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New Warning Equipment from Code3 PSE

For 2014, Code 3®, Inc. is adding a new product to its siren line. The XCEL™ siren offers new features that were designed to make it easy for the officer to use as well as for the installer and service technicians to install inside the vehicle. The Manual and Air Horn buttons are oversized underneath the 3-Level slide switch allowing for quick identification when the need arises.

Standby (STBY), Wail, Yelp, Alt. Tone (Hyper-Yelp or Hi-Lo), and Radio Rebroadcast (RAD) are easily identifiable on a rotary switch in the center of the control head. Six Programmable Auxiliary buttons are located to the right of the rotary switch and can be momentary or on/off depending on a fleet’s requirements.


The XCEL siren comes with a host of unique programming features making configuring the siren quick and easy. The 3-Level slide switch can be programmed as independent, semi-progressive, or progressive depending on a fleet’s requirements. Additionally, Auxiliary buttons can be programmed to latch to level outputs.

For instance, supplemental lighting on the grille or mirrors can become activated when Level 3 is activated in a pursuit. This allows the officer to keep his eyes on the road instead of having to locate additional Auxiliary buttons on the siren. The backlighting on the control head buttons can be adjusted to the officer’s preference. Finally, the XCEL siren has a dip switch on the back that immediately puts the siren in compliance with California Title 13 requirements.

The XCEL siren connections can be pre-wired before the siren is fitted inside a console. This makes it literally plug-‘n-play at the time of install. Park-Kill and Horn-Ring Transfer triggers can be configured positive or negative for easy installation on any vehicle type. Visual notification of switching and programming functions further clarify any errors that are being made during installation.

Finally, the XCEL siren constantly performs two unique troubleshooting tests, providing the fastest siren diagnostics on the market today. Located underneath the rotary switch are two small indicator lights (SP and LT), which test for speaker integrity and lighting functions. These lights remain a constant green when everything is functioning properly and turn off when a problem arises.

The 3-Level switch current for Level 1, Level 2, Level 3A, and Level 3B is 15 Amps each. Auxiliary switches A-F are capable of 10 amps each. The XCEL passes SAE J1849, 2004/104/EC, and California Title 13 when properly configured.


Solex Lightbar

The new Solex™ lightbar incorporates a modern, cutting-edge look that is aerodynamic in appearance and performance. The Solex provides powerful new options including: a 2nd level that allows for additional massive takedown lighting, additional flashing or steady burn warning lights, a 100-watt speaker with no loss of rear warning light capability, traffic emitters, and other potential warning or add-on devices. The Solex lightbar offers all of these options while maintaining a single-level appearance and aerodynamic characteristics.

The Solex is only 2.5 inches tall, keeping a low profile while its 3.9-inch-tall center section is designed specifically to maintain the single-level low-profile look demanded by modern emergency vehicles. Other Solex features include: the latest single or multicolor SIRIS™ LED lightheads designed for maximum straight-on or off-angle lighting performance. These lightheads are designed for usage with a central controller board or can flash independently depending on the requirements.

The aluminum frame and lighthead mounting platform are designed for heavy-duty use and vibration and have been tested to standards well beyond the required SAE, CA Title 13, and European testing standards. The lens caps are designed to protect internal components from UV degradation as well as keeping the Solex aerodynamic. These lens caps are also designed to easily shed any water, ice, or snow that might collect on the Solex while a vehicle is parked and not in use. Thick, heavy-duty lower lenses are designed for exceptional wear life.


Banshee Amplifier System

Code 3 just introduced a revolutionary new amplifier system that significantly changes how warning sounds are utilized in emergency response. The Banshee™ amplifier system offers a selection of tones, features, and options that have never been available in one siren amp system before.

These include three low frequency tones, multiple dual tones, and the truest-sounding electronic air horn on the market. All of this, plus additional built-in tones created for specific emergency vehicles. The Banshee can work with virtually any siren system already on the market and can be retrofitted to any emergency vehicle already on the road.

When setting up the Banshee, dual tones can be configured in multiple combinations. For example, dual wail, dual yelp, wail and Command Alert™, plus many more. The air horn can also be selected to work with each primary tone without turning that tone off.

With the Banshee amplifier system, the low-frequency tones can be generated in conjunction with the siren currently on your vehicle. Select from one of three settings: Primary at ½ frequency, low-frequency wail, or low-frequency yelp. You can also set up different runtimes for the low-frequency tone you select, anywhere from 60 seconds down to 8 seconds.

The Banshee also comes with other special tones for specific emergency situations: Command Alert, Yelp Stop, Wail Stop, and Air Horn. These can be activated while your primary siren tone is still running.

The Banshee can be retrofitted to an existing vehicle or added to a new vehicle in less than an hour. It can also use the existing speakers on the vehicle for all functionality except low frequency. If low-frequency tones are needed, simply switch out one of your existing speakers with any Code 3 compact speaker that fits your application.

The Banshee is easy to set up and configure. A series of dip switches on the back make any tone, feature, or timing selection just a flip of a switch away. Another advantage of the Banshee configuration setup is that tone, functionality, and timing changes can be made while the Banshee is active, allowing the upfitter to hear and select the functions you want live and in real time.


4 Pack LED Hide-A-Blast

The 4 Pack LED Hide-A-Blast uses four high-intensity, 100,000-hour rated LEDs packed into a compact housing. The HB4PAK is designed for exterior vehicle lighting on all emergency vehicles.

The ultra-slim, low-profile, and flush-mount design make the HB4PAK perfect for covert applications, and enables you to transform a low-profile vehicle into a high-impact police cruiser at the flick of a switch. Weather and vibration proof, the HB4PAK is easy to install, and comes with 14 pre-loaded flash patterns to help you communicate with drivers and pedestrians.

Available in red, blue, amber, and white, the HB4PAK meets SAE and California Title 13 requirements in red, blue, and amber, when properly configured. It also meets Reg65 (European requirements) in blue and amber when properly configured.


Triumph™ Lightbar

The Triumph™ lightbar is a modern interpretation of the classic two-level lightbar. The Triumph lightbar offers two levels of state-of-the-art Siris™ LED technology. This provides 360° of uninterrupted light. The Triumph incorporates modern curves that match modern vehicle lines, making this a solid and attractive addition to any police vehicle.

The center section of the Triumph provides an additional row of lights on both the front and rear of the lightbar—up to three levels of light possible. This section can also be used for a combination of products: insert massive takedown lights, a traffic emitter, or a speaker for international customers.

The red or blue top colored lenses on the Triumph easily identify you as a police vehicle and the bottom lenses are clear for takedown and alley lights. The black under-molded top lens prevents UV degradation and keeps the interior components cool. The Triumph offers a traffic advisor in the rear of the lightbar as either stand-alone or doubled up, providing two levels of warning.

The Triumph has a 47-inch length with a maximum height of 4.6 inches and minimum height of 3.9 inches. The Triumph meets all applicable SAE, NFPA, and California Title 13 specifications when properly configured.



21TR Plus MC

MultiColor technology, as seen in the Defender and RX 2700 lightbars, is now available on the 21TR Plus lightbar. This lightbar provides multiple colors from one lighthead module. No splits, just one full-color signal followed by another full-color signal. One of the advantages of purchasing multicolor lighting in your lightbar is the ability to turn a red/white or blue/white lighthead module into an all-white takedown in the front of the lightbar at the push of a button for additional takedown and scene lighting.


Operate a red/white or blue/white lighthead in a single red or blue flashing mode, a multicolor mode that flashes both colors, or switch to a takedown function that steady burns the white signal. When a multicolor is used in the rear, turn a red/amber or blue/amber lighthead module into a full-size traffic directing amber NarrowStik™. No longer give up emergency warning colors to have an amber NarrowStik. Now you can have both.

Another multicolor breakthrough in the 21TR Plus MC is multicolor takedown and ally lights. No longer do you have to give up emergency warning colors in the takedown and ally positions. Steady burn white light from a red/white or blue/white takedown or ally light for additional takedown or scene lighting.

New cruise light capabilities are available including flicker, multicolor selection, and safety cruise functionality. Cruise lights now remain on when other lighting functions are activated.


Greater color and flash pattern combinations are now possible with multicolor lighting—create more flash patterns and color activity to alert motorists of your presence. The Torus™ multicolor lightheads meet SAE and California Title 13 requirements when properly configured.


Published in Police Fleet Manager, Nov/Dec 2014

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