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Often viewed strictly as a way to protect officers from false accusations, in-car video technology goes beyond that by enhancing officer safety and professionalism, improving agency accountability, and assisting in prosecution and case resolution. Maintaining well-catalogued audio and video records ensures a strong chain-of-custody, and ultimately results in greater trust between police departments and members of the community. The following companies provide high-quality in-vehicle video systems to the public safety sector.


Apollo Video Technology

Apollo Video’s RoadRunner™ Digital Video Recorder is designed specifically for use in mobile applications, and delivers exceptional video quality at a low cost of ownership. The system comes with all the wiring and cables required, providing do-it-yourself turn-key installation, if desired. The system is wireless-ready for use with any TCP/IP-based network and is configured to automatically begin recording, and continues to record during playback, remote viewing, and archiving functions.

RoadRunner’s management software allows for easy fleet-wide system updates and includes an optional GPS with iSM™ (Interactive Speed and Mapping) Interface. Optional ViM (Vehicle Information Management) and ViM AutoClip software simplifies fleet and video management, and provides temporary or long-term storage for video clips. Video clips feature optional password protection, and system settings are secured with password-protected access-rights for up to 64 groups and 256 users.

The DVR meets military specifications for durability against shock and vibration, and comes with a three-year warranty, a lifetime of software updates, and months of data storage. MSRP for Law Enforcement packages start at $4,500 and include a 1.0 TB hard disk drive.



COBAN Technologies

COBAN Technologies’ FUSION HD is an affordable, turn-key in-car video solution that comes pre-configured with all the storage and software needed for fast startup. This MIL-STD-810 tested mobile video system manages users, vehicles, and videos with one back-management system based on departmental policies and procedures. With its intuitive user interface, the compact FUSION HD requires minimal training and can be easily integrated into the officers’ day-to-day routines.


FUSION HD captures HD video with every recording, eliminating the need for officers to select video quality on a case-by-case basis. Based on FailSafe technology, the system provides unlimited Pre-Event Recording that allows easy retrieval of valuable video, even if physically damaged. The wireless microphone is equipped with two custom user-defined buttons that allow the microphone to serve as a remote control for the system. Other features include a 4.3-inch touchscreen, dual camera design for both video and snapshot, high-profile encoding, and a security lock for removable media.


When repairs are needed, COBAN’s Rapid Exchange program minimizes downtime for law enforcement by providing an online RMA form, a shipping label, and next-day delivery of the replacement part.


Depending on options and configuration, pricing for FUSION HD falls between $3,500 and $4,200.




The Verus HD Digital Video system from Data911 is a complete mobile video management solution that consistently delivers high-definition quality and clarity. Verus utilizes open standards HD/IP cameras and can flexibly support a wide variety of configurations. Verus’ base system supports up to six HD/IP cameras and superior compression allows for recording HD video without compromising storage space.


Verus HD is powered by the user’s in-vehicle computer and offers advanced upload speeds and live streaming video to multiple locations simultaneously. Other features include automatic remote updating, forward- and rear-facing cameras, and a computer touchscreen control interface. The system supports two wireless microphones, includes an accelerometer, GPS, six physical GPI configurable triggers, and integrates with body-worn cameras.

The front camera offers Auto/Manual Focus, the rear camera provides a 120-degree wide angle view, and both cameras feature Day/Night functionality and H.264 Video Codec. The microphone utilizes Frequency 900 MHz, up to 18 hours of talk time, and is IP66 dust and water resistant. Pricing for the Verus HD Digital Video system varies based on the quantity, different configurations, and whether or not the agency is purchasing the system off of a state contract.


Decatur Electronics

The Responder 1000 from Decatur Electronics is its third-generation in-car video system that is flexible, affordable and easy to operate. The DVR is a state-of-the-art 120GB removable hard drive that provides 3.5 days of full-time recording, and features programmable pre-event recording for capturing evidence and delivering it to court. Built to military standards, the Responder 1000’s compact design provides multiple mounting options inside the vehicle.

With a 3.5-inch LCD monitor, the system’s front camera—and optional rear camera—provides 10X zoom and .25 lux sensitivity for clear video capture in all lighting conditions. The microphone component is offered as an external lapel mic or a built-in internal mic, and allows the officer to trigger video recording at the push of a button.

The Responder 1000 File Manager simplifies video transfer and evidence retrieval, and provides easy-to-use tags and organizational tools for effective video and report management. The system sells for approximately $3,500, depending on features, with back-office docks priced at around $300.


Digital Ally

The DVM-800 from Digital Ally is an affordable in-car video solution that integrates into a rear-view mirror, minimizing space requirements and reducing installation time. The system is equipped with four cameras and simultaneous Dual-Camera Recording with customizable camera-specific automatic recording triggers. The advanced G-Force sensor detects impacts to trigger recordings, as well as measuring forces on the X, Y and Z axis (all directions) to determine the factors that may have contributed to an accident, such as acceleration, braking, cornering and road conditions.

THE DVM-800 records a continuous loop as well as individual incidents, and pre-records up to 30 seconds of video before starting a recording. The system allows the use of up to eight cameras while only recording two of them at any given time, providing improved situational awareness and visibility.


Other features include integrated wireless download, a detailed metadata and mark button to tag important locations or events, and GPS with interactive back-office mapping. Advanced wireless management allows remote setup, configuration and system updating. VuVault software manages users and user groups, and allows rapid share recordings across multiple locations. Digital Ally provides discounts for existing system trade-in and a guaranteed buy-back program. Prices start at under $3,500 for the complete system, or under $4,000 with a five-year warranty.



Federal Signal

The DTX In-Car Video System from Federal Signal is a reliable mobile solution that features two internal cameras, and pre-event recording that can be drawn from live memory just before an officer begins to record. Capable of providing over 95 channels in frequencies from 2400-2483 MHz, the powerful wireless microphone can perform in a 1,500-foot line of sight range with a 10-hour charge.

The DTX In-Car Video System features a built-in DVR with 64 GB of local video storage, and records video in D1, one of the highest video standards available. DTX COMMAND and DTX-ADS software efficiently manages search and review of recorded video files, and downloads video from the mobile DVR via wireless or a wired network connection to a central location.

With Federal Signal’s exclusive Fleet Health Monitoring, the condition of each DVR is tracked and reported back to the Command Center, alerting technical services of any malfunctions. The DTX 2-Car System is offered in two versions: DTX-System-1 with a DVR and Client Software, and DTX-System-2 with a DVR and 4.5-inch control monitor. Both systems have a list price of $3,995.



Kustom Signals Inc.

Specifically designed for police vehicle integration, Kustom Signals’ G3 Vision system is integrated into the rear-view mirror, minimizing obstruction to the driver’s vision, and increasing usability. The system supports four-camera simultaneous recording, and provides incident capture with up to three minutes of pre-event recording on two cameras. In addition, pre-event recording on the back seat camera acts as a backup to confirm that procedures were followed.


The G3 Vision standard system provides a choice of controllers: Mirror Monitor Controller (MMC), Anywhere Monitor Controller (AMC), or MDC interfacing. ExpanseDSS wireless audio has a ½ mile operating range and provides 15 hours of talk time. This user-friendly system also includes a front zoom camera, wireless transfer of files to a back-office database, and a hard-wired in-car microphone. Able to operate in extreme temperatures, G3 Vision features media locks in the DVR and file authentication for enhanced security.


Available options include a rear seat/prisoner camera, a mini day/night camera, crash record activation, post-event recording, and GPS interface. Kustom Signals offers free software upgrades for the life of the product. The G3 Vision system has a price range of $4,000 to $6,000, depending on configuration and options.


L-3 Mobile-Vision

The FlashbackHD system from L-3 Mobile-Vision features a new streamlined camera that provides a 70-degree field of view for capturing a wider area of evidence. High-definition video technology provides for the maximum level of detailed images, and 360-degree rotation capability captures video inside or out of the vehicle. Equipped with L-3’s proprietary Nite-Watch technology, the camera intuitively highlights objects in shadowed areas and prevents glare from headlights.

The system records five cameras and three audio sources concurrently, while pre-event recording captures up to 60 seconds of full-frame video prior to record activation. The easy-to-use FlashbackHD has no moving parts, and provides hands-free operation and automated file transfer. The VoiceLink Plus® 2.4 GHz Wireless Microphone System automatically turns on when the DVR enters into record status and turns off when recording ends. Vibration signaling ensures increased officer safety in tactical situations, and an emergency button can be integrated into the vehicle’s communication system.

The FlashbackHD system is compatible with all Flashback products and can seamlessly integrate with all back office software. It comes with a one-year factory parts and labor warranty (installation not included). L-3 Mobile-Vision does not publish pricing, but agencies can contact the company for a price quote.


Martel Electronics

The Martel Electronics DC3 Digital Cruiser is so small it fits in the palm of your hand. It features solid-state technology, easy-to-learn three-button operation, wireless police-car camera downloading, and 802.11 wireless video-file transfer capabilities.

The Martel DC3 Digital Cruiser records directly to a 128GB SDHC card that holds 300 hours of recording time. A USB card reader is included for direct video downloading, and can be erased and re-used 1 million times. Pre-event recording captures up to two minutes of video before activation and easily documents probable cause. The new police-car camera video marking feature allows the officer to “mark” the spot on the video for later reference. Event tags can be customized to each police camera system to meet an agency’s individual needs.

The 2.4 GHz digital wireless microphone features 40 digital channels that allow numerous systems to operate in close proximity without interference, and automatically turns on when the system is activated.


With Martel’s Police Camera Video Management Software, a two-hour video can be burned to a playable DVD for use in court cases in less than five minutes. The DC3 installs in minutes and is priced at $2,995.



Designed specifically for public safety applications, Motorola’s MVX1000 digital video system is an efficient in-car and back-end video capture and management solution. Featuring high-quality video, ruggedized construction, an intuitive touchscreen interface, as well as innovative functionalities, the MVX1000 can connect to an in-car MDT, or users may opt for the dedicated 5-inch touchscreen display.

The MVX1000 uses a front camera with a 63.3-degree field of view that can capture activity 21.5 feet on either side of the center of the stopped vehicle, based on a stopped vehicle 35 feet away. This greatly exceeds IACP guidelines that call for a 40-degree field of view from the front camera that captures a recording area encompassing 12.5 feet. The MVX1000 is also equipped with a Ten-Second Rewind button that allows the system to automatically skip back 10 seconds for recording.

MIL-STD-810G tested and IP54-sealed, the MVX1000 is rugged enough to withstand heat, cold, vibration, humidity, water spray, dust and other hazards in the field. Due to its fanless solid-state form factor, it can be installed virtually anywhere in the vehicle. With advanced video storage and processing, officers can easily find, manage, and export video evidence, either over the wire or wirelessly.

The MVX1000 comes with a limited three-year warranty standard on DVR console and front-facing camera. Interested agencies can access product and pricing information by contacting the company directly or through a channel partner.



The Arbitrator 360°™ HD in-car digital video recording system from Panasonic is equipped with a full HD 1080p front camera that delivers high-quality video evidence capture. It features multiple-camera simultaneous recording, as well as full 360-degree recording and viewing to maximize situational awareness. Built to survive the demanding police environments, the system is MIL-STD- 810G-tested for resistance to shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, dust, moisture and other harsh conditions.


The Arbitrator 360° HD is purpose-built on the foundation of Panasonic i-PRO surveillance cameras.


The Video Processing Unit supports up to two 512GB solid-state hard drives and provides full Power-over-Ethernet to attached IP cameras. The system has the ability to record evidence simultaneously from up to five different cameras and three audio inputs, with pre-recording for up to 90 seconds.


Evidence can be easily transferred and managed using the system’s built-in wireless options, or via offload using the Arbitrator 360° HD CommandR™ application. Other features include low-light technology for viewing in darkness, and a wireless microphone system that can transmit quality audio up to one mile from the receiver. Interested agencies can obtain purchase information, as well as a list of available government contracts, on the company website.


Safety Vision

The ICOP™ PRO is Safety Vision’s next-generation in-car video solution for law enforcement applications. This compact, yet robust system combines an advanced digital video recorder with the new Power Control Monitor that allows officers to easily manage the recording and reviewing of video.



The Power Control Monitor (PCM), which can either supplement or replace an MDT, integrates a 4.3-inch LCD screen, speaker, and playback controls into a single unit. This single-unit PCM is conveniently placed near the driver’s seat, allowing officers to easily start and review recordings. Specific critical events can be flagged to ease search and relocation with the new “Mark” feature, while on-screen menus provide quick and easy configuration.

The advanced digital video recorder (DVR) can be installed into any console with an available 1-DIN slot (or remotely mounted elsewhere in the vehicle) and includes its own illuminated status display that provides instant health status. Utilizing an innovative mirror recording feature to back up captured video, the ICOP PRO DVR duplicates recorded data to an SD card. Once the primary storage device is filled, the newest files overwrite the oldest files, without overwriting events. The ICOP PRO comes with a standard one-year warranty against defects in materials, and sells for $3,500.


WatchGuard Video

With 720p high-definition resolution, the WatchGuard 4RE HD Wireless In-Car Video System provides superior image clarity and faster upload times, while simultaneously using less overall file storage.


“Record-After-the-Fact” technology allows users to go back in time and capture important video that was not originally recorded, helping to solve hundreds of criminal cases and enabling agencies to avoid countless lawsuits.

Video is recorded twice with a removable, secured USB Flash Thumb Drive and Automotive Grade Hard Drive, while the Automatic Record Overflow keeps recording after the flash drive is full. Using an advanced, industrial-grade 802.11n radio system and sophisticated antennas, the 4RE HD provides optimum wireless transfer speeds. The graphical user interface is easy to understand and features a 4.3-inch touchscreen, multi-camera split-screen viewing, and direct access buttons for common functions.

WatchGuard’s new ZSL and HD Mini Zoom cameras are equipped with dual-exposure, Ultra-Wide Dynamic Range (U-WDR) technology that dramatically improves nighttime video quality.

Other features include up to 10 minutes of both pre- and post-event video recording that can be automatically added to the beginning and/or end of each chapter, high-profile H.264 compression, and built-in hardware support for live video streaming. Pricing varies and is custom quoted based on the individual needs of each agency.


Susan Geoghegan is a freelance writer living in Naples, Fla. She can be reached at

Published in Police Fleet Manager, May/Jun 2015

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