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Pro-gard Tri-Lock Weapon Mounting System

Certainly there is no question that advancements in technology have greatly enhanced officers’ efficiency, in many areas of their jobs. Such advancements have led to a vast number of weapon accessories that assist the officer: seeing further, illuminating objects, grasping tighter, shooting straighter, to name a few—this equates to any number of accessory configurations, for officers to configure their weapons.

Not only does the officer have an abundance of accessory options from which to select, they also have a wide variety of weapons from which to choose. Being able to build the weapon configuration that best suits their needs can make a huge difference to the officer.

More and more agencies have moved away from weapon conformity and adopted policies that allow greater freedom for the officer to choose his/her individual weapons and accessories. Doing this requires that the agency switches to a weapon mounting system that will accommodate each officer’s unique preferences. Until recently, there has not always been an easy or cost-effective solution.

Maintaining their ideology of designing products around the needs of the officer, Pro-gard launched their patent-pending, Tri-Lock Weapon Mounting System last year. This system is available for Partition Mount and Self-supporting Mounts and can accommodate up to two long weapons with any accessory configuration and a handgun.

Unique to the Tri-Lock System is Pro-gard’s resourceful Hand Gun Lock Box, designed to house and secure the officer’s handgun. The box is located between the two long weapons. The height location can be adjusted around consoles and officer preference.

“We’ve heard a lot of positive feedback about the convenience of locating a handgun box on the gun rack,” said Mike Navarro, President of Pro-gard. “The Hand Gun Lock Box is very handy when officers need to take a prisoner in for processing and don’t want the hassle of having to check-in their weapon.”

He also mentioned that another great use for the locking box is as an in-car evidence locker. Officers can assuredly secure smaller pieces of evidence or confiscated handguns while they continue to handle other issues at the scene. The Hand Gun Box is locked with a separate straight key than the long gun locks to further secure contents.

Two long weapons can be mounted on either side of the Hand Gun Lock Box regardless of accessories. At the time of install, the lock heads and brackets adjust upward or downward within channels on the extrusion. By utilizing two separate channels, the lock heads and brackets move completely independent of one another without conflict. As with all of Pro-gard’s Gun Racks, momentary switches with timers are included as well as the agency’s choice in key override style.

The Self-supporting Mount is ideal for detective and supervisor vehicles that do not utilize partitions. It mounts over the transmission hump, far enough back to allow aftermarket consoles. The Partition Mount fits on Pro-gard’s Space Saver Prisoner Transport Partitions with the Recessed Panel. More information about the Tri-lock Weapon Mounting System can be found on their website.

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Jul/Aug 2015

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