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SoundOff Signal's New Intersector SM Surface-Mounted LED

Introduced just two years ago, SoundOff Signal’s Intersector™ under-mirror light has become one of their most popular and recognized products. The Intersector’s patented design and mounting system give it a competitive edge by offering true 180-degree light output. This feature helps increase vehicle visibility at all angles, which translates into increased safety for officers and other motorists.

SoundOff Signal, one of the emergency lighting industry’s most innovative and competitive manufacturers, has now adapted their patented Intersector light for surface mount applications.  Introduced at the 2012 Police Fleet Expo, the Intersector SM is visually similar to the under mirror variant and uses the same 9-LED array, unique optical reflector, and clear lens. 

The Intersector SM comes complete with a black, white, or chrome bezel, a neoprene gasket, and stainless hardware. An optional 90-degree “L-bracket” allows for easy grille, deck, and push bumper mounting; other brackets are being developed.

An additional mounting option, designed for today’s newest police vehicles, is provided by SoundOff’s recently released Compass insert kit. The Compass option consists of a molded plastic panel with supporting brackets and hardware, allowing upfitters to replace the OEM vanity inserts on the front fenders of the Ford Police Interceptor Sedan or the Chevrolet Caprice PPV. This easy swap puts powerful Intersector SM lights in an excellent location for both side and angle approach warning.

All Intersector LED lights are ruggedized for exterior use and protected against moisture, dust, and vibration. The light is capable of operating in extreme temperatures, voltage tolerant from 10-16VDC, and draws less than 1.5 amps per light head. Intersectors offer 30 user-selectable flash patterns, many of which are unique, and can be synchronized with other SoundOff LED lights. They are SAE J845 Class 1 certified, available in standard warning colors, and protected by a five-year warranty.

The new Intersector SM is a quality product and a great idea. No other light head their size offers wide-angle output suitable for primary warning duties. While some installers have surface-mounted LED hide-a-way inserts (including SoundOff’s Universal Undercovers) for wide-angle warning, these lights are simply too small for effective primary warning. In contrast, the Intersector SM gives you an illuminated “footprint” that is much larger to the front and 45-degree angle than a similarly mounted hide-a-way LED.

I have had excellent results when installing the Intersector SM as a forward-facing grille or push bumper light on the newer police sedans. This mounting location takes full advantage of the light’s wide-angle advantage by placing it at as far forward as possible, allowing the light to lead the car into an intersection to warn both fully forward and to the side. 

In this way, the light does the work of a “grille light” and a hide-a-way insert, working so well that both lights are typically visible from all but the perpendicular angle. For the new Ford Sedan and Utility Interceptors, the light can even be used as a substitute for wig-wags.

The Intersector SM is a problem solver that does the work of multiple light heads. Its clever design complements modern police vehicles and gives emergency vehicle operators an edge up on safety. It will be interesting to see what other Intersector variations SoundOff Signal’s engineers develop.

Matthew Ayers is a Captain with the Sevierville, Tenn. Police Department and the owner of Command & Control Installations (C2 Installs). He may be reached at  or

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Mar/Apr 2013

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