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Police Fleet Expo 2014 - Louisville

“Weep no more my lady [friends],

oh! Weep no more today! We will sing one song for the old Kentucky home,

for the old Kentucky home far away.”

Stephen Foster wrote those words in 1853 about the beautiful Commonwealth of Kentucky. Police Fleet Expo heads to Louisville to revisit the city in which our second and third years were hosted. A beautiful city along the Ohio River, Louisville is the perfect location for PFE 2014!

HendonMedia Group has put together a spectacular event this year from Aug. 18–21. To make sure we have time for it all, registration begins Sunday afternoon (Aug. 17) in the convention center located adjacent to our host hotel, The Galt House. This gives those attendees who are arriving early the opportunity to ease into Monday’s Ride & Drive event being hosted at the famous Churchill Downs. Friends, unlike the famous Derby, there will be no racing for time at this year’s drive. Instead, you will be challenged in a different way, meant to demonstrate how we use police vehicles 95 percent of the time.


We begin the main event with the opening session on Tuesday morning and hear from the Big Three on what’s new in the police vehicle market. These sessions are some of the most popular as they give you an advantage most do not have—access to the men and women behind the scenes of the mobile offices we are putting on the road. If your questions are not completely answered in the presentations, don’t worry, for you can meet up again on the Expo floor later in the week. We wrap up the sessions with our agency dialogue groups. Breaking down agencies by size has proven to be an excellent venue for dialogue, networking, and even more access to staff from all three vehicle manufacturers.


Tuesday night caps off with an exciting event sponsored by Whelen. Once again, buses will take you to beautiful Churchill Downs. You got to know the road course during the Ride & Drive, now spend time inside the Derby Museum at Churchill Downs. Fine food, great atmosphere, and good friends will make it a memorable night of socializing and networking.

On Wednesday, we continue the speaking sessions, bringing you a technology roundtable where you will hear from computer and software manufacturers on the latest products


available. The session is moderated by Matt Ayers, a police captain, who not only has been there, done that as an officer of the law, but operates a successful upfitting company. Don’t miss it, because this session will give you plenty of valuable information to take home.


Next, we will look at Accident Cost Management to arm you with the information you need to better manage your fleet at a time when things may look most bleak. The speaking series continues with three concurrent sessions on Fleet Management 101, Recruit, Train and Retain Your Staff, and finally, Purchasing and Using a Fleet Management Software System. This trifecta of sessions should have something for everyone, whether you’re brand new to fleet management or a veteran.

We are excited to bring you a very full exhibit hall Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning. In fact, we are in the process of expanding the floor space to ensure there is room for everything you need as a police fleet manager. From vehicles to lightbars and fluids to brakes, you will be able to speak to the people who can help you manage your fleet from the ground up. You will be able to use this time for questions with any of the staff present from the manufacturers, and also learn about what is new with antenna systems or graphics.


Thursday afternoon we will be in the final stretch of classes, beginning with a presentation by the Tactical Technology Unit of the LAPD. Hear what they are doing to modernize the police vehicle on a daily basis. This session is followed by two more concurrent sessions on strategies for vehicle and equipment replacement as well as the ever-popular Tire Forensics session presented by Firestone and Goodyear. Once these sessions conclude, you are invited to attend the Wrap-Up Session where we dissect the week and take notes as to what you liked, didn’t like, and what you want to see in the future.


We at Hendon Media Group are excited to have you attend the Police Fleet Expo in Louisville, Ky. and look forward to hosting your stay. Remember, even as our expo ends, the weekend is just beginning; there are few places in the United States as beautiful as the Bluegrass State.


See you in August!


Scott Coy

Chair, Police Fleet Expo

Published in Law and Order, Aug 2014

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