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APX Mobile Radio Siren and Lights Interface Module

The Motorola Solutions APX Mobile Radio Siren & Lights Interface Module provides law enforcement with one set of control for multiple functions such as radio, lights, siren, and public address system. This solution allows for control of most aftermarket siren and lights systems. It is all controlled from the handiness of the Motorola Solutions model O3 Handheld Control Head, O7 Enhanced Control Head, or O9 Integrated Control Head.

Driver distractions for officers is a reality of patrol work and in-vehicle systems continue to become more complex. With safety paramount, the Interface Module (along with the APX mobile radio) is a platform for the connected, next-generation vehicle.

Some of today’s patrol vehicles can be ordered with steering wheel controls as an option. Connecting the Interface Module to these controls allows drivers to keep their eyes on the road and alert to their surroundings at all times. The Interface Module enables control of radio functions from steering wheel buttons (if equipped). Radio functions include volume change, scan toggle and channel change. Steering wheel buttons, door triggers, and a multitude of lights and siren are controlled with built-in General Purpose Input/Outputs (GPIO).

Keeping the upfit gear, and transferring it from old to new vehicles is budget-smart. Lights and siren systems represent a significant fleet investment and the Motorola Solutions Interface Module complements it. This allows the fleet manager to take advantage of the more advanced functions in the Motorola Solutions APX mobile radio. The Interface Module is fully compatible with the APX 6500 and APX 7500 mobile radios.

Developed as an expansion module, this solution enables the APX series of control heads (O3 Handheld, O7 Enhanced and O9 Integrated) to control some of the most popular lightbar and siren systems from Code 3 PSE, Federal Signal and Whelen Engineering without requiring a replacement of the existing compatible lights and siren system.

The installation and configuration of the Interface Module is quick and simple. The average installation time is under an hour and the programming utility can be quickly downloaded online. The Interface Module ships with plug-n-play cables unique to each supported siren brand by selecting the appropriate cable kit with the proper adapters. Typical installations have one connection to the APX mobile radio and two connections to the existing light/siren amplifier.


Control Heads

The APX series of control heads includes three versions. The O3 Handheld Control Head has a large color display with intelligent lighting; two lines of text with 15 characters max, one line of icons and one line of menus. The O3 Handheld has an integrated, full-size DTMF keypad with an intuitive user interface. The control head has two quick-access side buttons and a display contrast selector.

The O7 Enhanced Control Head also has a large color display with intelligent lighting. It allows three lines of text, 15 characters max, one line of icons, and one line of menus. The O7 Enhanced is available with lighting and siren controls or DTMF keypad. It has a multiple control head configuration (up to 4) and configuration is available. The control head has a multifunction volume/channel knob and a night/day mode button.

The O9 Integrated Control Head has an extra-large full-color display with intelligent lighting. It allows two lines of text, 14 characters max, one line of icons, and one line of menus. The O7 Integrated has an integrated, full-size DTMF keypad with large, programmable one-touch buttons. The control head has dedicated siren controls, an integrated response selector, and a night/day mode button.

Published in Law and Order, Oct 2014

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