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Smart911 from Rave Mobile Safety

Smart911 from Rave Mobile Safety

By Jennifer Gavigan

When you call 9-1-1 today, the operator receives very little information about you – basically just your phone number and your general location. In a situation where seconds count, being able to provide the operator with other critical information about you and your family the instant your call is made can be the difference between life and death.

Rave Mobile Safety is a leader in campus and public safety and creators of Smart911, helping protect millions each and every day. Smart911 was created by Rave Mobile Safety with the firm belief that providing 9-1-1 with additional timely information about you when you call, can help speed and enhance the effectiveness of an emergency response.

Through Smart911, citizens create a free Safety Profile on a secure and private data repository, registering the life-saving information they want to make available to 9-1-1 in the case of an emergency. When the user initiates a 9-1-1 call from a registered phone number, the data automatically displays on the call takers work station, helping them respond more quickly and effectively.

For example, fire crews know such things as how many people live at a home and bedroom locations. EMS can know about allergies and medical conditions to facilitate treatment on scene. And because profiles can contain photos, details on threats and more, in the event of a missing child, police gain a timely advantage by receiving critical information in seconds, versus hours.

Each Smart911 Safety Profile is private, secure and only available to call takers during an emergency call. It can include home or work addresses associated with mobile phone numbers, details on medical conditions and disabilities, photos of family members, floor plans and other important rescue information.

According to the FCC, more than 70 percent of 9-1-1 calls are made from a mobile phone. In the best-case scenarios, your carrier can locate a mobile device to within 100 yards. If the caller, however, is located in an apartment building or a densely populated neighborhood, the location details may be useless. Those calling from mobile devices can associate a specific address with their number, so emergency responders know exactly where to go, saving previous minutes.

In less than two years, the Smart911 national program network has grown rapidly and is now available in 26 states and more than 300 municipalities.

Features & Benefits

Smart911 is easily deployed and maintained, facilitating PSAP interoperability and case transfers. The service offers improved caller – telecommunicator communication and provides immediate ROI by reducing liability and the cost of maintaining custom CAD fields and/or paper directories.

• Instantly and automatically delivers potentially life-saving data available on unresponsive or incommunicative callers to telecommunicators desktop

• Immediate identification of important dispatching details such as the need for special equipment, a hidden driveway, or known medical condition

• Citizen provided data that is managed to ensure it is valid, accurate, and up-to-date

• Accurate physical addresses on mobile phones

• Ability to re-bid the location of a mobile caller, even in dropped-call or call-back scenarios

• Works seamlessly with all CAD and call-taking system combinations – deploying in days not months

• Does not affect existing call routing or handling processes

• Works on all phone types (mobile, landline, VOIP) without a special download or plan

• Rapid and error-free delivery of rich content directly to first responders in the field who have mobile data access

• Enhanced community outreach and communication through Smart911’s comprehensive marketing program

• Multilingual citizen registration

• 24 x 7 x 365 support

• Fully geo-redundant and secure

Real-World Use Cases

Missing child: With Smart911, the 9-1-1 operator can see a high-quality photo of the missing child, issue an Amber Alert, and forward the photo to field officers immediately after the call. A map of the child’s last known location is included.

Confused or disabled caller: With Smart911, the 9-1-1 operator can view the medical profile of a confused or disabled caller. If an Alzheimer’s sufferer cannot remember his/her home address or an Asthma sufferer is unable to speak, the 9-1-1 center will still be able to effectively dispatch help.

Deaf or hard-of-hearing caller: Over 20 million Americans are hard-of-hearing. For these people and anyone else who may have trouble communicating with a 9-1-1 dispatcher over the phone, Smart911 offers an innovative way to both preload data and communicate via SMS.

Severe Allergies:

With Smart911, anytime you dial 9-1-1 the operator will see your name, allergy, and current location on screen. Even if you’re unable to speak, EMS will be dispatched to your location with an EpiPen in hand.

Published in Law and Order, Feb 2013

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