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New Lightbars From Code 3 PSE and Federal Signal

Code 3 Solex Lightbar

At the 2013 International Association of Chiefs of Police conference, Code 3®, Inc. announced the release of their Solex™ lightbar. The Solex incorporates a modern, cutting-edge look that is aerodynamic in appearance and performance, providing all the capabilities and more from an innovative leader in emergency lighting.

The Solex provides powerful new options including a second level that allows for additional massive takedown lighting, additional flashing or steady burn warning lights, a 100-watt speaker with no loss of rear-warning light capability, traffic emitters, and other potential warning or add-on devices.

The Solex lightbar offers all of these options while maintaining a single-level appearance and aerodynamic characteristics. A two-level lightbar in a one-level package! Take a look at the new Solex and you will see not only a lightbar built for today’s vehicles but also one designed for the future.

The aerodynamic shape and styling maximizes on vehicle performance as well as matches the contours of today’s and tomorrow’s vehicles. The Solex is only 2.5 inches tall, keeping a low profile while its 3.9-inch-tall center section is designed specifically to maintain the single-level low-profile look demanded by modern emergency vehicles.

Other Solex features include the latest single or multicolor linear collimated LED lightheads designed for maximum straight-on or off-angle lighting performance. These lightheads are designed for usage with a central controller board or can flash independently depending on your requirements.

The Solex is full featured and customizable with 9-up LED single color lightheads or 18-up LED MultiColor lightheads. The front takedowns and side alley lights can be single or MultiColor. The LEDs can be red, blue, amber or white. The leading edge of the Solex can have LED lights in the center of the upper level or a speaker in the center of the upper level.

The aluminum frame and lighthead mounting platform are designed for heavy-duty use and vibration and have been tested to standards well beyond the required SAE, NFPA, California Title 13 and European ECE65 testing standards when properly configured. The Solex has a dimming mode.

The black lens caps are designed to protect internal components from UV degradation as well as keeping the Solex aerodynamic. These lens caps are also designed to easily shed any water, ice, or snow that might collect on the Solex while a vehicle is parked and not in use. Thick, heavy duty lower lenses are designed for exceptional wear life.


Federal Signal Integrity Lightbar

Federal Signal also announced their newest lightbar, the Integrity®. The Integrity is a low-profile,

multi-color, linear lightbar. It maximizes optical performance and reliability through innovations including SpectraLux multi-color LED technology. While the Integrity is

a linear lightbar, it has a distinct modern shape that features advanced lightbar technologies. Integrity showcases the full array of Federal Signal’s exclusive lightbar technologies in order to provide maximum optical performance and operation.

SpectraLux® multicolor LED technology provides the ability for a single light source to change color while in operation. LEDs can be programmed to flash between red, blue, amber or white. SpectraLux allows Integrity to provide continuous light output as the LED light source changes from a warning pattern to takedown and alley lights, amber SignalMaster directional patterns, or an impressive flood light feature.

Integrity also features Federal Signal’s cutting-edge Solaris® LED reflector technology that significantly increases off-axis warning and maximizes the LED light source to eliminate critical dark spots and distribute true 360 degrees of light coverage. For further customization, mounting brackets accommodate patented HotFoot® LED warning, takedown and alley lights.

For maximum performance and easy installation, the FS Convergence Network provides ‘plug-n-play’ installation and programming. Utilizing standard RJ45 connections, Integrity can be easily programmed using a SmartSiren Platinum system. Control head programmability enables the user to customize the keypad to meet their individual needs.

To reduce unnecessary downtime and increase service life, Federal Signal’s exclusive ROC (Reliable Onboard Circuitry™) reduces the number of potential connection failure points common to conventional lightbars.

“The Integrity lightbar was designed specifically for law enforcement agencies that desire a low-profile, linear lightbar with multicolor technology,” states Joe Bader, vice-president of engineering and innovation, “Federal Signal’s exclusive technologies provide reliability and improved safety for today’s officer.”

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Nov/Dec 2013

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