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Whelen V-Series Wide-Angle Warning Light

LED warning lights have proven to be powerful, versatile and rugged. However, LED lights are very directional in their warning output and few lights approach a true 180-degree warning.


While specialized optics and lenses have helped spread light output, the problem of wide-angle warning typically required the installation of multiple lights to solve. Whelen®Engineering has overcome that limitation with the introduction of its new V-Series™ light heads.

These V-Series light heads are variants of several popular Whelen products, including their ION™, LINZ6™, M2, 400 and 500-series. The V-Series variants differ from the standard lights by using new HDO™ (High Definition Optics) technology and hard-coated lenses, which protrude from the front of the light in a semi-circle. The warning LEDs are split into a V-shape, with two arrays facing opposite each other at 45-degree (nominal) angles. This “V” arrangement is very similar to the end-caps of Whelen’s linear lightbars, providing true 180-degree warning with a very bright signal at all viewing angles.

V-Series lights offer two additional features: scene lights and puddle lights. Whelen’s design team listened to customer requests for compact scene lighting and recognized that V-Series light heads would be mounted in locations ideal for supplemental scene lighting. Each V-Series light (except the LINV2) has three to six white LEDs mounted to provide intense directional scene illumination. The scene light function is independently switched and can be wired to work alone or in conjunction with other scene lights, including lightbar alley lights.


This dual-role versatility makes V-Series lights an excellent solution for “slick top” applications.

In addition to the scene lights, Whelen has added a small array of white LEDs, which project a low-intensity floodlight downward. These “puddle lights” function similarly to the entry/exit or running board lights offered on newer vehicles or even as compartment illumination in some applications. The puddle light feature can be wired to activate when the vehicle door is opened or activated with an independent switch. Together with the warning and scene functions, the puddle light feature makes the V-Series lights a triple-function product, adding to their versatility and value.

The original V-Series light is the V23, based on Whelen’s M2 light, and comes standard in surface-mount configuration. The V23 has an optional angled surface mount adaptor, which allows it to match vehicle body contours, as well as a pedestal-mount kit. The 500 V-Series is based on Whelen’s most prolific light head design, and will fit most mounts, bezels and applications designed for that classic product. The larger 400 V-Series light can be surface-mounted or used with an optional pedestal mount.

The ION V-Series utilizes existing ION mounts and comes standard with a universal mounting bracket. It has now been added to Whelen’s SideKick™ fender light application for Ford Interceptor and Chevy Caprice sedans. Additionally, Whelen’s excellent Mirror-Beams™ can be ordered with ION V-Series lights for exceptional versatility, where the puddle lights and scene lights offer added utility for slick-top installations.

The smallest of the V-Series family is the LINV2, based on Whelen’s popular LINZ6 light head.


The LINV2 offers warning and puddle light outputs only, with no scene light feature. This compact light can fit any mount or bracket designed for existing LINZ6, TIR3™, or LIN3™ lights, a huge advantage as Whelen catalogs over 30 different mounting options. The LINV2 would be well-suited for license plate bracket mounting, where the puddle light feature could be used for tag illumination. It is also ideal for mounting on smaller vehicles, including ATVs and motorcycles.


Matthew Ayers is a Captain with the Sevierville, Tenn. Police Department and the owner of Command & Control Installations. He may be reached at or

Published in Law and Order, Aug 2014

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