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Vehicle Gun Racks and Storage Solutions

Here are some of the leading providers of advanced vehicle gun racks and weapon mounting solutions. These are all designed to withstand the abusive conditions associated with a patrol car environment.


Big Sky Racks

Big Sky Racks has been building rugged vehicular weapon mounting systems for nearly 30 years. What began as a great idea for improving weapon access and transportation security for the shooting sportsman led to the development of the Electronic Locking Systems (ELS), which was designed specifically for law enforcement. With steel frame one-piece construction that eliminates welds and provides for maximum durability and strength, the ELS models are designed to meet the security requirements of a wide variety of weapons. 

The ELS models feature padded weapon brackets that are bolted into the frame in grooved slots for easy weapon alignment and adjustment. Electronically released locks with timer delay and push button allow access to the weapon for 10 seconds without holding the release button. Driver-side out is the standard orientation, with passenger-out available upon request on most models. The system allows for safe and convenient transfer of weapon mounts between patrol cars and fleet replacement vehicles. 

The ELS Models were primarily designed to place weapons in the ceiling of vehicles, offering convenient, out-of-sight storage for weapons. However, the ELS Models can also mount vertically to partitions or flat surfaces, such as trunk lids and SWAT units. The ELS Ceiling Mount provides quick and easy weapon removal from cars, trucks, vans, planes, helicopters and boats. Body turning or twisting is not required for weapon removal, allowing the officer to maintain optimum field of vision and response awareness. 



Blac-Rac is the result of founder Kevin Pintar’s effort to design a true tactical weapon mount for patrol vehicles. It was first displayed at the 2008 SWAT Round-Up Orlando, and the following year Blac-Rac was awarded its first U.S. Patent. The Blac-Rac is a versatile, robust, compact and multiple-platform weapons retention system. Used by SWAT, Coast Guard, Homeland Security, and police and military organizations, the Blac-Rac is a paradigm shift in gun mount technology. A single point mount centered on the M4 lower receiver, it can accommodate a host of tactical weapons, regardless of make, model, barrel length, stock or other attributes.  

The Blac-Rac system is optics-friendly and does not interfere with scopes, lasers, lights or other accessories. Weapons that are configured by the operator to their custom specifications will fit in the Blac-Rac. Additionally, the system restricts access to the take-down pins, trigger group, and magazine release. By design, the system absorbs shock and vibration, and features high-end non-marring synthetic rubber pads for maximum weapons protection. 

Featuring the smallest mounting footprint of any weapon mount, the Blac-Rac is installer friendly and offers a wide range of positioning in any type of vehicle. With the use of the T-Channel mounting brackets, the system can be easily adjusted without the need to drill additional holes. Other features include 360-degree swivel, 45-degree offset weapons positions, and receiver width adjustment to accommodate both slim and wide receiver arms. Setina Manufacturing is the distributor for Blac-Rac law enforcement products.


Setina Manufacturing

Setina also offers other gun racks based on the T-Rail (T-Channel) mounting system. Setina Weapons Systems include Free-Standing (single or double) racks, Partition-Mounted (single or double) racks, and the Blac-Rac.

In addition to traditional in-car mounting, Setina recently introduced their modular trunk-tray weapons system. This combination trunk tray and weapons mount gives agencies both a place for upfit components and a place to mount long guns for easy access.

The modular trunk-tray weapons system holds AR-15 pattern rifles, pump or auto shotguns, or the Blac-Rac mounts. The tray is made from aluminum, has a 300-pound capacity, and a universal mount design for all police sedans. No drilling is required. The tray adjusts to three heights. The low-profile slide tray adjusts up under the vehicle’s trunk deck for maximum trunk room and easy access to the weapon.  



Cruisers Corporation is a Michigan-based manufacturer and installer of emergency vehicle equipment.

Cruiser vertical dual rack accommodates two long guns (specify weapons at time of order) and fits vertical positioning between the front seats. It comes standard with mechanical and electrical locking system that includes an automatic timer delay system. Manual operation can be either standard key or handcuff key available. This rack is designed to attach to any prisoner partition by any vendor.

The Universal Gunrack accommodates most weapons while achieving maximum rearward visibility. It also has the same features as the vertical rack. The rack can be factory installed when ordering with the Cruisers Officer Protection Barrier.

The passenger-side gun mount securely holds the weapon in place on the passenger side of the vehicle’s center console. This mount allows for quick retrieval with the barrel receptacle being universal and also protecting the shotgun finish from damage. Locking mechanisms that are the same as the other systems are also available. These mounts are all constructed of 11-gauge satin powder-coated steel with durable foam-protected barrel receptacle.


Go Industries

Go Industries announced their Dual Gun Racks for law enforcement. The Dual Gun Racks are made specifically for the Dodge Charger. They are designed to securely hold one or two weapons, using the Santa Cruz locks, which are sold separately.

Constructed of 16-gauge steel, the Dual Gun Racks come in a tough, black, textured powder-coat finish and are backed with a full one-year warranty on workmanship, materials, and finish. Product is made in the USA. Go Industries manufactures and distributes more than 2000 accessories for trucks, Jeeps, SUVs and Vans. Go Industries accessories are available nationwide.


Jotto Desk 

Whether single or dual weapon, partition, rear seat or even trunk/rear hatch mounted, there is a Jotto Desk Gun Rack to meet the needs of your vehicle and the weapons you carry. Jotto Desk’s Barrel Lock Mount (BLM) has set the standard for securing an AR-15. This method allows you to secure virtually any AR-15, regardless of accessories. The minimal footprint of the gun rack design assists in the mounting process and the interaction with officers...critical with today’s smaller vehicle interiors. The shotgun is secured beneath the pump portion, preventing the chambering of a shell/round. 

Most gun racks feature their new extruded backbone, which allows the most mounting flexibility and strength. Their GR3 is a dual-weapon, vertical partition-mounted gun rack that has proven to be a popular solution for most agencies. An additional level of security for the AR-15 is the Jotto Desk Replacement Breakdown Pin. It replaces the top breakdown pin and is secured using an Allen head screw. This simple, cost-effective solution offers another layer of protection for the AR-15 when mounted into a gun rack.

The Charger GR4 shotgun or AR15 Trunk Mount Gun Rack is a single-weapon mount designed to hold a shotgun or AR15 with the GL3XL handcuff lock. The new GR4 Gun Rack was designed to secure to the rear hatch and allow for multiple mounting configurations. Depending on need and desire by the end user, these gun racks can be installed in such a way that the grip will be in the up, out or down position. This unique design and feature allows for virtually three different gun rack configurations possible. Many trunk/hatch mounted solutions for other vehicles are available for an AR-15 patrol rifle or Remington 870 Police pump shotgun.

The GR6 is a dual-weapon, vertical gun rack for all Police Package Vehicles that mounts to the rear seat area and is designed for use when no partition is present. The locking mechanism for an AR is positioned on the gun barrel. The mounting base requires no cutting or drilling, securing to existing OEM hardware. The vertical backbone is slightly offset from center toward the passenger side to allow for easier access to the weapons. This solution solves the problem experienced by many agencies that do not utilize a partition. The GR6 is also available for the 2011+ Charger, 2015+ Chevy Tahoe, 2012+ Chevy Impala, 2014+ Caprice and the 2013+ Ford PI Sedan and Ford PI Utility.

Lastly, Jotto Desk offers a Handgun Holster, which allows you to lock up your handgun and have quick access when you need it. Whether it be at your house, in your personal vehicle, or in your cruiser…you will know your duty weapon will never get into the wrong hands. Multiple mounting brackets allow for the end user to choose the optimal mounting location.


Lund Industries

The Lund Industries SS-GM2 series of gun racks is specifically designed for non-cage vehicles. It is the ideal choice and solution for supervisor vehicles, tactical units and other vehicles with no cage or partition. The SS-GM2 models are custom designed for each vehicle and install without the need for side support legs or drilling into the floor of rear seat.

Custom mounting brackets use the rear bolts of the front seats in addition to a variety of

mount brackets that attach to rear seat bolts in SUVs or frame under rear seat in sedans. The unique design of the non-cage SS-GM2 series positions the rack further to the rear of the vehicle, eliminating the nuisance banging of elbows into M4 magazines and the constantly needing to work around the guns in the rack.

Additionally, since the Lund rack does not require side support legs, there is no obstruction or interference to the leg room in the rear seat. This makes it the best solution for multi-officer tactical units and supervisors who frequently have officers in the rear seat of their vehicles.

Lund Industries has a new one-of-a-kind solution to secure vehicle pistol storage. The new pistol box model FMPB-814 was designed with input from federal and local law enforcement. The task was to design a box that fit ‘most all vehicles’ and was accessible from the driver’s seat so the officer did not have to exit the vehicle and send a ‘telling’ signal that he/she secured his/her pistol in the trunk of the vehicle. The new FMPB series of pistol box from Lund positions the box on the floor of the passenger-side rear seat and attaches with no hole mounts to the front seat bolts.



Founded in 1968, Pro-gard Products launched their patent-pending, Tri-lock Weapon Mounting System last year. This system is available for Partition Mount and Self-supporting Mounts and can accommodate up two long weapons with any accessory configuration and a handgun. Unique to the Tri-Lock System is Pro-gard’s resourceful Hand Gun Lock Box, designed to house and secure the officer’s handgun. The box is located between the two long weapons. The height location can be adjusted around consoles and officer preference.

Another great use for the locking box is an in-car evidence locker. Officers can assuredly secure smaller pieces of evidence or confiscated handguns while they continue to handle other issues at the scene. The Hand Gun Box is locked with a separate straight key than the long gun locks to further secure contents.

Two long weapons can be mounted on either side of the Hand Gun Lock Box regardless of accessories. At the time of install, the lock heads and brackets adjust upward or downward within channels on the extrusion. By utilizing two separate channels, the lock heads and brackets move completely independent of one another without conflict. As with all of Pro-gard’s Gun Racks, momentary switches with timers are included as well as the agency’s choice in key override style.

The Self-supporting Mount is ideal for detective and supervisor vehicles that do not utilize partitions. It mounts over the transmission hump, far enough back to allow aftermarket consoles. The Partition Mount fits on Pro-gard’s Space Saver Prisoner Transport Partitions with the Recessed Panel.


Santa Cruz Gun Locks

Founded by Laszlo Tanos in 1988, Santa Cruz Gunlocks has always kept a keen focus on providing the highest-quality customer service. 

For over 25 years, Santa Cruz Gunlocks has offered a wide range of weapon mounting systems to the law enforcement community throughout the United States and abroad.


In an effort to provide solutions for real-world weapon security concerns, their products are flexible and

empower officers to configure the gun rack to precisely fit their specific needs.    

With their new SC-920 series, the modular nature of the Santa Cruz product line is enhanced by allowing for the ability to configure the rack prior to installation. Simply build the rack on a bench, adjust it to your rifle or shotgun’s configuration, and apply it to the chosen surface.

Whether it is an overhead, vertical, muzzle down or trunk mount, they have a solution. The SC-920 series also offers the ability to utilize a trigger guard for additional security. Any one of their many locks, including the new SC-6 model handcuff-style lock, can be utilized with this new series of gun racks. The SC-6 offers additional security features as well as upgraded components over the widely popular SC-5 series. Their commitment to understand and meet the needs of our end users has always been the main goal of the entire Santa Cruz Gunlocks staff. 


Troy Products

Troy Products has designed a unique weapons box lifting platform mount for the Ford Police Interceptor Utility and 

civilian Explorer that allows 100 percent usage of the cargo space and

 easy access to the spare tire. The no-holes-drilled platform design replaces the OEM spare tire cover and reuses the same mounting points. Once a weapons box is bolted to the platform, the platform still can be lifted for easy access to the spare tire and/or to a Troy electronics tray that bolts to the underside.

The cargo platform is pre-drilled with holes to bolt a variety of Troy weapons vaults. The weapon vaults are made from a combination of steel and aluminum or all aluminum to reduce weight. Choose from a large assortment of vault sizes and designs to orient weapons as needed. There is a recommended range of weapons box sizes that can be used with the lift-up cargo platform. Troy also will customize multi-drawer and multi-vault designs to suit your specific requirements and to assure compatibility with the lift-up cargo platform.

Troy offers two cargo platform models from which to choose. The CARGO-XL works with Troy cargo products (cargo partition, plastic seat, weapons boxes, electronic trays, command posts, storage cabinets); it can install up to 43 inches in length. The CARGO-MNT also works with Troy cargo products but easily can be modified, if necessary, to work with other manufacturers’ brands. It can install up to 32 inches in length.


TruckVault /OverLand Safety Systems

A solution to increasingly larger rifles with attached accessories and larger locking mechanisms that intrude farther into the passenger cabin, is the Overland Safety Systems TL-1 Gunlock that attaches to the long gun’s Picatinny rail. This saves valuable cargo space inside the vehicle and requires no customization for each vehicle. This way, the firearm is positioned farther away from the officers, and also more out of view from those passing by a law enforcement vehicle. 

For long-gun safe storage, the new for 2015 TruckVault Lift Technology product allows you to place a full-size TruckVault gun safe in your Explorer and retain quick access to your full-size spare without a hassle. TruckVault’s Lift Technology uses air assist cylinders to make lifting the entire unit a snap. Simple in design, its all-steel construction is engineered for heavy service and will last throughout the life of the vehicle. This secure unit is available for all versions of the Ford Explorer from 2011 forward.


Tuffy Security Products  

Since 1989, Tuffy Security Products has focused on manufacturing secure storage solutions for valuable cargo and tactical gear. Tuffy’s Security Drawers, Portable and Under Seat security solutions are the state-of-the-art in secure gear storage and organization. The large security drawers open smoothly on Tuffy’s exclusive slide system incorporating eight heavy-duty precision stainless-steel roller bearings. They can be securely locked with Tuffy’s patented locking system to provide protection for tactical equipment and other valuables. In addition, Tuffy’s superior design and engineering results in a drawer that is typically lighter weight than others on the market.

Tuffy’s 16-gauge steel security lock-boxes mount under the rear seat in most trucks. The full-width formfitting design of the Tuffy lock-box has plenty of lockable storage to accommodate long guns and gear. Its secured contents are easily accessed by flipping up the rear seat and opening the corresponding lid.

All of Tuffy’s drawers and other locking vehicle accessories can be keyed alike with a highly secure 10 Tumbler double bitted key. Optional combination pushbutton locks can be added for convenience. They manufacture a wide array of economical standard and custom sizes to meet the security and storage needs required by today’s discerning public-service fleet managers.



Tufloc products include vehicle weapons racks, vehicle partitions, and window guards for police vehicles. The Tufloc line of weapons storage solutions consists of eight different rack configurations: Universal Overhead, Overhead Roll Bar, Overhead Screen, Single Gun Vertical, Two-Gun Vertical, Muzzle Down, Floor, and Universal Trunk. 

The overhead racks are mounted either to the roll bar, to the partition screen, or to the ceiling (for vehicles with no partition). Weapons are stowed well out of the way of the vehicle’s occupants and the deployment path of the airbag.

Both the single- and two-gun vertical racks mount between the vehicle’s two front seats, while the muzzle down rack mounts the gun between the driver and the front-seat passenger with the barrel pointing in a safe downward direction. The floor-mounted rack safely positions a shotgun or rifle horizontally under the officer’s legs, and the traditional trunk rack mounts inside the vehicle’s trunk for additional secure weapons stowage. 

Constructed of high-strength powder-coated steel for optimum durability, all Tufloc racks feature trigger guards and are padded for rattle-free and secure stowage. The rack-locking mechanisms can be opened with either a key or a concealed momentary switch, which allows the officer to quickly retrieve the weapon while preventing others from gaining access. Key locks can be supplied with either a handcuff or tubular key, and can be keyed differently or the same as other racks.


Tactical Command Cabinets

Tactical Command Cabinets builds custom cabinets for police, fire and EMS SUV storage, tactical SUV cabinets for SWAT, and cabinets for other public works vehicles. Our cabinets are large enough to store AR-15s and 40mm less-lethal weapons. Our Made in the USA craftsmanship uses high-quality plywood and solid birch with dado joints for strength. We polish the finish to give a smooth feel and high-gloss look. We can optionally coat our cabinets with LINE-X ultra-tough bed-liner coating to get extra strength and durability. Tactical Command Cabinets has cabinets in stock for the Ford Police Interceptor Utility and Chevrolet Tahoe.

Tactical Command Cabinets has engineered a new mini command post that has tactical command boards built in. It sets up in seconds. The Tactical Command white boards (or magnetic) allow you to have more options. The board can be removed from the mount and passed around, changed, or replaced if needed. The MDC is recessed to reduce clutter and the main drawer has dividers to keep essential equipment organized. File and map drawers are built into our cabinets providing extra storage or markers, towels, etc. Custom cut-outs for radios can be built per spec. Tactical Command can also change the layout and custom build to suit a department’s needs.

Tactical Command Cabinets has also engineered the new EXAR1500 Police SWAT Tactical Team cabinet. Weighing under 110 pounds, it is far less than other tactical cabinets in the market today. The weapons compartment has a spring-loaded flipper door with a steel piano hinge for fast access and more length for long guns and other tactical gear. The team can set its own code number for the cipher combination lock.

The inside of the gun box has exterior-grade carpet lining for less rattle and weapon protection. There is open storage behind the gun box for a fire extinguisher, gloves, wipes, scene tape, and other team gear. The EXAR1500 has secure storage on top and a large full-length drawer organizer below. The tactical team cabinet has marine-grade hardware to keep the spring-loaded drawer in place. The EXAR1500 will fit inside the Ford PI Utility, Chevy Tahoe, Dodge Durango, or any other mid-size or large SUV used by the department.


Sergeant Brad Brewer is a 26-year member of the Vancouver Police Department. He was an eight-year member of the Ford Police Advisory Board and regularly gives presentations at law enforcement conferences on mobile computing, wireless technology and police vehicle ergonomics. He can be reached at

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Jan/Feb 2016

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