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Tiburon Police Management Systems The latest from the industry leader for large and small departments alike.

Tiburon Police Management Systems

By Kathy Marks

Tiburon has long been a leader in CAD, mobile, records management and corrections management systems. Their comprehensive approach, using the most advanced technology, provides CAD and information management services to some of the largest cities in the United States and even other countries such as Egypt and Chile. 

Kirke Curtis, Marketing Director for Tiburon (, commented on the perception that their company focuses only on large departments. In fact, they have greatly extended their market in the past three years. They now have a broader solution that can be used by departments ranging from small departments with only a few officers up to the large cities such as Houston, Texas.  

He compared their traditional flagship program and its traditional products with their new programs. In addition to their TotalCommand product family, which was a high-tech and very detailed model, Tiburon has added newer products with DispatchNow CAD and Total Enforcement RMS, which can serve not only very large agencies but also smaller departments. 

Total Enforcement provides law enforcement with the ability to collect, process and access records information in real time. DispatchNow is a CAD program and both programs can be deployed in a secure cloud or traditional “on-prem” environment. With the new products, Tiburon can serve nearly any agency. 


Cloud  Computing

Curtis addressed questions about the advantages of using the “cloud.” He said there are arguably several areas of concern departments have about using cloud storage: security, availability, CJIS compliance rules and regulations, and the whole issue of speed and responsiveness. Curtis stated, “In every case, the secure cloud-based solutions can address these issues.”  

He pointed out the concerns often voiced about the security of cloud systems, including the physical security and cyber security. Traditional customers are accustomed to walking down the hall and having physical access to their data within their own “space” and with their own physical security. Microsoft and Intrado are cloud providers for Tiburon. Both have amazing physical security structures, including very secure facilities and armed guards. 

Even more important than physical security is cyber security. Police departments or city IT departments do not generally have on-staff security experts, and work normal working hours, using whatever commercial security programs are available to their departments.   Microsoft and Intrado have a 24/7 full-time security staff, handling nothing but security issues. Cyber security using cloud systems is actually much more secure, reliable, faster and more cost effective than most individual departments can provide on their own.   Customer support is available 24/7 for both CAD and information management.


Both Affordable and Available

DispatchNow and Total Enforcement by virtue of their architecture and service model allow for a lower total cost of ownership. DispatchNow is set up to handle Next Generation 911 and has iPad functionality to give officers mobile access to field information, such as prior incidents and stats. It could be compared to having a dispatcher on an iPad. 

Additionally, DispatchNow and Total Enforcement utilize a deployment methodology to let new systems be up and running in as little as 90 days. This compares to the 12-18 months to get the more comprehensive TotalCommand platform up and running. This is important to departments with staff and budgeting constraints because it ties up their staff for much less time in training and implementation. 

The availability of data is also important and the cloud system allows data to be easily accessible and with the power of the Internet, quickly accessed. Speed of response time and the performance of the system also concern their customers. Tiburon ensures their cloud computing is compliant with CJIS rules and regulations.    

Tiburon is also commonly used by many departments all over the country to lower total costs for various agencies in the jurisdiction by the larger agency being the host and smaller departments using the host for CAD and information management services. 


Tiburon from NY to CA

Lt. William Dodge, Long Beach, N.Y. Police, reported they are a Tiburon Total Enforcement customer, and have utilized both the CAD and RMS components of the system since 2006, with the RMS component available both in patrol vehicles and headquarters. Dodge reported, “In 2006 we migrated to Total Enforcement from a legacy CACHE-based ALECS system. All crime reports, dispatch records and persons databases were migrated from the legacy system into Total Enforcement.” 

Long Beach also participates in automated data-sharing initiatives of the data contained within the Total Enforcement system with surrounding agencies although each retains control of their respective RMS system.

Dodge commented they were initially assigned a Tiburon project manager to assist them, and as they were migrating data from a legacy system, their first task involved data validation on the imported data. They then participated in several “train the trainer” sessions at the Tiburon facility to bring key people up to speed and to iron out minor procedural issues. 

Tiburon’s project manager was on-site for “hand holding” on the “go live” day, but the transition went so smoothly, it really wasn’t necessary. Dodge said, “The transition was so smooth it was like we had always been using the software. Although I rarely have to call tech support, when I do, my issues are addressed promptly and I generally get a follow-up call the next day checking to see if the problem has been corrected to my satisfaction.”  

He emphasized, “The solution has been very cost effective. All of my hardware needed to run Total Enforcement is standard off-the-shelf equipment, from servers to desktop PCs to mobile PCs. The licensing and maintenance are reasonable as well, particularly for the level of service we received.”

Captain Jeffrey Hunter, Strategic Services, Sunnyvale (Calif.) Department of Public Safety, also has long been familiar with the services provided by Tiburon. He reported, “Sunnyvale has been with Tiburon for many years. The products they provide have always been cutting-edge technology and feature-rich, which makes them an attractive vendor for clients.”


Tiburon Partners with Intellinetics

Matthew Chretien of Intellinetics ( reported they provide enterprise content management (ECM). The ECM platforms provide capabilities to convert all of the agency’s unstructured information into a secure, intelligent archive through the RMS, available instantly, anywhere, from any device.  

They can provide law enforcement agencies with the means to help the paper/data overload overwhelming so many departments. Unstructured information includes PDF files, e-mail, digital recordings, e-mails, cell phone calls, old hard copy files, and just about everything else. This is a concern for virtually any department, large or small.

Older CAD systems with data in legacy systems can use Intellinetics as a repository for their old files. The agency will still have access to their information, but it will not be tying up their storage space and they will not have to maintain security over that data.  Cloud storage is an attractive option in situations such as this and helps departments stay within their budgets for information services.  

ECM systems in law and public safety manage public service information requests and many of those requests involve documents that are protected, such things as juvenile records, confidential informants or documents containing social security numbers and financial information. The software provides the option to electronically redact the protected information in an automated manner, rather than the old system where information had to be blacked out and recopied and distributed.

Washington State Patrol

For example, the Washington State Patrol use the most advanced technology to enter collision reports directly from their patrol cars, the information is transmitted directly to their records department, and citizens can easily obtain police reports that otherwise might have taken an extended time to obtain.

Kathy Marks has been a child abuse investigator for 30 years. She teaches classes regarding domestic terrorism and is a previous contributor to LAW and ORDER Magazine. She can be reached at

Published in Law and Order, Feb 2013

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