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Guidance Software Debuts Fastest Forensic Bridge

PASADENA, Calif. — Guidance Software Inc. announced the faster than ever Tableau® T35u USB 3.0 forensic SATA/IDE bridge for forensic imaging in both lab and field environments. The T35u forensic bridge supports write-blocked, forensic acquisitions of both SATA and IDE storage devices through a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 host connection. The T35u offers forensic examiners the ease of use, reliability and imaging speed necessary to image today’s larger and faster hard disk drives. Users simply connect, power up and image.

For added security, T35u introduces the new “firmware update” button, which places the T35u in a special mode for updating its firmware through the Tableau Firmware Update (TFU) utility. TFU has been rewritten for updates via USB, making it easier than ever to maintain the correct version of firmware on new Tableau products.

Genetec Partner Program with Pivot3 vSTAC Watch Certification on Security Center

MONTREAL, Canada - Genetec™ announced it has further expanded its list of qualified storage solutions for its unified security platform, Security Center, with the certification of Pivot3 vSTAC Watch storage and compute appliances. Genetec’s recently launched Infrastructure Partner Certification Program is designed to qualify solutions from storage vendors to ensure optimal use with Genetec Security Center. The certification of the Pivot3 vSTAC Watch appliance offers Genetec customers additional storage choices to ensure the most efficient configuration of their security installations. Pivot3 vSTAC Watch appliances deliver converged capabilities whereby NVR server applications run on the same highly available Pivot3 shared storage (SAN) hardware array. Not only are physical server costs eliminated through a converged footprint, but since NVR servers have substantial power and cooling requirements, the benefits of eliminating physical servers are both immediate and ongoing. Pivot3 vSTAC Watch appliances run on purpose-built standard x86 hardware that eliminates many of the complexities, constraints and high costs associated with legacy storage alternatives.

City of Green Bay Opts for More Rugged Communications Equipment

The City of Green Bay, Wisc. determined the portable radio accessory product they were using was temperature sensitive. The Parking Division’s portable radios are used for maintaining and enforcing parking areas around the city. The Parking Division patrols the local college as well as the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay campus. They also manage the downtown area parking. Enforcement Attendants in each area must be able to communicate among themselves, as well as with the Parking Office and Police Headquarters. The speaker microphones turned out to be the weakest link—until they started using the Pryme Speaker Microphone. Randall Frailing, Communications and Electronics Technician/Supervisor, said with Pryme, they have had no issues with failures during this increased tempo of activity around the city no matter what the weather is like. 

Tait Partners with Zetron to Develop DMR-based Console Interface

HOUSTON, Texas — Tait Communications announced its DMR Tier 3 offering now supports Zetron dispatch solutions. Engineered in partnership with Zetron, and designed to work with Zetron’s Acom Advanced Communication and MAX Dispatch systems, it is the first console interface able to connect to a standards-based DMR Tier 3 trunked network. As Category 1 DMR Association members, Tait and Zetron are both working on the Applications Interface Specification (AIS) that defines the standard for interfacing with conventional and trunked networks that are DMR standards-based. Tait is committed to open standards and its DMR solution is designed to be fully compliant with the Digital Mobile Radio standards defined by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). Tait DMR includes integrated location services, Network Management with a seamless migration pathway. Tait DMR solutions allow organizations to minimize costs and increase return on investment while operating a highly resilient, consolidated voice-and-data network.

Public Protectors Franchise Advantage (PPFA) Award

Law enforcement veteran, Joseph LoSchiavo, is the recipient of the Public Protectors Franchise Advantage (PPFA) Award. This award celebrates the launch of the PPFA, a program to incentivize law enforcement veterans to becomes business owners, by waiving the franchise fee for LoSchiavo to open a Mr. Appliance franchise. Using the fruits if the PPFA program, LoSchiavo, who was looking for a career transition after his law enforcement days were over, was able to becomes a Mr. Appliance® franchise in New Haven and Fairfield County, Conn. LoSchiavo’s family, including two sons who have also served in the police force, plan to work in the franchise business, scheduled to open in February 2013. LoSchiavo beat out competitive pool of nominated law enforcement professionals, and was selected by The Dwyer Group, a franchisor of seven service franchises and PPFA program founder.

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