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Kodiak and Mutualink’s Interoperability for Broadband PTT

Kodiak and Mutualink announced at the 2015 IWCE that Mutualink’s Radio-Network Interface Controller (R-NIC) can be used with Kodiak Broadband PTT deployments to provide seamless interoperability between cellular push-to-talk (PTT) and land mobile radio (LMR) networks.

Mutualink’s R-NIC integrates radios at all frequency ranges and broadcast protocols (conventional or trunked, analog or digital), as well as PTT cellular networks. Together, the Kodiak Broadband PTT solutions and Mutualink’s R-NIC enable seamless communication between LMR and PTT users by connecting any combination of analog and/or digital radios, such as P25, DMR, MOTOTRBO™, NXDN™, as well as TETRA, and 3G/4G/LTE handsets.

The R-NIC also makes it possible for Kodiak PTT users to connect to the Interoperable Response and Preparedness Platform (IRAPP) network, a secure IP network that connects Mutualink gateways deployed at state/local government, public safety, utilities, transportation, healthcare, schools and other organizations. Using the Mutualink Interoperability Workstation, IRAPP participants can create “on-demand patches” to provide seamless communications between different organizations whenever and wherever needed. The result is interoperable communications with sovereign control, as PTT users can choose with whom and when they share resources via the IRAPP network.

“The Kodiak partnership with Mutualink provides more options for LMR users to augment their networks. The Mutualink R-NIC provides Broadband PTT users with more choices when it comes to network gateways,” said Bruce Lawler, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Kodiak. “The IRAPP network also provides choices in connectivity to the LMR networks with which Broadband PTT users can communicate.”

“A push-to-talk offering is a natural progression for Mutualink in our mission to deliver innovative, affordable communications solutions to the public safety community and business enterprise users,” said Mark Hatten, CEO of Mutualink. “Partnering with Kodiak enables us to deliver seamless interoperability to PTT users wherever, whenever they need it.”

At the 2015 IWCE, Kodiak formally introduced its new name, which highlights that Kodiak is a provider of complete broadband push-to-talk solutions, including standards-based interfaces, and an ecosystem of applications, accessories, and devices, not just Networks.

Kodiak also demonstrated the Web API to extend push-to-talk functionality to third party applications; new features and components that enhance land mobile radio (LMR) integration, including a wireline IP interface to LMR dispatch consoles; as well as new purpose-built PTT accessories and devices that enhance the user experience. The Web API extends Broadband PTT functionality into workforce management applications, increasing productivity adding by providing real-time voice communication, presence, and alert capabilities to existing workflows.

Kodiak’s new IP interface provides enhanced interoperability between the Broadband PTT solution and LMR dispatch consoles from leading vendors. Providing a new level of LMR augmentation, the IP interface makes it possible for dispatch consoles to seamlessly communicate with Kodiak Broadband PTT users.

Also on display were the latest additions to the Kodiak ecosystem, including a new gateway for seamless communication between cellular and LMR networks, a mobile device that meets the transportation requirement for hands-free operation, as well as headsets, external speakers, and other devices that provide enhanced audio. A key part of the Kodiak ecosystem demonstrations will be a new Bluetooth remote speaker microphone with talkgroup control which allows Broadband PTT users to scroll through and select talkgroups without the need to access the PTT application on their smartphone.

“The results of a recent survey show that 75% of users are supplementing their LMR communications with cellular service today,” said Bruce Lawler, Chief Product Officer of Kodiak.


Published in Law and Order, Apr 2015

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