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IBM Helps Mesa, Ariz. Reduce Crime
Mesa PD is host of the East Valley Gang and Criminal Information Fusion Center. The center is a combined effort between seven local law enforcement agencies to share information and we have already seen the value of sharing information. Using the IBM COPLINK technology, Mesa PD is now able to share information with neighboring cities like Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe and almost 50 other cities throughout the state of Arizona.

In addition, Mesa PD just launched a very successful proof of concept that links our information with the NCIS Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX) initiative. This will allow Mesa PD to be connected with 39 other agencies in the greater New Mexico area. The project is meant to foster the sharing of information between local, state, and federal law enforcement. It also provides participating law enforcement agencies with secure access to regional crime and incident data that enable investigators to search across jurisdictional boundaries to help solve crimes and resolve suspicious events.

Dallas Police Department to receive PursuitSAFETY’s “Safer Way Award”
CHICO, CA — PursuitSAFETY, a national nonprofit public safety organization, announced the Dallas Police Department will receive the 2012 PursuitSAFETY “Safer Way Award.” The organization recognizes the department’s lifesaving tactical apprehension policy and training designed to provide officers with a legitimate, sanctioned methodology for apprehending offenders without a vehicular pursuit. In 2006, the Dallas Police Department instituted a prohibition on all pursuits except for violent felonies. The department developed alternatives to otherwise unnecessarily dangerous pursuits, such as using plain-clothed officers to direct marked units to places where offenders abandon vehicles, and by selectively deploying tire deflation devices to terminate pursuits. The submission period for the 2013 PursuitSAFETY “Safer Way Award” will begin Feb. 1, 2013 and end March 31, 2013.  

Mutualink Announces 4G LTE Network Connectivity
Mutualink developed an interoperable communications platform that enables community-wide multimedia sharing of radio, voice, text, video, data files and telephone communications in a secure environment. Mutualink’s system is currently deployed by hundreds of public and private entities worldwide, including homeland security and defense installations, NATO Special Operations Forces, police and fire departments, transit authorities, hospitals, shopping malls, casinos, and more. In mid-October, Mutualink announced 4G LTE network connectivity for its interoperable communications system, which enables public and private entities using the Mutualink network to improve collaboration during incident response procedures.

Iowa Statewide Interoperability Board and Alcatel-Lucent demonstrate 4G LTE mobile broadband
At the Iowa State Fair in August public safety representatives saw how an all Internet Protocol (all-IP) based 4G LTE mobile broadband network enables the lightning-fast sharing of large amounts of data and video between agencies, control centers and teams in the field. Fingerprint databases, medical files and more can be delivered to handheld and vehicle-based mobile devices in real time. The demonstration was conducted using Alcatel-Lucent’s mobile broadband demonstration center. This vehicle houses a self-contained end-to-end 4G LTE network operating in the spectrum bands used for public safety operations. The network transmitted using an LTE base station operating in Band 14 using a 10MHz channel bandwidth in both uplink and downlink. Patrol vehicles from Polk County Sheriff’s department and RACOM, a mission-critical communications solution provider, were equipped with ‘Band 14 modems’, or ‘receivers’ that pick up an LTE signal and link it to the devices used by emergency first responders.

Motorola Solutions and Motorola Solutions Foundation Contribute $15 Million to National Law Enforcement Museum   
The National Law Enforcement Museum, which currently is under construction in Washington and planned to open in 2015, has received a $15 million contribution from Motorola Solutions, Inc. and the Motorola Solutions Foundation, the charitable arm of Motorola Solutions. The funding provided by Motorola Solutions will help support the museum, which will tell the story of American law enforcement through interactive exhibits, historical artifacts, research and diverse educational programming. The contribution announced brings the total to $18 million that Motorola Solutions and the Motorola Solutions Foundation have provided to support the museum’s public education effort. The museum will incorporate cutting-edge interactive exhibitions and state-of-the-art audio and visual programs to bridge the gap between law enforcement’s past and present. It will also provide a public forum for discussions, lectures and conferences; conduct education programs to chronicle the gripping accounts of the profession’s most defining moments; and offer in-depth research opportunities in law enforcement history and safety.

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