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BLACKHAWK! TraverseTrack Bipod

Pivot, tilt or fully locked for any terrain

BLACKHAWK! TraverseTrack Bipod
By: Tactical Response Staff

BLACKHAWK!® makes a complete line of tactical gear from entry tools to footwear, from eyewear to hydration devices, from load bearing vests to holsters. Perhaps less well-known in the tactical community, BLACKHAWK! also has a complete line of rifle accessories that includes a line of bipods adapted from the famous Champion® bipods.

Like Blackhawk, Champion is an ATK Law Enforcement company. The Champion bipod line includes the standard, fixed bipod; the pivot (tilt) bipod and the top-of-the-line, pivot-traverse bipod. It is the Champion pivot-traverse bipod that is good enough for the Blackhawk line: the Blackhawk Sportster™ TraverseTrack™ Bipod. The TraverseTrack Bipod has replaced the older Blackhawk Precision Tactical Bipod.

The new Blackhawk bipod allows the rifleman to horizontally rotate back and forth for a steady hold on a moving target. The entire bipod can also be quickly locked down in any position by a rapid-adjust level lock.

The TraverseTrack Bipod has a no-tools, adjustable mount to any sling swivel stud. The quick-connect adjustment is locked in place by a thumb screw. Since it uses a swivel stud for mounting, it also has an integral replacement swivel stud. The sling can still be mounted to the rifle.

Unlike some bipods, the TraverseTrack only folds forward along the barrel. From the folded forward position, the legs are folded back to a positive stop. They are held in this position by especially strong springs. There is no fore-aft wiggle whatsoever. This same strong springs, working in reverse, also holds the legs folded rigidly forward against a positive stop.

The bipod legs telescope differently from some competitors. To extend the feet out to a locked position, manually pull each one. To collapse the feet, the push-button, return spring pulls the feet back in to the shortest length. Any telescoped leg length between the locked 6-inch and the locked 9-inch length can be friction-set by a thumb wheel lock. The TraverseTrack Bipod uses the traditional rubber pad feet.

The best aspects of the TraverseTrack, of course, are the ability to tilt or pivot the rifle without the need to make an adjustment to the leg length, and the ability to sweep or traverse left to right on the horizon. The friction during the pivot and traverse motions is fully adjustable. A large rapid-adjust lever lock controls the friction. The rifle can be unlocked to easily move in both planes or it can be solidly locked in one position.

The pivot-traverse lock lever rotates 360 degrees to fully adjust to any condition. However, the final lever position can be changed by pulling the lever rearward, rotating it to the desired position and allowing it to spring back into place. Very clever. That way the lever is always in an easy to reach position to loosen or fully lock the pivot-traverse motion with just a small rotation.

We mounted the TraverseTrack Bipod on a Remington 700P and spent the day at a rural police range. On uneven terrain, we were able to get reliable hits on moving targets (tires with targets taped in the center rolled in front of the backstop). The TraverseTrack Bipod did what all BLACKHAWK! products do—performed perfectly under a wide variety of tactical scenarios.

Published in Tactical Response, Sep/Oct 2013

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Are they the same?

Posted on : May 22 at 2:19 AM By Dustysa4

I noticed that Champion and Blackhawk! both make a traversing model bipod. This article mentions that Champion is making the bipod for Blackhawk!, so I'm wondering if there are any differences between these two bipods? Thanks.

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