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Code3 vLink Remote Vehicle Connectivity

The Code 3® PSE vLink™ is essentially a remote control for the emergency vehicle with a range of 300 feet. The vLink allows the officer to remotely operate a variety of vehicle devices, such as emergency lights, siren, door locks, trunk release, K9 door lock, gun lock, and in-car video.

The vLink works on most smartphones such as the iPhone®, Android® and Windows®. In addition to the smartphone, vLink works with other WiFi-enabled devices such as a tablet and laptop. The vLink app is downloaded directly from the vLink Controller during startup. There is no need to use iTunes or any other app provider. There is no need for special controller since vLink works in areas with weak or nonexistent cell coverage.

The installation is easy, and the interface is intuitive. The dashboard mimics your in-car controls, and the familiar, touchscreen controls match existing Code 3 siren controllers. With large, easy-to-access controls, it is easy to activate in stressful situations. It uses secure password-protected wireless technology and serves as your personal and secure hotspot. The ruggedized module ensures high reliability.

The vLink has been designed to work with all light and siren systems and works with most brands and models of remote devices. The familiar Code 3 touchscreen controls enable remote operation of siren controllers including ArrowStik®, air horn, dimming the lightbar, controlling takedown/alley lights, and controlling gun lock.

If you do not have a Code 3 Z3 or RLS siren, you can order the vLink’s Universal version. The Universal vLink uses discrete, current-limited outputs to switch various audible and visual components and will thus work with many brands and types of vehicle equipment. The vLink does not utilize an internet or cellular connection. It only requires the user to be located within 300 feet of the vLink-equipped vehicle to operate, so it will operate even in areas where Internet and/or cellular access are not available.

More than one person using the same can both have vLink on, but only one user at a time can be connected to a single vLink. The whole fleet can be programmed with the same setup. Since the vLink configuration is stored in the vLink Controller, as long as smartphones are registered to the same vLink controller, they will display the same information, essentially providing programming from one smartphone to another.

The user may determine the function of eight of the nine main screen buttons. All nine of the button’s descriptions are customizable. The user may label the buttons with any text desired and any language supported by their smartphone. The text field for each button will accommodate two lines of eight characters each.

Field Experience

When combining standard police operations with vLink functions, the opportunities to increase control, security and mission-effectiveness are almost infinite. You have pulled over a suspected drunk driver and you are going to conduct a Field Sobriety Test. However, both your takedown lights and your flashing lights are on. Maintain control of the situation by staying with the driver and use vLink to deactivate your flashing lights for a valid FST.

During a foot pursuit, you become separated from your vehicle. Use the remote Air Horn feature on vLink to quickly locate your vehicle. You can also activate the ArrowStik to remotely direct traffic away from an accident scene. Even use your air horn to regain the attention of an inattentive driver.

You are outside your vehicle and want to capture video evidence. Use vLink to remotely start or stop your In-Car Video without alerting your suspect or having to return to your vehicle. With vLink, you can be in two places at once.

Published in Law and Order, Oct 2013

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