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What’s New in Consoles & Mounts

This year’s Police Fleet Expo in Milwaukee had a large number of vendors showing off their high-quality mobile computer mounting solutions. The trend is a continued demand for tablet mounting solutions. These solutions are some of the best mobile computing options available.


D&R Electronics

The 2015 Chevy Tahoe console is one of the newest consoles recently designed by D&R Electronics. There are three different custom-designed contoured consoles presently available. Each one is unique, and each design has the option available to have side pockets added to the console on both drivers’ side and/or passenger side for binder or folder storage. Two of the three consoles are shorter than the third, and of the two, one can have the D&R LT7600 MDT mount secured to, whereas the second would need a mount secured off the passenger seat bolts. 

The third Tahoe console is an extended-length model and mounts straight through between the seats and right into the back seat region. This design was created for vehicles that need a large number of radios mounted into it. This console will also accommodate the D&R LT7600 mount. For each of these consoles, the mounting solution to the floor is included with the console.

The Ford F150 console is also one of the newer consoles recently designed by D&R Electronics. Like the Tahoe console, this console is also contoured to the front dash and accommodates the adjustable D&R LT7600 laptop mount to the top of the console. With a 7-inch deep front slope and 14-inch straight back, this console will hold five to seven pieces of equipment. There is also an optional combo deep and shallow side pocket for a binder and possibly a small notepad or pens. This console solution requires a separate floor plate and leg kit for securing the console too.

The LT7600 mount, with its dual-detent-locking-swivel system, not only allows it to have great positioning ability, but the swivel tension will remain the same the life of the car and beyond for future transfer to newer vehicles. Also, in hard turns the computer mount will not move to the opposite direction of a hard corner or turn. This alone is a great safety concern.




New for 2015, Gamber-Johnson has created new products for both their Console Box and Docking Station product lines. Gamber-Johnson has incorporated their already-proven design features from other console boxes and docking stations and added some new innovative features to improve vehicle ergonomics while providing the same quality and reliability for which Gamber-Johnson is known.

The new Tahoe/Silverado vehicle-specific console box is a low-profile, no-drill solution designed specifically for the 2015 Tahoe PPV, Silverado 1500, and the Silverado 2500/3500/HD vehicles. The console is fully welded and comes fully assembled; making is easier and faster to install. Two center mounting options give the officer flexibility on computer placement for better ergonomics. A wiring chase can be bolted onto the front of the console to cover/hide the wires for a finished look and to provide an additional mounting platform for printers, shut-down timers, or fuse blocks.

The new Dodge Durango vehicle-specific console box has all the same reliable features as the legacy Durango console, but has an added faceplate for the rotary shifter. By moving the shifter backward, the console box can accommodate a radio in front of the shifter.

The Panasonic Toughbook 54 vehicle dock was designed to leverage the expandability of the laptop’s integrated options. The dock provides a convenient access area to the bottom Insertable SmartCard Reader; the user can insert and eject a SmartCard while the laptop is docked in the station. The dock has a spring-loaded docking connector that ensures connectivity even over the toughest terrain and the push-button keyed latch enables the laptop to be easily docked and undocked while keeping it secure.

The TabCruzer® for the Getac T800 tablet docking station is a very compact design and will provide the perfect mobile solution for applications where vehicle cabin space is at a premium. The dock is designed to accommodate the T800’s expandable SnapBack add-ons: the SmartCard and RFID reader or extended battery are integrated extensions of the T800 and simply snap on the back of the T800 and fit comfortably into the docking station. A push-and-turn lock makes docking and undocking the computer easy—this is especially important in a mobile application; the keyed lock provides added security for theft deterrence. 



As part of Havis’ continued effort to have the broadest portfolio, Havis has designed several vehicle specific consoles for the New Ford Police Interceptor Sedan and Utility, Chevrolet Tahoe Police Pursuit, Dodge Charger Pursuit, and many more vehicles to serve the needs of customers.

In addition to consoles, Havis offers the new Integrated Control System for Ford Police Interceptors, vehicle-specific passenger-side mount packages, dash monitor mounts, a variety of trunk mounts, and K9 and prisoner transport units. The Havis Integrated Control System is currently designed to fit the Ford Police Interceptor Utility and Sedan. It is designed specifically for the NextGen Ford Police Interceptors (Sedan and Utility) equipped with their SYNC® system.

Staying as close to the OEM layout as possible, the system replaces and mounts in the factory dashboard location, providing a professional and clean cockpit layout. The touchscreen display has two modes of operation. Video 1 allows you to control the built-in Integrated Control System vehicle with applications, and Video Mode 2 allows remote control of an externally mounted computer, laptop or tablet.

The Havis Solutions app is now available for the Apple iPad and will soon be available for both Android and Windows tablets. The app walks customers through Havis’ wide range of in-vehicle solutions as well as the many considerations involved with creating a safe and comfortable mobile office.

New for Havis is the line of Panasonic ToughPad or Tablet-based systems. The newest docking stations are for the Panasonic ToughPads regardless of model, and they provide serious versatility when setting your vehicles up using the Havis configuration software. These docking stations can also secure any Android based 7-inch tablet, with and without the optional hand strap. Havis mounting options allow for tablet docking and usage in nearly any work environment.

Havis has a complete new line of products exclusively for the new 2015 PPV Tahoe. The Havis consoles, trunk mounts, screen and laptop mounts, and transport solutions all custom fit to the new Tahoe’s interior layout.



HiNT Peripherals Corporation specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-performance mounting systems and electronic accessories for mobile equipment. HiNT’s facilities have all the capabilities designed to meet individual customer requirements. Electronic assemblies produced by Hint Peripherals Corporation are tested and visually inspected for quality workmanship. Their metal products are manufactured to provide excellent ergonomic adjustability. Their mounting systems are diligently examined to ensure strength, reliability, and safety.

At Police Fleet Expo 2015, HiNT showed off a New Tablet/Monitor Mount with UNIBASE (Adjustable Base). The same mount fits most police cars, including the Ford Interceptor Utility, Ford Interceptor Sedan, Ford CVPI, Ford Escape, Ford Edge, Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger, Chevy Caprice, Chevy Impala and others. Main features of the new mount: fully adjustable universal feet, telescopic mid-section with side-mounting plate that bolts directly to the console, and more legroom, i.e., it is only 2 inches thick.

Another new HiNT Product for 2015 is the Tablet Docking System for Android tablets and iPads. These new products consist of two key elements, first the protecting tablet frame: a tablet-specific design, internally lined with rubber. Second, the powered docking station: locking with CAM lock, power input 12-volt DC, 14-position connector, aluminum alloy, black powder coated, and made in USA.

HiNT also has an “On-Dash” Mount for the Ford Police Interceptor Sedan and Utility. This is both a display and keyboard mount that installs using factory bolts and the sides of the radio console so there is  no

need to cut into the dashboard. Tilt and swivel adjustments provide vast customization and make it very easy to install. The rugged design, steel construction, and black finish make it a safe, attractive mobile office solution.


Jotto Desk

Jotto Desk is proud to announce the Next Generation of Contour Consoles…the Integrated Pentax/Brother Contour Console (IPBCC). When the Contour Console was first introduced to the Law Enforcement industry 14 years ago, the concept was ingenious. Take advantage of unused space in a vehicle, help to create more room for an officer, and improve the ergonomics in this “mobile office.” 

This design integrates the Pentax/Brother printer and paper roll into their newest Contour Console, providing an ergonomic setup without the twisting and turning that an armrest printer mount requires. Plus, it eliminates that additional accessory purchase and greatly improves access to a vertically mounted gun rack. 

For years, the Pentax/Brother Printer and Paper Roll have been an issue from a mounting perspective. Solutions have become available for the console, gun rack, and partitions in public safety vehicles, but none that address the printer. Until now…there was no solution that fit and functioned effectively. Glove box designs were very difficult to access. Headrest designs required twisting and were liability concerns for many. 

The sheer size and bulk of armrest designs were problematic in shrinking vehicles and could cause a hang-up when accessing a weapon from the gun rack. With the printer/paper roll mount built into the Contour Console, equipment storage in public safety vehicles is streamlined while retrieval of your printed information is now at your fingertips without straining. The upfront positioning also means that the printer is easy to access when you need to change the paper roll.

This new Contour Console is being offered first for the 2015+ Dodge Charger, but will be released in the future for the Chevy Tahoe, Ford PI Utility and PI Sedan. Additional models/designs may be offered down the road. This IPBCC comes with 12 inches of faceplates and relocation for OEM 12V outlets and USB. Equipment depth in this console varies from 9.25 inches to 5.5 inches and as an option will accommodate an accessory Internal ABS Cup Holder faceplate, 425-3704. Jotto have also designed a new armrest for this vehicle/console package—the Side Hinged DCR Armrest.


Lund Industries 

Long known as an innovator of mobile equipment consoles and computer mounting solutions, Lund continues to develop new products for the ever-changing police market. Lund is recognized for their one-of-a-kind products like the patented PASS push bumper, which fully integrates dual 100-watt siren speakers and optional lighting in the push bumper. This allows the siren speakers to be positioned in an unobstructed location at the leading edge of the vehicle, no longer blocking sound output like grill, fascia and under bumper installations. PASS also reduces installation time and offers significant labor savings.

Currently offering multiple console and docking solutions for all three OEM vehicles, Lund has also addressed growing tablet mounting issues with new products for all these vehicles. Lund expanded their SecurTab tablet mounts to further address the growing market. These tablet holders essentially mount customized Tablet configurations in a secure and lockable mount. All are compatible with Lund’s motion attachments and pole assemblies. Lund vehicle-specific consoles follow the Dash contour in each OEM police vehicle offering.

Universal designs are also available for use in other vehicles and applications.

In particular this year at PFE, Lund showed off the VH-TAH15 & CP-TAH15-SC consoles specifically designed for the 2015 and newer Police Tahoe. These consoles feature equipment mounting space of 4 inches vertically and 18 inches horizontally with a maximum mounting depth of 9 inches.

This new console package “CP” includes the new wider baseplate, VH-TAH15 console with a side-car design that adds a full-length configurable module to the side of the console. Lund’s “narrowest in the industry” console designs allow for options not available with other brands including a new gun lock alongside the console design…new at PFE 2015. Lund prides itself on being able to provide a custom turnkey solution for everyone.


Precision Mounting Technologies (PMT)

Precision Mounting Technologies is one of the veterans in the console and docking station business. Well known for their lightweight aluminum designs, PMT is a favourite among military and law enforcement agencies. New for 2015 is their complete new 2015+ Tahoe/Yukon, Ford Transit, and F150 Sightline consoles and docking station collection. 

These military-grade aluminum products provide strong and sturdy console enclosures preventing vibration and allowing for long-term endurance. Finished in high-quality black-epoxy powder coat for durability, this modular design provides flexibility in mounting a variety of equipment and accessories; easy to install and set up. Designed to allow for mounting of laptop, tablet, tablet/keyboard combinations, they include a lifetime-limited warranty.

Also new is the Panasonic Toughbook 54 and Toughpad M1 Vehicle Docks Slim, compact profile, and small footprint design. The PMT TrimLine CF-54 vehicle dock and PMT TrimLine FZ-M1 vehicle dock are ergonomic, low-profile designs for space efficiency. They also accommodate the Toughbook 54 and Toughpad M1 optional configurations while maintaining easy-to-access features. 

All-aluminum construction; resists corrosion and reduces vibration. Key to these units is the integrated genuine Panasonic port replicator and connector kit; remember, don’t except anything that’s not genuine Panasonic. Always certified to vehicle safety, industry and environmental standards, these docking stations can be installed onto a variety of ergonomic, vehicle-specific mounts.

PMT also provides printer mounts for all its consoles, available in horizontal or vertical configurations for optimal positioning and space efficiency. These printer mounts can be installed flush (flat surface) or console-mounted in either regular or padded armrest versions. PMT mounts support Brother PocketJet® and PocketJet 6 Plus mobile printers, including legacy PocketJet 200, II, 3 (Plus) versions Printer mounts hold paper roll and printer: all-in-one sturdy, rugged and durable construction.

Also new for 2015 in conjunction with mobile computing and distracted driving PMT has released their “Motion Manager” device.


microcontroller-based peripheral that incorporates sensor technology detects vehicle motions such as acceleration, vibration and tilt. It connects to MS Windows-based computers via USB port and can be set up to blank the display when the vehicle is in motion. It is designed to be integrated into vehicle docks, cradles, consoles and attached to under-seat pedestals. All information management occurs in the device. There is no need for dedicated processing by mobile computers so it is easy to program, install, and use.


Premier Mounting Solutions

Premier Mounting Solutions engineers, manufactures and distributes high-quality mounting and console equipment for customers throughout the United States offering exceptional quality, unparalleled customer service, and superior value. They pride themselves on exceeding customer expectations while delivering rugged, dependable products, and all of their products are manufactured in-house from the first cut to final assembly.

At Premier, they have some exciting new products available. For the 2016 Ford Utility Interceptor, they have a brand-new console design: CB-2UIN-T. This console is deep enough to fit even the largest radios and sirens. They also have a new extra-wide console, CB-WIDE1, for trucks and SUVs with an integrated side storage bin and two MDT mounting locations. For 2015 and newer Ford F150s, we now have a tunnel plate kit, BP-2F150, for mounting any of the existing Premier universal consoles. 


RAM Mounting Systems

Intelliskin with GDS technology is a new device-docking platform from RAM Mounts. The protective device sleeve ruggedizes common tablets and smartphones in the car, motorcycle, bicycle or office. With power connections molded directly into the Intelliskin, it provides easy device access and simple docking for mobile use.

External docking contacts on the Intelliskin allow for fast and easy docking and undocking from any GDS (Global Docking System) compatible docking station. GDS is a new docking platform that enables docking and charging compatibility across a variety of devices. It helps extend the use of portable devices while connecting external components including a keyboard, mouse, speakers and hard drives. With Intelliskin and GDS, docking is easy and device power ports are always protected.

Known for its unique mounting solutions for law enforcement, RAM Mounts offers a wide variety of vehicle and motorcycle mounting solutions including consoles, computer mounts, phone, and tablet mounting systems. RAM offers a diverse product line, which is protected by over 100 patents with more than 60 patents pending. The RAM ball and socket mounts incorporate a non-slip feature as well as shock and vibration dampening unparalleled in the industry.


Sergeant Brad Brewer is a 26-year member of the Vancouver Police Department. He was an eight-year member of the Ford Police Advisory Board and regularly gives presentations at law enforcement conferences on mobile computing, wireless technology and police vehicle ergonomics. He can be reached at

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Sep/Oct 2015

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