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Rescue Essentials SRO Trauma Kit

Reduction of preventable deaths

Rescue Essentials SRO Trauma Kit
By: Mark Krasnow


Rescue Essentials has introduced a new School Resource Officer (SRO) Trauma Kit. This kit was developed in response to increasing concern for School Resource Officers’ ability to render pre-hospital care and stabilize trauma victims at the scene of injury.

The solution that Rescue Essentials provides is a kit that enables the School Resource Officer to address injuries up to and including major extremity bleeding or to administer CPR, while remaining inexpensive enough and small enough to be carried by every officer, every day.

The kit includes a SWAT-T Tourniquet that serves dual purposes, either as a tourniquet or as a compression bandage. The SWAT-T Tourniquet is a long band of stretchy rubber upon which images of diamonds are printed inside ovals. To apply, the tourniquet is Stretched, Wrapped And Tucked (SWAT); when stretched to the proper tightness for use as a tourniquet, the images change to squares inside circles. 

The SWAT-T works better than most other tourniquets when pressure needs to be applied high in the groin or armpit, and is extremely compact. While the SWAT-T takes practice to self-apply, the SWAT-T in the SRO kit will most likely be used in a “buddy-aid” situation.

The SWAT-T’s ability to work well as a compression bandage makes it doubly useful, as it can be used in conjunction with the Z-Pak dressing to treat any heavily bleeding wound that requires compression. Packing the wound with sterile gauze and applying compression is often preferable to using a tourniquet.

The Z-Pak Dressing has 4.5 inches x 4.1 yards of z-folded gauze, which is enough to treat a serious wound. The gauze is z-folded, making it easy to feed from the package and pack into a penetrating wound. Once packed, the wound can be wrapped and compressed with the SWAT-T.

A 2-inch x 36-inch length of peel-away Duct Tape is included, dog-eared and ready for the backing to be peeled off. Duct Tape can be coupled with the poly packaging to fashion an improvised chest seal, among its many uses. Nitrile gloves provide personal protection for the SRO. Blue colored gloves provide contrast to make blood readily visible, making patient checks easier.

The final element is the CPR mask, an essential tool for any first responder. All of the contents are vacuum packaged for small cubic volume, and the package is marked with a red pull tab for easy identification when needed.

The School Resource Officer (SRO) Trauma Kit is compact enough to be carried in a pocket, or in the available small nylon belt pouch. This kit is complete enough to treat major bleeding, and affordable enough so every School Resource Officer can carry one.

Rescue Essentials’ intent is for this kit to play a vital role for School Resource Officers in risk mitigation and the reduction of preventable deaths. Minimal training is needed to be able to apply the contents of this kit effectively.

The cost of the School Resource Officer (SRO) Trauma Kit alone is $17.80 per kit, and it can be purchased with the nylon belt holster for $22.80. Discounts are available for larger quantity purchases.

Mark Krasnow is the VP Sales and Marketing, Rescue Essentials, Carey & Company, and may be reached at mark@rescue-essentials.com.

Published in Tactical Response, Jul/Aug 2013

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