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MILO Range Kinect for Windows

We are asking our officers to move more, to verbalize more, and to become both more engaged and involved in simulated scenarios. On the other hand, the training simulators need to keep up with our tactics and training techniques as we upgrade from single screens to three-screen, 180-degree surround scenarios to five-screen, 300-degree theaters.

I recently shot on an advanced, 300-degree wrap-around simulator loaded with a wide variety of police-specific scenarios. It is always the misses you remember, the mistakes you remember—except I now know that I did not miss.

In the scenario, my partner and I responded to a domestic dispute that turned out to be two males, one wanting to stab the other. Lots of yelling between the males, lots of screaming from the by-standing females, clear display of the weapon…a good lethal-force decision-making scenario. One male took off and was taken to the ground by my partner, who began to cuff him.

The male with the knife continued to make verbal threats, struggling to get free from the females restraining him. I stepped way over to the far screen to block the physical and visual path between the man with the knife and my pre-occupied partner. The male with the knife broke free and charged at the other male and my partner, directly toward my new location, weapon extended.

Verbalizing, I fired three times—all three were misses that were recorded at weird locations on two different projector screens. The best handgun shot in our county, I felt like an idiot. I certainly would not want any of my students to have that sort of training experience. I used good tactics, good decision making, but missed three times? No way. The facts are that single and multiple-screen firearms simulators cannot handle any officer movement—until now.  


MILO Range Pro and Advanced systems now feature IES’s exclusive Kinect™ for Windows® options that provides new and enhanced interaction and functionality for a variety of training objectives. MILO Range with Kinect for Windows takes the realism of training, interactivity, and responsiveness to an entirely new level never seen before in any type of firearm or use-of-force training systems.

The MILO Range Pro with Kinect for Windows can detect and respond to a variety of trainee verbal and non-verbal actions, including baton swings; punches, strikes and kicks; defensive and offensive movements and positions; customized poses and gestures; “tactical movement” and positions; speech and verbal commands.

MILO Range with Kinect for Windows can provide real-time point-of view (POV) adjustments to the scenario and graphics field of view based on trainee movement and position. This interactive, motion-based feature provides innovative training experiences for many tactical applications including corner-clearing training, defensive tactics and cover, as well as CQM and CQB exercises.

I tried out the MILO Range with Kinect for Windows system at the recent SHOT Show. In the very first scenario, I made that same “tactical movement” to a far wall and sure enough, the entire screen changed perspective to show where the targets were in my new position.

The projected screen changes the visual display based on 1) the position of the officer in the scenario; 2) movement or motion by the officer; and 3) voice commands or noises. Now, THAT is realistic firearms and tactics simulation. 

The optional Kinect for Windows system package can be purchased from IES and added to your MILO Range Pro or MILO Range Advanced system. This includes an update to MILO Version 4 and new training scenarios created for interaction with the MILO Kinect for Windows option.

Also new from MILO Range are firearms that actually cycle ammo. These are not the standard CO2-driven cartridges that make the slide move back and forth when you fire. Instead, the MILO Range “disposable blanks” are cartridges that are loaded in a magazine, fed from a magazine, chambered in the weapon, fired with a report, and ejected just like live ammo. The MILO Range weapons accept only the proprietary, one-time use, disposable blanks and cannot chamber live-fire ammunition.

Published in Law and Order, Mar 2014

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