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Atlantic Signal’s New Enforcer

North America’s largest custom tactical communications designer and manufacturer, Atlantic Signal has been designing, developing and manufacturing tactical communications including wireless communication devices, portable vehicular intercoms, smartphone interfaces, tactical medic intercoms, and other such products for tactical law enforcement, emergency services and the military—with an emphasis on U.S. Special Operations—for over a quarter century.

Virtually all of Atlantic Signal’s products are custom manufactured to the purchaser’s specific requirements. The company maintains two manufacturing facilities: one in the U.S. and the other in Toronto, Ontario. This enables Atlantic Signal to respond easily and quickly to larger orders such as those for the military, yet still maintain custom builds for its other clients, including small law enforcement agencies. 

The use of two facilities also permits a division of responsibilities in research, development, prototyping and manufacturing. In that way, a significant portion of the product line is designed and manufactured by Atlantic Signal, and large or small orders can be completed efficiently.

U.S. clients can purchase factory direct through Atlantic Signal or may opt for purchase from one of the members of a small and select group of distributors chosen by Atlantic Signal. 

Atlantic Signal also enjoys a strong relationship with 3M/Peltor and is the largest distributor of Peltor headsets for tactical operation use in North America.

Atlantic Signal offers a free 30-day test and evaluation package, which is available to domestic law enforcement and military clients. The package provides the department or organization with tactical communications equipment for a portable radio system or other communications equipment. Demo packages are generally shipped within seven working days of receipt of the demo request.

At the request of the U.S. military, Atlantic Signal developed the Enforcer headset for the military’s ongoing soldier Jungle Course training. Their requirement was for a headset that did not require positioning of any form of speaker in, on, or over the ear due to the extremely hot and humid conditions in which the soldiers are forced to operate. However, hearing protection was also a requirement.

The Enforcer is a hybrid of the DOMINATOR II comms system Atlantic Signal developed initially for Naval Special Warfare Development Group back in 2012. Utilizing tactical bone-conduction technology, originally developed in 1989 by the company along with FBI SOU teams, the Enforcer allows the operator to receive radio comms through his/her facial bones with nothing obstructing his/her ear canals.

When engaged in operations in extremely loud environments, the operator can reach up and disengage electronic earpieces incorporated in the headset, positioning them in each ear. The earpieces provide radio comms and are terminated with custom ear plugs—providing up to 32 NRR hearing pro when properly positioned.

When environmental noise dissipates, the operator can disengage the earpieces and stow them away in the built-in holsters on each sidepiece housing. Receiving radio comms is not negatively impacted, because the operator continues to receive radio comms through the headset’s bone conductors positioned on his/her upper jaw/cheek bones, in front of each ear. Transmit capability is realized via the company’s waterproof/noise-canceling boom microphone.

The Enforcer can be augmented to meet custom control with nearly 20 different push-to-talk assemblies, remote switches, remote volume control mechanisms, and other options so the individual user and team are easily able to create communications equipment that is efficient, yet comfortable and meets their specific operational requirements.

All of Atlantic Signal products are designed, developed and manufactured in The United States and Canada.


Stephenie Slahor, Ph.D., J.D., writes in the fields of law enforcement and security.

Published in Law and Order, Dec 2015

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