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What’s New in Sedan Trunk and SUV Cargo Organizers

Gone are the days that the city metal shop could fabricate some “special” box and make anything fit. Side-impact airbag deployment zones, airbag modules, impact sensors, and various other modules are hidden all over these new, much safer vehicles. Agencies must follow the OE installation or modifier’s guide regardless of the vendor supplying the equipment.

Access to the spare tire often complicates the SUV storage solution and when trying to store equipment in a sedan trunk, having a spare tire often takes up most of the space. So how do you do it effectively, by maximizing space but within OEM specifications? For 2016, several vendors have designed and produced some very effective storage solutions.


D&R Electronics

From simple storage boxes to complex, multi-drawer storage systems, D&R Electronics designs and manufactures the custom storage solutions you require. The D&R cargo trunk solution helps users efficiently organize and utilize rear cargo space, safely lock and mount electronic equipment, and prevents loose gear from damaging the vehicle or other equipment.

As part of the SUV storage solution, D&R Electronics provides a cabinet subframe. This subframe secures to the vehicle factory mounting points in the cargo area of the vehicle.


One of the benefits of the subframe is that it raises the cabinet above the trim line and prevents damage to the vehicle.

D&R manufacturers its vehicle storage cabinets using lightweight aluminum, and all cabinets are also steel reinforced, providing extra strength. With heavy-duty 500-pound ball-bearing slides, opening and closing the drawer will not be a problem. One of the custom features D&R adds to their storage solutions is the incremental lockout feature. If parked on a grade or hill and access to the drawer is required, it does not slide out the full way. It will lock out as soon as the handle is released.

With more than 350 different cabinet solutions designed, D&R has the storage for both your electronics and duty gear tucked away in an efficient and organized way. Along with SUV cargo solutions, D&R makes unique solutions for all the OEM’s sedan trunks along with pickup bed slide-out solutions that custom fit your application.



The ESMET TufBox locking drawer systems provide a way to safely secure guns, organize belongings, and stow equipment. Manufactured with heavy-gauge, powder-coated steel, the TufBox is built to withstand the everyday demands that are expected of all Tufloc products. Drawers are available for all SUVs and sedans made by Ford, GM, and Dodge. When additional clearance is needed, the Adjustable Base will allow the TufBox to be raised off the vehicle’s floor. The Base allows you to access the spare tire without disturbing the contents on or inside the TufBox.


Three lock choices are available (standard keyed lock, high-security keyed lock, and a combination lock with key override). A Divider System is offered that allows the TufBox to be configured in unlimited ways. Motion-activated interior lights, interior gun foam, and exterior protective mats are also available.


Go Industries

Go Industries has a trunk or cargo storage or organizing solution for all of the police sedans, crossovers, SUVs and trucks. This includes both single or dual level options for the sedans and SUVs. With over 37 years of experience in metal fabrication, they bring high quality and excellent workmanship to the public safety category that deserves only the best. All products are made in the USA.

The sedan trunk trays are constructed of 11-gauge steel, with Accuride sliders holding up to 350 pounds per shelf. The trays come in a black powder coat finish. The SUV safe boxes are constructed of 16-gauge steel. These boxes have multiple handle options, hold up to 350 pounds per drawer, and come in a black textured powder-coat finish.

For the Chevrolet Caprice, the Go Industries full trunk tray has a double shelf and includes a large storage compartment. The Chevrolet Tahoe safebox is a double-drawer tactical box and is available for firearm and other equipment lockable storage. One version of the safebox is side by side and comes with carpeted top for equipment storage. Another version of the safebox is a double-drawer SUV storage solution that comes complete with cargo area partition to ensure passenger and driver safety. These storage solutions are also available for the Ford Police Interceptor Utility.



Havis believes optimizing storage areas and providing a clean, safe and secure mounting surface for expensive radio and communications equipment is a common goal with space at a premium in today’s vehicles. With the right trunk mount, you can maximize space in the cabin by storing equipment and communications in a safe and organized fashion.


Havis offers several trunk mounting options within their broad product portfolio including innovative double-decker slide-out trays, fold-down storage, side mount boxes, and more. Havis’ trunk trays are constructed of welded steel for added strength and support.

Havis’ Premium Fold Down Trunk Tray assembly with slide-out equipment tray allows easy mounting and access to electronic components. The mount can be in the forward end of a vehicle’s trunk in order to maximize rear trunk space. When the Trunk Tray is hinged up in the closed position, all items mounted on the tray will be protected from damage and allow for access to the spare. Slide-out equipment tray is easy to remove and reinstall for service needs as well as pre-installation of equipment.


In addition, Havis has new fold-up trays, which replace the OEM rear cargo floor/spare tire cover and attach without drilling holes, another innovative option. A vehicle could be equipped with a combination of Havis trunk mounting options, depending on the end user’s needs and requirements.



Jotto Desk

The Jotto Desk Modular Trunk/Cargo Organizer is the perfect solution for keeping your trunk or cargo area organized in all public safety vehicles, including the 2015+ Chevy Tahoe. This Modular Trunk/Cargo Organizer features a hinged lid and three sections, which can be adjusted as needed. The organizer can be configured in different ways and/or quantities (1, 2 or 3—each sold separately so you can order only what you need) based on the vehicle model.

For instance, in the 2015+ Chevy Tahoe, you can use one or two Modular Organizers in the cargo area, either placed horizontal or vertical or even stacked as needed. Now you can organize and properly store the clutter in the trunk or cargo area of your vehicle. Flares, scene tape, stuffed animals, medical kit, rain gear, latex gloves, hand sanitizer, evidence markers...the list goes on and on. Visit the website to see the recommended configurations for additional vehicles.

Also popular for the 2015+ Chevy Tahoe, is the Jotto-Cargo Slide™. It is the perfect cargo management solution for your SUV, providing easy, sliding access to cargo stored in the SUV cargo area. Bring your gear to you and keep the rear hatch area organized. Constructed from extruded aircraft-grade aluminum, our anodized cargo slides are strong yet lightweight.

The 2015+ Chevy Tahoe SUV Jotto-Cargo Slide features the AlumaTrack system and include the AlumaPlank flooring system. This specialized flooring system provides superior strength without the weight of a ¾-inch to 1-inch-thick plywood floor. Also conveniently, the Jotto-Cargo Slide can be removed from the SUV in under a minute.


Lund Industries

Lund makes numerous SUV storage solutions for all three OEMs, but new for 2015/16 are the SSTB (SecureStor) of

vaults with additional Electronics Drawer Compartment.

SecureStor heavy-duty steel 


 vaults are fully carpeted to protect your equipment and feature an 8.5-inch-high drawer with high-security simplex combination lock on heavy-duty full-extension slides rated to 250 pounds.

The lower 8-inch drawer is perfect for mounting and securely stowing away all your vehicle’s emergency equipment like remote siren amps, two-piece radios fusing, and more.







 is an innovative lockable equipment mounting solution for most



s with a cargo mounted partition. This uses a fold-down rear tray, which is


40 inches x 15 inches


with a


37-inch x 14-inch

 slide-out tray. It creates a false wall behind the rear seat and provides a convenient and protected mounting area for trunk-mounted electronics. The fold-down design allows easy access for service in the down position while protecting electronic equipment in the upright position. For this solution, the

vehicle must have a rear cargo partition to mount to, but it

works with most rear cargo partitions.

Lund has some

innovative equipment mounting solutions for the Ford PI Sedan trunk. The

 fold-down rear tray is


36 inches x 17 inches

 with a

32-inch x 14-inch

 slide-out tray. It creates a false wall behind the rear seat and provides a convenient and protected mounting area for trunk-mounted electronics. The fold-down design allows easy access for service in the down position while protecting electronic equipment in the upright position.

The LGV Series is a rectangular trunk storage box primarily designed for long gun trunk storage. One of their

Aluminum Gun Box versions measures 36 inches by 16 inches with a 7-inch lift-off lid and electronic lock and foam insert, foam block or foam lined.


OPS Public Safety


PS Public Safety manufactures lightweight aluminum secure drawer systems for Ford PI Utility and Tahoe PPV. These include the Single Drawer, Dual Drawer, Stacked Drawer and Combo Drawer, all of which utilize their one-handed latch system.

All OPS storage systems have an anti-skid top surface with cargo rail. It is fabricated from 0.100-inch aluminum, with rubber matting in all drawers. The drawer slides are rated at 200 pounds, total capacity. The drawers, over 20 inches long, require 500-pound total capacity drawer slides. Slides can also be doubled up for even more capacity and drawer stability.

These systems also offer custom drawer dividers with all types, including egg crate padding or Pick N Pluck foam inserts for custom-padded gun mounts. To ensure there is no reflection issues at night, all OPS systems offer an optional matte black finish. They even have a storage box in drawer for evidence, pistols and drugs.

OPS also have two products designed for pick-ups. The MAX Drawer fits between the wheel wells and extends to a maximum of 60 inches with a total load capacity of 400 pounds. The SIDEKICK Drawer System, comprised of a long and short drawer, fits over the wheel well utilizing space that was usually unused. All products are manufactured of 0.100-inch aluminum with heavy-duty ball-bearing drawer slides.



Pro-gard Products manufactures a wide range of products for organizing duty gear and equipment in both SUVs and Sedans. One of their original products is still quite popular today, their Trunk (and Cargo Area) Organizers. These lidded, heavy-duty, ABS organizers feature removable dividers for arranging gear. They fit into the spare tire compartment, taking advantage of an otherwise underused space, and sit flush to the vehicle’s load floor. Universal organizers are also available with a flat bottom, making them ideal for any vehicle.

Pro-gard also offers Trunk Trays for mounting electronics and other sensitive gear away from other items. This keeps them safe from damage during travel when other loose gear can slide around the trunk.

For SUVs, Pro-gard has several options as well. Their Storage Drawers and Weapon/ Storage Drawers are designed to sit above the load floor allowing access to spare tire compartments and storage underneath. However, they mount low enough to not hinder the driver’s rear window visibility. Both have locking features to secure gear.

Options for their Cargo Cabinets range depending on the vehicle. Tahoe Cabinets feature locking gun racks while PI Utility Cabinets have a locking, Weapon/Storage Drawer integrated into them. These heavy-duty cabinets offer storage drawers and cubbies as well for organizing paperwork and gear. Pro-gard also offers their popular, rigid ABS Seat Organizers in three designs, one that can support a portable printer. Their design makes them ideal for quickly moving smaller items of gear from the car to the office or home.



The Setina Cargo Box Storage Solution is a modular, configurable system of one to three stacked sections. Each section is available with an optional Key, Combination, or No Lock. Featuring lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum sections surrounded by a high-strength steel framework, each section is designed to hold up to 300 pounds. At an average total weight of 150 pounds for a three-section unit, the Setina Cargo Box Storage Solution offers one of the best weight-to-capacity ratios.

The EZ-Lift Radio Deck replaces the removable plastic OEM deck in the cargo area of the Ford PI Utility, making use of often wasted space between the deck and the spare tire.


Featuring a high-security locking upper section, sensitive electronics can be mounted without worry. When unlocked, the upper section is also easily removable for servicing of electronics or access to the spare tire, which remains intact.

The EZ-Lift Radio Deck is constructed of three easy-to-install, lightweight, aluminum sections, and finished with a diamond-plate black rubber mat. Weighing just 53 pounds, it is a fraction of the weight of other competitive solutions on the market. Setina makes these rear cargo storage solutions for all three of the OEM’s police vehicle offerings.

Setina also recently unveiled their new modular sedan trunk tray weapons system—a universal system made of heavy-duty, lightweight aluminum that fits all new sedans. The system can be installed with three different height adjustments and three horizontal locking positions without any drilling into the vehicle. The system can be installed with three different height adjustments and three horizontal locking positions without any drilling into the vehicle.

The system provides users with communications and auxiliary equipment storage and easy-access weapons mounting. Features include a low-profile slide tray design that adjusts under the vehicle’s trunk deck to maximize the storage space while providing quick access to gear.

Options include a high-output equipment-cooling fan. The system has a black powder coat finish, heavy-duty Accuride ball bearing slides, a 300-pound capacity, and can hold ARs, shotguns, or Blac-Rac mounts.



The TruckVault Emergency Response line is a dedicated series of secure storage and organization solutions for virtually every make and model of police package and special service vehicle. Designed based on feedback from emergency responders in the field, the line features various configurations of drawers for storage, cubbies for gear, magnetic map boards for command planning, and even pre-wired power to run electronics.

For sedans, they offer secure drawer systems that often raise the TruckVault up off the floor with metal leg brackets and often attach to the deck lid. This keeps the floor of the trunk free and open for other items and often preserves access to the spare tire.

TruckVault’s SUV models come in a very wide range of secure drawer and cubby designs. The exact configuration depends on the vehicle in question, and the gear being used. They always try to tailor their solutions to these needs of the customer. TruckVault also does a wide range of custom work for whenever a customer has a special need. SUV designs are full width in the cargo area and sit flush with the second or third row seat. Where possible, they maintain spare access by either lifting the vault up on hydraulics or providing pass-through for tire drop-down.

Organization within the drawers is always a primary concern. TruckVault includes a package of removable dividers that are cut to length for each drawer. They also have some great accessories such as Weapons Foam and the brand-new TrekPak organization system. Foam allows a customer to trace and cut out patterns for their equipment to sit snug and protected within a foam base. The TrekPak system is a customizable divider system that allows the customer to customize an exact layout for their specific needs.


Tuffy Products


uffy Products’ solutions are rigorously tested and trusted by industry, commercial trades, military, and law enforcement to provide the durability and security for their specific needs. Tuffy’s products feature their patented Pry-Guard II locking system. Products are manufactured in the USA with heavy-duty welded steel and aluminum, incorporating the finest quality craftsmanship.

All Tuffy products are made of heavy gauge steel and built to last, with heavy-duty bearings, 11GA steel slides, and an extremely weather-resistant construction. Also available are accessories to customize including carpet, dividers, keyless entry, weapons foam, etc.

Tuffy has hundreds of standard products with applications for every police-specific vehicle type and retail models including Jeeps, trucks, SUVs, commercial vehicles and more.

Tuffy’s tactical lockbox is ideal for securing a shotgun, patrol rifle, and officer body armor completely outfitted. The innovative design enables the lockbox to be secured to the vehicle by a cable-lock system. This unique system does not require a separate padlock and can be released in seconds to transfer the lockbox between vehicles.

All Tuffy systems feature their

two patented anti-twist push-button lock systems with 10 tumbler double bitted security keys containing built-in weather seals on both openings and Patented Pry-Guard II locking system with three ¼-inch steel latches, which enable both openings to be latched closed without locking. Products come with a durable powder coat finish and Grade 8 mounting hardware included.


Sergeant Brad Brewer is a 26-year member of the Vancouver Police Department. He was an eight-year member of the Ford Police Advisory Board and regularly gives presentations at law enforcement conferences on mobile computing, wireless technology and police vehicle ergonomics. He can be reached at

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