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Go Industries Ford Raptor

Go Industries was interested in creating a concept vehicle that would stand out. We wanted an eye-catching pickup to show off an assortment of the aftermarket accessories we manufacture along with emergency lighting to attract law enforcement agencies all in one vehicle. After looking at all the different vehicles available in 2013/2014, the Raptor stood out from the competition. What we got was a truck that was a real show stopper. We dubbed it “The Enforcement Series.”

The Raptor is a Ford F-150, a limited edition modified by their Special Vehicle Team (SVT). It is available as a standard bed, and as a four-door SuperCrew and SuperCab. The Raptor SVT has a 411 hp, 6.2L V8 with a 4.10 ratio TORSEN® front differential and a 4.10 ratio, electronic-locking rear axle. For serious truck use, the Raptor SVT has 11 inches of front suspension travel and 12 inches of rear suspension travel. The Raptor SVT hits 60 mph in just 6.6 seconds.

Enforcement Gear

Several companies helped us put this project truck together. SoundOff Signal provided all of the red/blue emergency lights. The interior windshield LED light is their full-width Pinnacle EPL-8000WS Interior Lightbar. For the grille, they sent the 8-module UltraLITE. The rear window and rear bumper (surface mount) got the SoundOff nFORCE Dual Color and Tri Color LEDs. For under the driver and passenger doors, they provided their nLINE Running Light. Finally, everything is managed by their nERGY 400-series (100W) siren controller.

The low-profile, 50-inch White LED lightbar from KC HiLites was a perfect fit for the off-road look we wanted to help complete the Baja Rak. We went with Borla for the exhaust. We opted for the Cat-Back system for an aggressive but not overwhelming sound. After all, we travel a lot between shows visiting our dealers and other businesses promoting the “Go” brand. The Borla system uses a 3-inch tube diameter with 4-inch exhaust tips.

SuperWinch sent us their top model, the Talon 12.5i with synthetic rope. They make a variety of off-road winches—this one is rated at 12,500 pounds. From Factor 55, we chose the Pro-Link Shackle Mount. It replaces the traditional steel hook that normally hangs from the winch. The Pro-Link is a lightweight unit constructed from 6061-alloy aluminum.

For the bedliner, we went with the Bed Rug. We have used this product in several other show trucks and like how it enhances the bed while still protecting it from the parts that we transport. From Access Cover, we picked the low-profile Lorado model. Again, we have used this roll-up on several show trucks. It looks good and is versatile in both covering the items we are hauling and securing them as well.

The Baja Rack was our first and only choice for this truck. It gives the Raptor SVT a great off-road appearance while not sacrificing any bed space. In addition, the Baja Rack will hold any lightbar up to 50 inches and it comes in our UA (Ultimate Armor) coating.

Upfitting Challenges

The new style front bumper and the Baja Rack were new products specifically developed for the Raptor at our facility in Richardson, Texas. We did have some challenges to overcome with this build. The Raptor has a skid plate that comes standard on the truck. However, we wanted a custom bumper manufactured so our customers could tie into the skid plate with our bumper without removing or modifying it.

After a few prototypes, we finally had a part that would hold a winch, offer high ground clearance, tie into the factory skid plate, and look good. With the special UA (Ultimate Armor) coating used on this part, we are able to give it a three-year warranty on finish and workmanship even against rock chips. Go Industries is the only company in the country to offer this type of warranty on the finish.

The second challenge was incorporating the lights in the cab, grille and back bumper of the truck. Even though we had the overall idea of the way these needed to be installed, we relied on Joe Tyra from Priority Public Safety to tie everything in together. The idea was to make the emergency lights invisible. We did not want them to be seen from the outside and also transparent when you looked inside the cab as well.

Tyra made this concept a high priority in his shop. He dedicated several full days of wiring and hiding everything making it look and feel as if it was never changed. He was able to tie the OEM switches into the mix, which operates the lights as well, giving it that custom feel and look. All the equipment was mounted under the rear folding seat, which kept everything out of site.

As a marketing tool, the Raptor SVT “Enforcement Series” has paid off tremendously. We have a show truck people are drawn to, which allows us to talk about all the other items we manufacture. It has also opened the doors to new possibilities and new partnerships for Go Industries.

Scott Covelli is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Go Industries. He may be reached at

Published in Police Fleet Manager, May/Jun 2014

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