballistic shield into the back side of the partition that provides additional NIJ IIIA ballistic protection for patrol officers when the unexpected threats occur.

For shoring up the cargo area of SUVs, Pro-gard also offers their Cargo Barriers. Available with either a clear polycarbonate window that provides better control of prisoners and contraband, or in wire screen, which allows full airflow throughout the vehicle.

All of Pro-gard’s Partitions and Cargo Barriers come with airbag-compatible filler panels that won’t interfere with side-curtain airbag deployment. All Prisoner Transport Partitions are available in nine different window options.



Setina has taken extra manufacturing steps to decrease the possible risk of injury to both officer and suspect. In addition to full upper framework padding, an integral part of this design is the inclusion of rubberized window support bars. Setina rubberizes these bars to increase safety during sudden stops, or in the event of a collision. Setina’s window locking mechanisms are also completely encased in rubberized material for the same effect. Both of these key features are exclusive to Setina.

The Setina BodyGuard series of prisoner partitions comes in stationary or sliding window designs. There are many configurations on their website from which to choose: full or partial sliders, steel mesh, or polycarbonate, and multiple choices for self-lifting and self-locking. The BodyGuard partitions are vinyl-coated to remove sharpness.

All these Setina partitions are Suspended Mounting Systems anchored to the vehicle B-pillars, eliminating rear foot obstructions in the foot well area. The modified steel framework provides strength and maximum entry and exit space through the passenger side rear door. The enlarged passenger side back panel recess also provides additional leg and foot room.

The new Setina XL (Extra Legroom) partition design allows for maximum clearance while entering and exiting the prisoner compartment. The XL is available with horizontal sliding and stationary window options. Recessed weapon storage panel between front seats are also available for a fully integrated solution.

Setina VS series partitions are specifically designed for vans, crossover/SUVs, and also pickup trucks. Setina’s larger VS series follows the same quality specifications as their other partitions. All VS series partitions include the full lower extension panel. Setina also makes a fully integrated rear SUV cargo partition, a high-strength steel system that fully connects to their SUV rear cargo storage solution.

For those who want a complete turnkey upfit, Setina makes the Total Prisoner Transport Solution. For the 2016/17 Tahoe, for example, this kit comes complete with a prisoner partition, TPO transport seat, center-pull seatbelt system, full-length floor plan, two TPO door guards, window barriers in steel or coated polycarbonate vertical firearm mount, cargo barrier, cargo storage for SUV version, and a lighted bumper.

The new Replacement Seating Systems are easily installed and provide maximum rear passenger legroom and maintain optimal rear-seat occupant placement, a critical part of the automaker’s Engineered Airbag Deployment System. Replacement seating is also designed with a molded seat back recess, providing extra space for the suspect’s handcuffed arms. They are created with heavy-duty, pathogen-resistant ‘TPO’ Polymer, and designed using a FMVSS 207/210 Compliant Center Pull Seat Belt System.

Setina’s new TPO Door Guards are the next generation of interior door protection. Unlike other models, there is no longer the expensive need to remove and store the factory door panels. The Door Guards are easily installed and fit right over the vehicle’s existing door panels, giving the professional appearance of factory door panels. Advanced Technology Door Guards are made of thick-gauge TPO polymer and exceed NHTSA regulations. TPO is flame-resistant, nearly indestructible, and superior to ABS plastic.


Troy Products

Troy Products designs and fabricates its entire line of public-safety vehicle products at its location in southern California. Every product is made in the USA. In-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities give Troy an advantage to go from concept to product quickly.

In-house engineering has enabled Troy to develop equipment and mounting innovations in prisoner transport systems, specifically front and rear (or cargo) partitions, with a design-eye focus on two critical issues: officer safety and officer comfort. To address officer safety and OEM requirements, Troy designed and tested a side-curtain airbag mount for both its front and rear partitions.

In the front partition, one of the most important features of a mount is the upper polycarbonate panel. In vehicles with no side-curtain airbags, the partition mount polycarbonate panels always had been ¼-inch thick. But, the need to allow full airbag deployment presented a challenge: How to use the rigid, officer-safe panels and still meet deployment compliance? Troy was successful in conceiving a mount that includes those vital panels to keep officers less vulnerable, and that has sufficient flex to allow full airbag deployment.

Several airbag-deployment tests confirmed the Troy design works without the panels breaking away or even cracking. Troy has been selling airbag-compliant partition mounts since 2008. Troy’s airbag-compliant cargo partition mount is uniquely three-sided. The mount includes driver- and passenger-side cargo-length side panels that create a corridor down which side-curtain airbags deploy.

The Ford PI Utility and Chevrolet Tahoe, the two most popular police-package SUVs, have side-curtain airbags that span from B-pillar to D-pillar. Another advantage of Troy’s three-sided mount is how it secures three sides of the cargo area. An optional hatch window screen completes cargo security. With all four sides protected, you can break any of the windows and still not access items stored in the cargo area.

Troy offers an SUV cargo partition with a driver-side panel that features a built-in area to mount a fire extinguisher (2-5 pounds) or a portable defibrillator. This cargo partition feature makes it possible for an officer to get to important life-saving devices. For front partitions with sliding windows, Troy includes a choice of several crawl-through prevention brackets that make it virtually impossible for a detainee to get all the way through to the front of the vehicle and possibly harm the officer or steal the vehicle.

Additionally, Troy has increased partition window sizes by 20 percent to improve driver visibility into the back seat area and to reduce driver blind spots while looking outside the vehicle. To address officer comfort during night-time shifts, Troy front and cargo partitions with polycarbonate window panels are designed at a specific angle proven to eliminate headlight glare.

Troy partners with two plastic seat manufacturers to offer a complete space-making SUV prisoner transport solution. Both seat solutions have options for an officer-safe seat-belt replacement product that eliminates the need to reach across the detainee. Troy cargo partitions work with the OEM back seats or with either of the two plastic seat replacement brands they offer. Replacing OEM back seats with plastic ones really opens up the back seat space to make it safer for officers to get detainees in place.

Troy Products is the first manufacturer to offer a front partition mount to accommodate officers over 6 feet tall. Called a ‘big-boy’ mount, the design allows for 100-percent seat slide and extra seat-back recline. The combination of full seat slide and extra seat-back recline results in the most officer-comfortable partition in the marketplace.

For space-restricted sedans and even some SUVs, Troy offers a front partition with a ‘dog-leg’ bend in the frame and recessed panel (just on the passenger side) to open up much-needed entry and knee room space in the back seat. Troy completes the space-making designs with lower kick panels that feature welded-in foot pockets on the driver and passenger side panels. The space-making partition, big-boy mount, and kick panel with foot pockets give both the detainee and officer the benefit of increased space.

Troy offers no-holes-drilled mounting solutions for front and cargo partitions. Installers and end users who do their own installations claim Troy partitions are the easiest and fastest to install. Another notable quality to Troy partition mounts is they are quiet. No rattle, no vibration.


Sergeant Brad Brewer is a 27-year member of the Vancouver Police Department. He was an eight-year member of the Ford Police Advisory Board and regularly gives presentations at law enforcement conferences on mobile computing, wireless technology and police vehicle ergonomics. He can be reached at

Published in Police Fleet Manager, May/Jun 2016

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