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The following companies may have exactly what you need to enhance your overall law enforcement effort with Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR) technology. 



Regardless of weather and lighting conditions, Avigilon ALPR works to monitor single- and multiple-lane license plate readers with high-definition accuracy and sharp detail, using just a single camera. The unit’s plug-and-play capability installs and configures easily. Maximum imaging performs via infrared illuminators, and detail is captured in high-quality images. 

Cost is lower because of the single camera capability and ease of installation. Similarly, training costs are reduced due to simple, but full control over playback and retrieval for evidence or further investigations, monitoring of watch lists, creating e-mail alerts and on-screen alarms, and doing post-incident license plate searches. 




Bosch DINION ALPR features clear images through advanced optics, and accuracy in such uses as monitoring parking lots, roads, highways and access points. Adjustable modes allow image fine tuning. The imager is configurable to change automatically in variable ambient light, low light, or high contrast light. 

The Bosch DINION Capture 5000 collects clear images day or night, eliminates headlight/ taillight glare or sunlight overexposure, and minimizes overexposed license plates. Imaging modes adjust for configuration to read regional plate characteristics. The operational range is 12.5 to 92 feet, with a maximum capture speed of 140 mph. Local storage supports microSD cards. The Bosch DINION Capture 7000 offers the same features, but includes an overview camera for vehicle identification. 



Data911 provides an ALPR system that works in a single patrol vehicle running an in-vehicle computer, thus eliminating the need for a separate, dedicated computer. The system uses Data911’s Verus video software—a simple, graphical user software. The officer is immediately alerted to plate matches. 

The system is configurable to read multiple hotlists that are automatically downloaded, and can automatically capture photos and recording on a hit. Thousands of plates per hour can be captured, at any angle or direction, via high-definition 720p cameras.    



Made in the USA, ELSAG ALPR patrol unit or stationary structure cameras read license plates at the rate of hundreds per minute. The MPH-900® uses an algorithm technology for accurate information and real-time knowledge for up to 1,800 plates-per-minute reads. 

Data includes a photo of the plate, car and immediate surroundings, date and time, and GPS coordinates, benefitting recovery of stolen vehicles, assistance in AMBER Alerts, school bus and school perimeter safety, interdiction, and traffic and parking enforcement. The digital camera attaches to the patrol unit and the system can process parked or moving vehicles across four lanes. When a suspect vehicle is located, an alarm is given to the command center, nearby patrol units and/or officers’ PDAs. 



Whether for vehicle identification and tracking, parking enforcement or traffic enforcement, Genetec’s AutoVu ALPR system provides accurate service for identifying license plates, and cross-referencing multiple wanted vehicle lists, all in real time. The Genetec “Security Center” platform works with fixed or mobile camera systems, giving accurate readings up to 5,000 plates per minute, for vehicles of interest traveling up to 200 mph. 

The unit uses simple navigation and touch-enabled buttons and maps for user-friendly efficiency. 

The officer can search through data or retrieve reports, filter the results based on time, date, hotlist or patrol unit, and can retrieve reports for up to three specific geographical regions at a time. Illumination provides reads in all conditions including high speed, poor angles or extreme weather.




INEX/ZAMIR’s IZ Patrol unit has speed and accuracy in a unit that mounts on the patrol vehicle to give full coverage to an immediate area. The unit provides vehicle identification, audible and visual alerts, and real-time communications with central command. 

Used in conjunction with the company’s proprietary vehicle identification software, the system issues vehicle identification data for real-time comparisons to watch list records. It operates in any lighting or weather conditions, day or night. Data includes the license plate number, date and time, GPS location, plate image, the color of the vehicle, and the scene overview image. 



The AlertVu™ system of multi-process license plate recognition can access several recognition engines concurrently. This form of constant scanning can find wanted plates that might otherwise have been overlooked. Suspicious trends and patterns can be revealed to enhance situational awareness.  

Cameras are infrared or color and the AlertVu™ system integrates with the “L-3 Communications In-Car Video” to trigger the system into pre-event record to record vehicle location with each read. All units can be aggregated, searched, and historically analyzed. Data transfers are wireless. 



NDI Technologies ALPR products feature easy-to-use software interfaces. The mobile systems are key for tactical or enforcement operations where fixed ALPR is not practical or cost effective. The company’s ALPR reads multiple lanes simultaneously in all weather and lighting conditions, storing and comparing data, and alerting the officer to license plates of interest.

Fixed ALPR can be mounted on roadways, bridges, tunnels, key junctions, and building entrances. The cameras have color overview and infrared lenses. Data can be forwarded to the back office using cellular, WiFi, or network communications. Mobile ALPR can use up to four cameras mounted on the police vehicle to capture color context images and infrared images.

NDI has a portable ALPR system for rapid deployment and special operations, using one or two cameras. It can be mounted on a variable message system for covert monitoring of vehicles. 


3M Company

An industry leader in ALPR, 3M designs, manufactures and supports ALPR that gives accurate and timely information for quick and informed decision-making. From site consultation to system design, 3M systems can be stand-alone or integrated for traffic, toll and parking monitoring, speed enforcement, and travel time management. Fixed systems allow continuous monitoring, and matching of captured plates to hotlists of interest. The fixed systems feature the camera, illuminator and process within a single, sealed enclosure. 

Mobile systems yield high-resolution coverage of a traffic lane with up to two concurrent vehicles in the field of view. The design permits mounting below the vehicle’s lightbar. ‘Triple Flash’ technology varies the flash, shutter and gain of the camera for multiple plate images regardless of light, glare or weather, suppressing ambient light (headlights or bright sunlight) as needed. Optical character recognition operates despite skewed or off-axis plates, or plate sizes.  




Vigilant Solutions’ mobile ALPR is available as an all-in-one camera and processor, or a separate compact camera with a trunk-mounted processor. Up to four cameras can be placed on the vehicle. The system uses a single Ethernet connection to the MDT or laptop, and there is GPS data management for mapping. The interface is intuitive and easy to use for improved patrol results. 

The company’s unique “Mobile Hit Hunter” compares data collected in the commercial

sector against agency hotlists to send alerts to officers within a three-mile radius of the vehicle of interest. Fixed ALPR uses dual (color and infrared) lenses in a rugged camera, and single cable power-over-Ethernet installation. Power consumption is less than 8 watts average. The system is capable of streaming video to a separate location to provide ALPR and CCTV capabilities in one camera. Lens options are available for different capture distances. Alerts can be broadcast to almost any computer or mobile device.



Stephenie Slahor, Ph.D., J.D., writes in the fields of law enforcement and security.

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Jan/Feb 2016

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