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New Vehicle Products

Every year thousands of police departments and companies from around the world gather together at the IACP show. And every year the companies bring forth a sampling of their newest, best products. The products range from uniforms to ballistic gear. A large group of products for fleets are available and growing. From lightbars to security partitions, this year’s companies had fleets covered, from the inside out.

Traffic Control

All Traffic Solutions

The SPEED Sentry from All Traffic Solutions can be wheeled on its own to stand next to the street. It is also available on a collapsible pole or can be attached to a street sign that is already in place, such as pedestrian crosswalk signs, or school signs.

These signs can even attach to normal speed signs. The brackets that hold this type of sign can be permanently mounted so officers can move them depending on their needs. The display can be in place across from a grade school one week, and across from a church the next. This makes mounted speed signs diverse and able to keep local drivers alert.

Reminding drivers of their speeds, and perhaps reducing them, provides extra safety for areas that have high pedestrian traffic or in work zones, where workers are present and in danger of passing cars.

The SPEED Sentry is available in four different models: 12, 12M, 18 and 18M. A trailer that is towable and easily set up can fit any of the models. Either 12 inches or 18 inches tall, the M models show speed in kilometers per hour, while the other models show the speed in miles per hour.

All of the signs come with the following features as standard: accurate radar from five to 200 mph; motion pickup within 2,000 feet; LED light; and single person setup. They can also record speeds. The datalogging option collects and organizes data for the department to analyze. The data is stored in Microsoft Excel format, and shows the date, time and speed for each recorded vehicle.


Another solution provides additional speed limit enforcement around the dangerous areas near schools or in crossing zones. The School Zone Flare-Lite from Empco-Lite is small and light, so it can be easily moved on a daily basis. It is a yellow barricade that has a speed limit sign posted on it, with an LED-lit light mounted on the top to be sure to attract more drivers’ attentions.

The LED light is extremely effective and highly visible: it can be seen at 1,000 feet during the daylight hours, and over a mile away during the evening. In addition to using the sign as a speed reminder, officers can use the light attached to a barricade to block off traffic from an accident or other traffic problem. As it is light and folds easily, it would be simple for each cruiser to have its own constantly available in the trunk.

For additional convenience, the LED powered light lasts over 100,000 hours, so officers can pay attention to details more important than their batteries.

Pop-Up Cone

Another safety tool was introduced from Pop-Up Flashing Cones Inc. The Pop-Up Flashing Cone looks like a regular construction cone, but four of them come in a one-foot-by-one-foot pouch. The cones fold down into a square at the side of their bases, and neatly stack together for storage.

Setup is easy: unzip the bag, separate the cones, and pop them out. Once they’re done being used, they simply pop back down and stack back together again in their case. And they don’t use batteries.


When traffic and speed control cannot be controlled, departmental leaders need to look for other solutions. For drivers who are speeding away and won’t pull over, the spike system catches them and slows them down. It controls vehicles that will not stop safely, and while it quickly reduces the speeds of speeding cars, it makes the roads and sidewalks safer for civilians. The Stinger Spike System does just that: it adds a measure of control to an uncontrollable speeding vehicle.

The system is compactly folded for ease of movement; is thrown into the road for officer safety, and then pulled apart from the side of the road. The spikes on the bar point toward the tire on a tilt. When a tire passes over it, the safety guards are pushed down and the spikes enter the tire completely. When the tire rolls over the spikes, the spikes remain in the tire, at once beginning to deflate the tires and leaving no debris on the road to damage other vehicles or to clean up.

The tires will pick up from four to six spikes each, and the tires will deflate within 20 seconds. After its use, the Stinger can be ready for action rather quickly. Once the spikes are replaced it is ready to be put into action again. And here’s a special perk: when the system is used in the line of duty, Stinger replacement spikes are free of charge.

Sirens and Lights

Haztec International

Haztec International offers a diverse and prolific line of warning lights. Its Syngery group of lightbar ranges (Xpress, Xtra and Xtreme) has aluminum bases, and the coverings are made of UV stabilized polycarbonate. The mould design offers easy access to bulbs, so they may be changed without much trouble.

The bars are available in 12 or 24 volts, with halogen or LED lights. They cover the full spectrum of the rainbow, with bars available in: blue, amber, red, green, magenta and clear.

Its series of low line lightbars come in lengths from 23–69 inches. They are all only four inches in height, and 11.5 inches in width. The available lights are halogen or strobe (with mirrors). Each bar has multiple flashing patterns, and the LED option combines stop, tail and turn lights.

The raised profile lightbars are available from 23–100 inches in length. They are all six inches in height and 11.5 inches in width. Bars are available with halogen, strobe and LED lights.

The most dynamic are the dual-level light bars, which range from 23 inches wide to 100 inches long, six inches tall and 11.5 inches wide. The light bars have LED or strobe lights on the base, with primary lights on top, for dual coverage and more flexibility.

Star Headlight & Lantern Company

The Phantom Undercover Lightbar was designed for undercover or unmarked vehicles. At less than one inch high, the Phantom is a high-powered, inconspicuous lightbar. The bar is 42 inches long and keeps itself light at only 2.6 pounds. Its user-friendly platform includes a 15–20 minute installation process. It is made to mount under center visor clips above the cruiser’s rear view mirror.

The small bar houses 270 LEDs that use 35 different flash patterns, and come in blue, red, clear, green and amber. It may be small, but it’s a powerhouse.

The Star Sabre platform is available in six different light configurations. Also maintaining a low profile, the bar is under four inches tall and 46 inches long. Its designs include choice of halogen, LED and strobe lights. And, if the six configurations are not enough to choose from, Signal Vehicle Products offers custom configurations at no extra charge!

The Unistar Command Center comes in two models, with an easy to read face and six different siren choices and PA capability. An amplifier mounts into any cruiser’s trunk. The keypad is backlit in both red and green to need very little attention for operation.

Code 3

The Code 3 Javelin is a two-level LED bar that uses LED, strobe and halogen technology. It can use combinations of the three, or use only LED or strobe lights at once. Above the corner LED module, sweeping intersection or strobe intersection lights can be mounted for more rear end protection.

All of the casing, bridges and gaskets are transparent, which makes the lightbar almost disappear. The lenses are easily removed for bulb replacement.

The Javelin comes in 12 different models, with enough options to fit any patrol’s needs. For additional cost to the user, Code 3 offers a Build-Your-Own deal at special pricing.

Federal Signal

Federal Signal offers five different lightbar configurations. The Raydian reaches 360° for full warning and attention attraction. It incorporates 50-watt takedown and alley lights in the mounting feet, so the LEDs surround the lightbar. It is low profile and fuel-efficient.

The Arjent is ultra low profile, but just as strong as any other lightbar. It uses LED and strobe warning lights, with SignalMaster directional lighting, and the 50-watt takedown and alley lights. The shell is made of polycarbonate.

The Cuda Spectre is an aerodynamic lightbar with a two-tier design. The design uses 32-channel control for extra light options.

The VISTA is a multi-level configuration in an elliptical shape. According to Federal Signal, this lightbar was built for larger patrol vehicles, such as SUVs. It can use halogen, LED or strobe, and comes in 36- to 71-inch lengths.

The Vector lightbar is V-shaped with seven lights. The light pod can have either rotating, oscillating, intersection, traffic clearing or programmable lights. It is also available in its smaller version, the Vision, for command vehicles.

Federal Signal also offers a diverse group of additional lighting, from the LED SignalMaster, which can be mounted either inside or outside of a vehicle, to the Delta Ray LED, which is in a visor mount package. Smaller Cuda TriOptic LEDs are available for installation in grills, bumpers or the rear deck.


Whelen offers an incredible selection of different lightbars, sirens systems and warning lights— way too many to be covered sufficiently in one article. New to its Delta series of multi-level warning lightbars is the Delta Independence. The Independence is a multi-level bar with LED, halogen and strobe bulbs. It can hold from two to five halogen bulbs at once, with mirrors for added visibility. The lower level has a built-in Traffic Advisor Arrow System, so no additional equipment is necessary for redirecting traffic if pulled over for any reason.

It measures approximately five and a half inches from its base to its top, and comes in 44–56 inch lengths. It can be purchased in all safety colors, or in a clear dome with the individual lights having their own colored domes.

Also new from Whelen is the Edge Series of lightbars, including the Liberty LT Mini Lightbars, Ultra Freedom FT Mini Lightbars and Super LED lightbar. The bars include Linear12 Super LEDs, with optional takedown lights, alley lights. The Super LED offers 10 Scan-Lock flash patterns as standard.

Sound Off

The Predator Series of warning lights from Sound Off is made with Generation III LED lights. The series includes Windshield Lights, Deck Lights, and Surface Mount Lights for both cruisers and motorcycles. The Surface Mount Lights are made to mount on the side mirrors of the CVPI.

The entire series uses Generation III LEDs for better visibility at a larger range. Uniquely, the Predator’s LEDs are brighter than other LEDs. Sound Off has developed a technology called Advanced Thermal Management so each LED in the lightbar can shine brighter, longer.

The lightbars are less than two inches tall, and have clear casings to easily blend in with their vehicles when they are not on. And each lightbar comes standard with multiple flash patterns, so the officer can choose the proper setting for each use.

Unity Manufacturing

Two spotlights from Unity have been introduced for the 2004 season: the Beam and the UnityHID. Both are post-mount spotlights that are easily mounted and aimed. They are also high-powered spotlights that run at 600,000cp. They are easy to mount, and can be either dealer or after-market installed.


Galls has introduced two new sirens into the law enforcement arena: the Deluxe Full Feature Siren (SK125) and the Full Function Light Control Siren (SK126). Both sirens can run one 100-watt or two 100-watt speakers, and offer hands-free selection.

The SK125 has a rotary knob and hands-free capability. The SK126 has a rotary knob selection and backlit switches. The SK125 and SK126 are both only five pounds and priced to move at $179.99 and $299.99, respectively.

Electrical Systems


With all of these tools and gadgets hooked up to a regular vehicle, powering all of them can be a huge problem. Luckily, MNSTAR has taken care of it, so departments don’t have to worry about it.

The MNSTAR Enforcer is a complete, universal vehicle wiring system. The system covers all lighting, communication and other products, while isolating emergency equipment from the vehicle’s electronics to maintain as much power as possible.

The Power Distribution Package isolates the vehicle’s necessary systems from the emergency equipment, and grounds the aftermarket accessories to the battery. The 150-Amp circuit breaker allows mechanics to quickly isolate and fix problems.

The Main Enforcer Harness includes the Power Distribution Package, and also allows quick disconnect connectors, spare circuits, easily readable color coded wires, and is universal to all lightbar and warning systems. Any vehicle can use this system.

The Auxiliary Harness options include: lightbar quick disconnect, dash and visor lighting, traffic signal quick disconnect, and second gun lock.

Carson Manufacturing

The SB-008 control box from Carson manages all in-vehicle devices. It features eight On / Off switches for easy accessibility, and the panel is backlit, so it is easy to tell which devices are on at any given time. The entire box can manage up to 150A. The box includes a five-year warranty.

Command Vehicles

Command vehicles have become more and more popular with departments across the country. Whether for disaster response or command, these massive vehicles are outfitted to run and manage almost all of a department’s responsibilities.

Farber Specialty Vehicles

Farber Specialty Vehicles offers vehicles from walk-in van bodies, commercial motor home bodies, Custom Coach buses, cut-a-way vans and chassis cabs. All of the vehicles can be tailored to meet each individual customer’s needs.

Although each unit is completely customizable, there are 17 styles available to help customers. Some of Farber’s vehicles feature 30-feet interiors, international chassis, telescoping masts and light towers, hydraulic leveling, 20KW generators, Whelen lighting, GPS, weather monitoring, Panasonic phone system, galley and restroom.

Motor-home style models are built with a steel frame, fiberglass sidewall and one piece roof. These units are powered by the Ford Triton V-10 gasoline engine and are available in lengths 30 to 37 feet.

Walk-In van bodies are constructed of aluminum and galvanized steel. City of New London Command Center shown featuring 20' interior, MT-55 Freightliner chassis, Will-Burt mast, hydraulic leveling and Whelen lighting. 

They can be quipped with everything and anything, even slide-out rooms are available for a change.

La Boit

La Boit has been producing mobile medical clinics for the past quarter of a century, and has recently turned its expertise over to creating the ultimate command center line for law enforcement. The center is built into the Chevrolet C5500 truck. The center is seven feet high, and includes gun closets, evidence bins and a large conference room.

LDV / Pierce

The LDV / Pierce Mobile Command Post is the first in a new line of homeland protection vehicles. The Command Post’s interior is divided into three areas: a forward communications and work area, an aft command and conference room and a mid-positioned galley / lavatory.

The highlight of the communications area is state-of-the-art JPS communications technology. This area also includes pre-wiring for radio equipment; four workstations; printer / fax / scanner and copier; professional-grade VCR; a digital quad video processor; a video printer; dry erase boards; and a 21-inch wall-mounted LCD TV monitor. The entire interior has an air filtration system to protect from chemical and biological contaminates.

Lenco Armored Vehicles

Lenco’s SWAT and anti-riot vehicles include the BearCat, Bear, BearCom and ProCat. All of these vehicles are armored, and covered in polycarbonate. The armor can defeat NIJ Level IV ammunition and their floors can resist explosions. All come quipped with gun ports, gun mounts and roof hatches.

AK Specialty Vehicles

AK Specialty Vehicles provides high-technology mobile solutions to departments: its Responder Series Command 21 LX is equipped with Raytheon Communications. The Responder was developed with law enforcement veterans. It comes equipped with touch-screen computers, satellite connection, streaming video and audio, and infrared monitoring. It was made to reduce emergency response time by integrating emergency communication systems into one unit.

The network server is a 1.9 GHz CPU, with Ethernet adapter and capability to support four gigabytes. It also includes a wireless LAN and long-range directional antennas.

Its radio interface switch interconnects audio from radio, satellite and cellular. It can support seven different conversations at once, and allows multiple two-way or conference calls.

The Responder is the ultimate response vehicle, and can run almost all emergency applications from its mobile base.

Stewart Products

Stewart products will uniquely take almost any SUV and turn it into a command center. The Mobile Command Post installation includes fax machines, desks, lights, Ethernet access, gun and equipment drawers; and it can be fitted to any SUV. Imagine all of these capabilities available in a vehicle as small as an SUV. And that application makes it easy for a department to take any vehicle already in the fleet and have it retrofitted to be a command center.

Winemiller Communications

WCI’s Mobile Radio Patch System in its trailer features a Raytheon JPS ACU-1000, laptop computer and digital satellite system. Optional modules include: PSTN-1 DSP Hybrid Module, LP-1 Loral Phone Module, RDI-1 Radio Interface Module with VMR / Noise Reduction AP-1 Audio Processor Module.

The dual-axle cargo trailer measures seven feet wide, 12 feet long, and seven feet high. It is air conditioned and heated, has a 12V battery system and 50-Amp breaker box. It includes two desks to provide ample workspace for officers, and two filing cabinets for data storage and organization.

General Dynamics

The RG-32 Mk2 is General Dynamics’ newest addition to its lines of command vehicles. And it is ready to see some action. The RG-32 is a disaster response vehicle that is bullet resistant, and has bullet and mine proof armor on the outside. It can withstand 15-pound blasts from under its hull and 30-pound blasts from under the wheel.

The RG-32 boasts a Motori six-cylinder Turbo engine, and three-speed auto 4x4 drive. It can go up to 68 mph, and can hold up to five officers at once. Its intended use was for police peace-keeping situations, or VIP transport.

Mobile Communications

Computer technology has made it possible for officers to take networking capabilities into their vehicles. They can run reports, check files, and access departmental files remotely, from their cruisers. They can videotape interactions. There is perhaps no other technology that has revolutionized contemporary policing more than mobile data terminals.

Kontron Mobile Computing

The Kontron Envoy offers wireless data communications, Data capture and dispatch, GPS and remote GIS access.

It uses an Intel 1.2 GHz mobile Pentium III-M Processor, and supports both Windows 2000 and XP. The hard drive can be configured up to 640MB, and comes standard with 128MB.

Customers can choose between a 10-inch or 12-inch display. Each unit has a floppy port and two USB ports. The displays can be read in daytime or nighttime. It features a removable keyboard for easy access in a vehicle and one-touch function screens. A touch screen is optional to keep the officer’s eyes closer to the road.

Palomar Display Products

The Trooper Mobile Computing System features an easily readable screen with a wide viewing angle. It uses the PowerShield 2.0 Power Management System, has one button shutdown and a rugged enclosure. The unit can hold up to 40GB of hard disk space, and processes up to 850 MB. The keyboard is backlit for easy nighttime viewing.

Optional equipment includes: GPS, magnetic and bar code readers, LAN communications, video capture, printers and more.


The Centurion Scout is a mobile security system that provides officer safety like no other. The radio on the officer sends out a signal, so he can be tracked at any point during a response. The Scout can deliver both a voice and a data packet to recipients. Text messaging adds to the numerous communication avenues, by allowing messaging of up to four lines of text.

The entire system is carried in a Pelican case, so it is lightweight and heavily protected. The system has multiple sensors, including duress button, smoke or motion detector, door or window transmitter, and more.


Visteon’s TACNET system integrates lights, sirens, multiple radios, radar, patrol video and mobile data computers into one patrol car. This reduces the number of devices installed in the cruiser’s interior, improving officer efficiency. TACNET also gives officers a choice of command and control options by integrating the switches and electronic equipment controls into three main interfaces: voice control, in-dash touch screen and control pod.

Integration of the radio functions offers interoperability and inter-agency communication to the law enforcement community. TACNET also serves as a cross-band repeater linking up to five different radios. The system can receive radio transmissions, mix the signals, prioritize them, and then play the signals on specific vehicle speakers to aid with identification.    

Mobile Video

ICOP Digital

The ICOP 20 / 20 Digital Video System mounts in a small space: where a radio would normally be mounted in the dashboard. And it has an AM / FM radio built in to make sure officers don’t resent the system’s introduction.

Two different cameras work together to provide 20-second recording before any event, and a monitor in the car can play back any recording. The system even has a GPS system in it.

The hard drive is removable and password protected, to ensure information integrity.

Digital Safety Technologies

The Digital Patroller is an integrated digital video solution. A remote camera allows live viewing. The cameras begin recording before an event takes place, to show any probable cause. The system can support up to four cameras and two microphones. The camera zooms up to 18x, and captures a good picture in any lighting condition.

It has a license plate ID function, and includes GPS, Date / Time stamping and radar.

Data can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle or back to an office, with high-speed transfer and high security. It can store data, complete archive searches, and transfer data to TV, videotape, CD-ROM or DVD.


VisionHawk is a server-based mobile digital video recorder. It gathers, transfers and stores evidence. It can record up to 70 hours on its 40GB drive, and can record two channels of video simultaneously. The camera can record from a front or rear seat camera separately or simultaneously on two different channels.

The recording starts automatically when the manual start button is pushed, or when the overhead lights or wireless mic are activated, or upon collision. Each frame of the video is checked to verify integrity, so no frames can be altered.

The files are easily transferable to the department office, and the data can be stored indefinitely without any damage.

LANEX Product Group

The LANEX mobileDVR is a digital recorder with a 30 fps frame rate, and motion recording. A GPS can be added as optional, as can a waterproof enclosure.

The video outputs to four and eight channels, with programmable resolution up to 640x480. The audio features 16-bit resolution, and two input channels. It records up to 100 feet away.

Optional are radar interface, back seat camera, drivers license reader and GPS.

Kustom Signals

The Digital Eyewitness in-car video system from Kustom Signals features an integrated overhead console that allows the system’s main camera to be concealed within its housing. The console also has an optional rear-facing board camera to record suspect’s behavior while detained in the patrol vehicle. The camera is a tiny zoom lens and features a 40:1 zoom ratio; backlight compensation in the camera allows good recording even without light. The system’s pre-even recording feature automatically captures up to 25 seconds of video before the recorder is activated.

Sure Talk is a 900 MHz Digital Spread Spectrum Transmitter for in-car video systems. Sure Talk is activated when the video system begins recording to ensure the audio is recorded even if an officer forgets to turn the transmitter on. The system allows up to 20 officers to operate their transmitters in the same area without interference.

Kustom’s Digital Eyewitness Media Manager quickly and easily transfers, stores, searches and makes copies of your digital files whether it is recorded using a removable hard drive or a DVD-RAM disk.

Vehicle Interior

With all of the technical and electrical options available to cruisers these days, there are still some products inside the vehicle that don’t fit into the radar, sirens and lights, or computer groups. Consoles, organizers and partitions are just some of the equipment that departments need to think about. The following are additional equipment every department should keep high on its list.


Havis-Shields has introduced its line of vehicle-specific consoles. Made particularly for Expeditions and Explorers, the consoles range from computer mounts and consolidators, to specific cages for K9 units.

The Vehicle Specific Consoles require easy installation and attach to the OEM console. Because they are made specifically for one design, they fit seamlessly and do not require that the vehicle be altered at all.

The Angled Series Consoles were designed to hold two-piece computers in vehicles between the driver and passenger seat. This design keeps the computer within arm’s reach and the angle makes it easy for the driver to see the monitor. The C Series Enclosed Consoles were designed for laptop computers, and can be easily moved from one vehicle to the next.

Even SUV and truck consoles are available, with extra height to raise the console up so the driver does not need to reach down too far from his raised seat.

Pro-Gard Industries

Pro-Gard focuses on vehicle organization and interiors designed to make the most of their space. Its Computer Stand offers easy installation without drilling, and a tilt top to adjust easily for different heights. The upright post it is mounted on does not use any passenger leg space and does not interfere with either front air bag.

The Seat Organizer holds everything that would normally float around loosely in the cab and get lost: clipboards, ticket books, folder, note pads, etc. all become organized when they have a designated spot for their keeping.

The Pro-Cell Single Prisoner Transport System offers officers high visibility of their prisoners, with limited prisoner mobility. Its glass is armored, and sits back far enough so both the driver and passenger can keep their seats as far back as necessary.

Pro-Gard has a long list of products that all aim to take control over vehicle design and organization, to make every cruiser use its space in a more economical, practical and organized manner.

AOI Electrical

The Air Bag Switch allows officers to choose to turn off their passenger air bags. Although air bags save lives daily, they are not supposed to have any interference in front of them. If proper clearance procedures are adhered to, very little space is left behind the driver and passenger seats. If an air bag is deployed and something is in its path, the object will be projected into the officer’s body with the air bag’s deployment.

This switch is meant to be used when the passenger seat is unoccupied, so the driver has more space for his materials.

The system is key-operated, and the air bag is instantly reactivated by a turn of the key. Each switch has a lifetime warranty, and plugs into the wiring harness, so no cutting or detailing will be necessary. And to be sure the driver knows the position of the switch, a status light can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle.

Setina Manufacturing

To add to an officer’s safety each cruiser’s partition needs to be strong, easily installed, and leave enough room for the officers in the front seat. Setina’s Vehicle Safety Partitions attach to the strongest parts of the vehicle, to ensure their strength and durability. The frame is molded after a roll bar to strengthen the entire partition for the strongest support possible. Its Bodyguard partitions are also easily installed. The window is scratch resistant polycarbonate, and guaranteed for 10 years.

Tufloc ESMET

Tufloc is a name very well-known throughout the law enforcement community. The Tufloc Vehicle Partition was designed to be exactly what departments are looking for: strength and easy installation. The partitions are made to fit most standard vehicle designs. They are built from powder-covered steel, and are framed by a roll bar covered in foam padding. Every window configuration available is made from Lexan.

Each partition comes with: custom-fit side filler panels, hardware and brackets. Seat protectors are optional.

Big Sky Racks

The ELS (Electronic Locking System) Ceiling Mounts allow shotguns or rifles to be mounted on the ceiling of vehicles and out of sight. This keeps them within reach of officers, for quick removal. The location also keeps them out of the way and out of the driver’s field of view.

In case of electrical failure, the department can choose handcuff, standard or barrel keys to unlock the rack. The support is padded, so the weapon is fully protected while in place. Up to two mounts can be mounted on the ceiling of a vehicle, keeping up to two weapons at an officer’s fingertips.

Ten different models are available, from shotgun to rifles, with different sizes and trigger guards available.

Mobil 1 Exxon

With all of the strain that is put on today’s patrol cruiser, its care needs to start from inside of the machinery. And Mobil has figured out a way to care for cruisers better than ever before. Mobil 1 10W-30 is its newest Anti-Wear Technology. Mobil 1 allows departments to change their cruisers’ oil at every 6,000 miles, roughly decreasing oil changes by half. Cruisers generally use approximately 75% less oil with Mobil 1 than with the average oil. And less oil changes means less down time per vehicle in the fleet.

Jotto Desk

Jotto Desk has introduced a communications center mount for the CVPI: the CC-Al 1. The center can mount 16 inches of equipment, not including space for a notebook computer. When installed, the secured system places the computer screen backed up to the dash and not interfering with any air bag deployment areas.

The console is also available without the computer mount to keep everything in the squad organized and out of the officer’s way.

Driving Simulation

With all of these high-tech instruments, cruisers are worth a lot of money, time, and devotion to caring for and updating them. Their drivers need to be well trained in how to drive them and in departmental approved-procedures. A simulator is the perfect way to get officers acquainted with procedures and maneuvers without the wear and tear on an entire fleet.

General Electric

The PatrolSim III Driver Training Simulator serves as a realistic training platform for patrol techniques. The simulator has a driver seat with typical console, surrounded by three large screens, so the driver will see the road and surroundings with peripheral vision, just as would happen in real life.

The programs also offer realistic details, such as being able to see through windows, and read license plates. Officers can practice the PIT Maneuver, high-speed pursuits, and analysis development with instructors watching and correcting any errors. Uniquely, up to three simulators can run the same program simultaneously, allowing officers to respond to high-speed pursuits as they would in real life: with more than one cruiser responding at a time. This allows officers to practice department protocol and learn how to work as a team.

Vehicle Graphics

Every good fleet needs a great design, which is why LAW and ORDER hosts a Vehicle Design Contest annually. Vehicle designs announce their presence to communities, and are a very visual way of representing active enforcement in each area of the community. With everyone watching, why not put your best fleet forward?

Valley Screen Process


Thinking of redoing your fleet’s exterior? Valley Screen offers squad-car graphic kits. There are 39 different styles from which to choose, including red, white and blue designs, to different colors, to the basic tried-and-true classic black-and-white cruiser.

Each kit contains two large agency names for each side panel, along with two city or county, vehicle ID numbers and 911 emblems for each side. A complete set of graphics and stripes is included, along with one small agency name for the rear.

They offer discounts when five or more kits are ordered, and ship within three weeks. The films are both reflective and non-reflective, and were made for Crown Victorias or Impalas, but can be adapted to other vehicle bodies.

Visual Image Systems

There are also options available for additional warning systems that do not include lights. The Rear End Protection Kit from Visual Image Systems was made for the Ford CVPI. Made from either Scotchlite or Reflexite, the vinyl installs between the brake light and reverse light housing. It installs in those locations because they are often overlooked when it comes to lighting equipment. The kit is available in different colors, and also for other vehicle body designs.



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