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Milspec Plastics Cobra Cuffs


"250-pound tensile strength, integral double lock"



Milspec Plastics Cobra Cuffs

By: Eugene Nielsen


Polymer restraints are a popular back-up to standard metal handcuffs. Lightweight and easily carried in large numbers, they are invaluable in situations in which multiple arrests may be expected. Disposable restraints eliminate the risk of transmission of pathogens from contaminated handcuffs.

That said, polymer restraints are not without their downsides. If incorrectly applied, they are more uncomfortable for the subject being restrained and more likely to lead to injury. 

Care must be taken to prevent over tightening. Most models cannot be double locked, increasing the risk.

Polymer restraints are more easily defeated than standard cuffs. Techniques employed against polymer restraints include breaking the restraints (the ratchet is weakest spot), shimming, melting, use of a friction saw, or simply slipping out of them. These techniques are common knowledge on the street. Manufacturers have attempted to overcome these deficits with varying degrees of success.

Milspec Plastics Cobra Cuffs


disposable restraints are among the best. Of compact tri-fold design, they are easy to carry and use. Made of specially engineered polymers for strength and UV resistance, they have an assembled tensile strength of 250 pounds and are virtually unbreakable. 

Cobra Cuffs are the only disposable restraints with a patented double lock that prevents over tightening. The double lock reduces liability, provides added security, and makes the cuffs impossible to shim. You simply push in the integral double-locking clip to double lock the cuffs.

Cobra Cuffs feature riveted straps that are designed to give tactical leverage, allowing for more control and distance than standard metal cuffs. The straps are 0.56-inch wide to prevent them from cutting into a suspect’s wrist. Cobra Cuffs come fully assembled and folded. Folded, the cuffs measure 7.5 inches in overall length and have an overall width of 1.5 inches and an overall depth of 0.97inches.

Cobra Cuffs fit easily in carrying pouches. Milspec Plastics offers modular restraint pouches to carry 3, 6 or 10 Cobra Cuffs. The pouches are available separately or preloaded with Cobra Cuffs and attached Lifesaver/Cutter. The pouches are equipped with universal straps to attach to a belt or MOLLE/PALS. Three folded Cobra Cuffs will fit in a standard 30-round 5.56mm magazine pouch. They can also be stored open on standard PALS webbing for rapid deployment.

Cobra Cuffs are available in eight colors: white, black, yellow, orange, red, pink, olive drab, and desert sand. Different colors may be employed as a color-coding system to classify prisoners based on gang membership, offenses committed, transport code, etc.

Milspec Plastics makes reusable blue training restraints that allow officers to use Cobra Cuffs for training in proper techniques and procedures, without the cost of wasting actual Cobra Cuffs. The training restraints lack the double lock. The straps simply pull free with minor resistance.


Eugene Nielsen provides investigative and tactical consulting services and is a former officer. He may be reached at

Published in Law and Order, Nov 2013

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