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T&M Tactical Light Glove

In April 2008, members of the Muskingum County, Ohio Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team served a drug-related search warrant. During the entry into the dwelling, one of the SRT operators dropped his hand-held flashlight. The after-action debrief resulted in a brainstorming session on ways to eliminate the traditional hand-held flashlight for many police tasks. The outcome is the T&M Tactical Pressure-Activated Light Gloves.

Timothy Matheney and Justin Thompson were members of the Muskingum County SRT. They are the co-inventors of the Light Gloves and co-owners of T&M Tactical. The Light Gloves are one of those “why didn’t I think of it?” products—simple, effective, and (now) obvious solutions to a commonly encountered problem.

With one touch of the button or squeeze of the palm pressure switch, you have bright, hands-free, rechargeable light. In fact, you have the choice of LED white light or LED strobe. The runtime of tactical (steady) light is two hours, while the runtime in strobe mode is four hours.

The T&M Tactical Light Gloves have a light output of 140 lumens. Not too long ago, 70 lumens was considered a “tactical” level, so these gloves are twice that original benchmark. In perspective, today’s two most popular duty belt flashlights are rated at 160 to 180 lumens. So, the Light Gloves’ output of 140 lumens—attached to the support hand—is enough for the task at hand: building entry and room clearing.

The T&M Tactical Light Gloves are available in three versions: Military/Tactical, Patrol/Corrections and Hunting. All versions have the same four LED light modules, the same light output, the same options of steady and strobe light, the same runtime and the same recharge time.

Both the Military/Tactical and Patrol/Corrections gloves use flame/flash-resistant Nomex® on the back of the fingers and goat skin leather on the rest of the back and the palms. The Hunting gloves use Mossy Oak® Break-Up Infinity camo material insulated with fleece lining.

The light modules are positioned on the back of the support hand in a way to light up the subject in a two-handed shooting stance. However, they are also perfectly placed to provide light both when pointing and when making hand signals. The pointing motion both lights up the index finger and the object the operator is pointing at. Each of the four LED modules is protected by a small and smooth, impact/shatter-resistant polypropylene housing.

The LED housing has three control buttons, which are separated enough to be easily and individually pressed by the other—gloved—hand. The left button is the Power on/off. Importantly, the Power button must be pressed first but nothing obvious happens when the Power button is pressed on. The center button is Function selection. With the Power on, the first press turns on the steady light and the second press activates the strobe. They then alternate.

The right button is the Pressure on/off. With the Pressure feature turned on, the LED lights will illuminate as long as there is pressure on the palm switch. Making a fist or tight pressure on the handgun grip will turn the LED lights on. The LEDs will go off when the pressure is removed.

The T&M Tactical gloves are recharged via a cable with a Mini USB plug on the end that fits into the glove and a standard USB connection on the other end. It takes one hour to recharge the lithium-ion battery.

The gloves are available left-handed or right-handed, and in Medium, Large, Extra Large and Double Extra Large. They are otherwise identical except for the integral LED modules. You would order the light for the non-dominant, support hand, i.e., right-handed gloves have the LED modules on the left glove. These Made-in-USA gloves have an MSRP of $125.

Published in Tactical Response, Jan/Feb 2014

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