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The Latest Advances in ALPR

Here is a look at the state-of-the-art in Automatic License Plate Readers, ALPR.



Plug-and-play, high-definition capabilities are highlights of the Avigilon ALPR system. Integrating with capture kits, single or multiple lane reads can be done from a single camera.


The unit operates in all weather and lighting conditions, 24 hours a day.


The camera has infrared illuminators for maximum imaging and wide coverage, which means needing fewer cameras, thus saving installation and ongoing maintenance costs. Training costs are also reduced because the system is easy to use including its full control over playback, allowing quick retrieval of evidence and quick response time for further investigations.


The technology allows importing and monitoring watch lists, creating e-mail alerts and on-screen alarms, and post-incident license plate searches. Reads can be made on license plates that vary in size, shape or font. Target ranges of the reader can vary from about 35 to 100 feet, depending on the camera chosen. Free 24/7 technical support is available.



Bosch Security Systems

The Bosch DINION ALPR units offer high-quality images, advanced optics, and accurate vehicle identification for monitoring parking areas, roads, highways and vehicle access. Up to six adjustable modes allow fine tuning of the image, and the imager can be configured to change automatically when ambient light varies, or in low-light or high-contrast settings.


The DINION Capture 5000 collects clear and accurate plate images day or night, and its imaging system eliminates headlight/taillight glare and overexposure from sunlight. The company’s Advanced Ambient Compensation system minimizes overexposed plates. Imaging modes are adjustable to allow configuration for regional plate characteristics. There are both IP and analog versions of the product. The operational range is 12.5 to 92 feet with a maximum capture speed of 140 mph. Local storage supports microSD cards (SDHC).


The DINION Capture 7000 has the same features, but also includes an overview camera for vehicle identification. The DINION AN Traffic 4000 IR has an ultra-high resolution sensor to optimize plate recognition. It also features enhanced digital noise reduction and has a vandal- and water-resistant enclosure.



Data911 provides competitive ALPR systems integrated with its Verus Server software, which does not require a separate dedicated computer. Data911’s solution is HD and runs on the same computer as other in-vehicle applications. This benefits department budgets. Officers are immediately alerted to plate matches. The system is configurable to read multiple hotlists that are automatically downloaded.


Thousands of plates per hour can be captured with a single vehicle, at any angle or direction.


Hits are alerted to the officer and can trigger the video to start recording. Searching can be exact or fuzzy matches, hot list matches or by location, officer choice, time of read, or time of upload.



ELSAG North America

Made in the USA, ELSAG ALPR cameras mounted to patrol units or stationary structures can read license plates at the rate of hundreds per minute. Those license plates matching an entry on a database create an alert to the police vehicle or the command center. The Mobile Plate Hunter-900® uses a superior algorithm technology to be easy to deploy and use for accurate information.


Up to 1,800 plates per minute can be read. The data includes a photo of the plate, car and immediate surroundings, the date and time, and GPS coordinates. The digital camera attaches to the patrol unit and the system can process parked or moving vehicles across four lanes. When a suspect vehicle is located, an alarm is given to the command center, nearby patrol units and/or officers PDAs.




Genetec’s AutoVu ALPR system enhances cooperation between public agencies and private partners by enabling selected data sharing through its Federation feature, with no subscription fees. Partners share access to live and recorded data, without losing autonomy or having to upload their data to another company’s servers.

Genetec’s AutoVu ALPR system unifies fixed and mobile license-plate recognition cameras with video surveillance, accelerating investigations through a single back end solution.


Image Sensing Systems

Autoscope license plate recognition products include ALPR cameras, recognition software, and design and development features to provide performance and functionality. The Autoscope Pn-110 is ideal for dual or wide traffic lanes and eliminates the need for extra cameras or corrections for “blind spots” between two analog cameras. The camera can be controlled in real time.


Brightness is constantly monitored.


The Autoscope Ex-140 incorporates quality image processing and communications in a modular design and offers a full, two-lane field of view. It enables on-board capture of number plates, with data passed directly via wired or 3G/4G communications to a central server or “back office” for further analysis and real-time matching.




INEX/ZAMIR’s vehicle recognition systems provide scaled ALPR vehicle-of-interest intelligence in small stand-alone systems, to wide-range fixed and mobile systems with connections to multiple third-party systems. Less than 500 milliseconds are needed to issue vehicle identification data to the user. Real-time vehicle pattern analysis can be done in stand-alone operation or in integration with the company’s Video Management Systems, Access Control Systems, or high-level Physical Security Information Management Systems.


The IZPatrol Mobile Solution mounts to a patrol unit and provides vehicle identification, audible and visual alerts, and real-time communications with central command. The system operates in any lighting or weather conditions, day or night, to record vehicle data, event date and time, vehicle GPS location, plate image, and color vehicle and scene overview image. The company will soon have the capability to include the vehicle’s make, model and color.



L-3 Mobile Vision

The AlertVu™ system uses multi-process plate recognition technology to process through several recognition engines concurrently. The constant scanning enables finding wanted plates that otherwise would not have drawn attention. Suspicious trends and patterns can also be done to enhance situational awareness.


Both infrared and color cameras can be used and the system can be integrated into the L-3 Communications In-Car Video solution so ALPR can trigger the system into pre-event record to record the vehicle location with each plate read. All units can be aggregated, searched and historically analyzed, plus data transfers are wireless.



Motorola Solutions

Motorola’s ALPR system can conduct surveillance in any environment, under varying light, with an up to 130 mph relative capture speed, at 90 percent accuracy. The Back Office System Software uses database formatting to customize screens and alarms based on hits, and it imports both national and regional databases. Mapping capability allows finding all locations related to a single license plate so that movement can be tracked.


Cross-reference capability can include the perpetrator’s ID number from a driver’s license, Social Security number, etc.

The MW810 Mobile Workstation is an ergonomic, vehicle-mounted station with secure wireless connectivity and power. The three-piece design allows multiple configurations for the CPU, keyboard and monitor. The removable, backlit keyboard permits typing without having to twist toward the computer mount. A built-in track pad eliminates the need for a separate mouse. The touchscreen is bright and glove-friendly. The CPU installs in either the passenger cabin or the trunk. There is ability to connect two displays and keyboards.



NDI Recognition Systems

The fixed ALPR system is designed for mounting on roadways, bridges, tunnels, key junctions, and building entrances. Its cameras feature color overview and infrared lenses. The cameras collect images to the processor, which then identifies and interprets the plates and forwards the data to the back office using cellular, Wi-Fi or network communications. It can also leverage existing CCTV video feeds.


The mobile ALPR system consists of up to four cameras mounted on the police unit to capture color context images and infrared images of plates in all weather conditions, day or night. The mobile system features easy-to-use software interface. In addition, NDI also markets a portable ALPR system that can be rapidly deployed with one or two cameras. Useful for special operations, the portable unit also can be mounted on a variable message system for covert monitoring of vehicles.


These products use the company’s “Vehicle Intelligence Server and Communications Engine” (VISCE), which is an intuitive ALPR back office system to collect hotlists from sources, disseminate them, and query the intelligence on the partial/full/individual plate database for investigation, analysis patterns for suspicious behavior, and mapping of crime locations. It can be accessed across a network, or web-enabled for remote log-in from another PC with Internet access. VISCE “GATE” allows sending ALPR data and images to third-party applications.




An industry leader in ALPR, 3M designs, manufactures and supports its ALPR product lines to provide capability in decision making through accurate and timely information. The company states it has over 20,000 of its cameras deployed around the world, with technology supported by a wide range of patents for the ALPR technology. The company is based in the United States and manufactures all its major ALPR system components.


The Platefinder firmware searches the camera field of view for a license plate. The dual-lens camera captures both color and infrared images of the plate and the vehicle. The “Triple Flash” technology varies the flash, shutter and gain of the camera for multiple plate images regardless of light, glare or weather. The highest quality read is sent for processing. The optical character recognition operates despite skewed or off-axis plates, plate sizes or designs as the captured image is converted to a data file. Electronic Vehicle Registration systems detect non-registered vehicles traveling at highway speeds, and verify vehicle registration status in real time.


Fixed ALPR can be designed for various applications to cover a full lane with up to two concurrent vehicles in the field of view. Mobile ALPR systems do the same with compact cameras designed specifically for on-street conditions. They are IP67 certified and fit below the lightbar for limited visual interference.


Vigilant Solutions

The fixed ALPR is a versatile and cost-effective system to provide integrated customization for almost any application including security, parking, access control and traffic. The camera is engineered for extreme conditions and has a dual lens (infrared and color). Alerts can be broadcast to almost any computer or mobile device.


The company’s mobile ALPR is easy to use and intuitive, featuring up to four low-profile cameras with integrated processors. It is available in two configurations: an all-in-one integrated camera and processor, or a separate compact camera with a trunk-mounted processor. There is a single Ethernet connection to the MDT or laptop, and GPS data for mapping. The “Mobile Hit Hunter” compares data collected against hotlists to send officers any alerts within a three-mile radius of the vehicle of interest.


The intelligence platform for Vigilant Solutions ALPR is LEARN™ and it eliminates specific IT requirements within an agency while providing almost infinite scalability and security. It can transform disparate sets of data into useable information from fixed or mobile ALPR, merging the data with analytics and management. Hotlists, historical data and other information become interoperable and shareable. The system’s “Target Alert Service” gives agencies alerting ability to almost any device.



Stephenie Slahor, Ph.D., J.D., writes in the fields of law enforcement and security.

Published in Law and Order, Apr 2015

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