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Police Memorial Piping Poems

As we honor our fallen officers this month, consider these three National Law Enforcement Poems. Written and copyrighted by Chief J.T McBride, these have been performed during the National Law Enforcement Officer Pipe Band Memorial March in





Pipe Me Down, Lads!

Pipe me down, lads when the final day comes. Lay me down smartly with your pipes and drums.

Wear your dress blues, lads, when I finally fall. To honor my memory stand proud and stand tall.

Please play those great tunes so long dear to me; Like “Amazing Grace” and the “Rose of Tralee.”

I’ll already be there when you play last for me, Enjoying the blessings the Lord promised me.

As one of His soldiers in this world of strife, I’ll be havin’ the great gift of eternal life.

So pipe me down, lads, and don’t cry for me. I’m finally where I’ve so longed to be.

With mom and with dad and with all of the rest, Who went on before me to my final rest.

I’ve done my best; my life is done. I won’t need my badge and I won’t need my gun.

If there be a God, and I’m sure that there is, Then He’s holding my hand and I’m holding his.

So pipe me down, lads, and play best you can. I’m listening to you in the promised land.


We Honor our Fallen!

We honor all our Fallen Ones. Brave heroes one and all.

Killed in the line-of-duty, On deadly “final calls”

We honor them with music. We build them walls of stone.

We honor them each time we march. We claim them as our own.

We honor all our Fallen Ones. We honor their brave ways.

We lay them down with homage. We honor them today.

The names of all our Fallen Ones, Will live on through the years.

We honor them with heartfelt prayers, We honor them with our tears.


We Lay Down a Good Man Today!

A sea of blue lines the city streets; Hearts hand low as the drummers beat;

This day is sad and so full of gloom, As the pipers play another funeral tune.

Our throats are tight and our eyes are wet; And the coffin hasn’t even passed us yet;

I look at you, you stare back at me; I’m here for you and you’re here for me.

We bury one of our own today. Yet another good cop has been taken away.

We say goodbye in our own special way. We lay down a good man today.

Death walks with us on every beat. It lurks nearby on every street.

Why was it him, and not you or me? We’ll ponder that for eternity.

This lad we lost was one of ours; His killing leaves yet another scar.

He was taken well before his time, Just because he walked the thin blue line.

Here they come now, all in a row. The cycles lead and the blue lights glow.

There’s thousands here to say good-bye, To a wonderful and special guy.

He paid the price and gave his all, On that costly and deadly final call.

He lost his life in a terrible way. I hope the killer will have to pay.

We bury one of our own today. Yet another good cop has been taken away.

We say good bye in our own special way, As we lay down a good man today.



Chief J.T. McBride (ret) has been marching for over 25 years. He started as a drummer and transferred to pipes. McBride was one of the founders of the annual memorial pipe band march. He may be reached at


Published in Law and Order, May 2014

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