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Home run first time at bat. That was the first TacOps East Tactical Training Conference. The conference and exhibition was hosted by the National Capital Region SWAT Association (NCRSA). Held just 15 minutes from Washington Dulles Airport, the TacOps East attracted tactical officers from 22 states.

Every mid-Atlantic and many Midwest states, of course, but also as far away as Colorado, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Arizona and Toronto. Attendees also included federal agents from the ATF, FBI, USMS and DOE. Well over 700 tactical officers, not counting day-of-event walk-ins.

All of the right exhibitors, over 80 of them, had booths at the sold-out TacOps East.

Of course, a number of important regional suppliers were there. However, so too were nationally recognized tactical ops companies like 5.11 Tactical and Tru-Spec; Combined Tactical Systems and Safariland; Benchmade and SOG; Lenco Patriot 3 and The Armored Group; Lithos Robotics and Recon Robotics; and Remington and FNH USA.

Specialty companies were there, too, like Jersey Tactical, Choate Machine and Tool and North American Rescue. As for general police supply, TacOps East had everyone from Atlantic Tactical to Southern Police Equipment to Voodoo Tactical.

All SWAT conferences have excellent speakers, i.e., classroom presentations from credible, experienced experts. However, the best SWAT conferences also have two other kinds of training in addition to classrooms.

First, the best SWAT conferences have instructor certification courses. TacOps East had one- and two-day courses on Chemical Munitions Instructor (CTS), AR-15 Armorer (Bushmaster), Shotgun Armorer (Remington), Less-Lethal Impact Munitions (Safariland), Distraction Device (Safariland), and Shotgun Breaching (Combined Systems).

TacOps East also had very hands-on classes like Structure Clearing Strategies, Active Shooter Basic Course, and Tactical Combat Casualty Care. Of course, the ultimate hands-on training gets you out of the classroom and into the off-site range. And that is the second kind of training conducted at the best SWAT conferences.

TacOps East shuttled tactical officers to the Fairfax County, Va. Police Range, the Loudoun County, Va. Sheriff Range, and other dedicated off-site training areas for a number of live-fire courses. These included Tactical Carbine; Structure Clearing; Shotgun Breaching; Less-Lethal; Distraction Device; Chemical Munitions and Active Shooter.

The breakout training sessions, and there were more than 40 of them, had something for tactical operators, crisis negotiators, high-risk patrol, protective details and corrections special teams. For the tactical operators, courses were available for all tasks: shield man, breacher, TEMS, sniper, team leader. For the tactical-minded patrol officer, courses were available on Active Shooter, building clearing, high-risk vehicle stops and the combat mindset.

From high-risk warrant planning, to SWAT legal issues to hostage rescue tactics to physical defensive measures and weapon retention, TacOps East literally had three full days of something for anyone reading Tactical Response magazine.

Mark your calendars, or set your electronic reminder, for TacOps East 2014. It will be in early September in the same Washington, D.C. metro area location.


Photos Courtesy of Laura FogartyTactical Photography.

Published in Tactical Response, Jan/Feb 2014

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