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Product Spotlight: PureForge Extreme Safety Brake Rotors

Through patented and patent-pending technology, PureForge™ is introducing a novel concept to the brake market — a wear-resistant rotor that outlasts the service life of any vehicle and stops 15 – 20 percent shorter. For decades, brakes have been designed to wear gradually over time and require replacement, typically every 25,000 miles or sooner for brake rotors. PureForge now offers the only brake rotors on the market that do not need to be replaced and are backed by a warranty that has been underwritten by AmTrust, a $6 billion insurance company.

The secret behind the PureForge rotor is the proprietary Atomic-Forged® technology, a complex metallurgical process. By changing the surface of the high-quality steel rotor on the molecular level, the end result is a multi-layer of ultra-dense exotic metal alloys that are forged with the surface of the rotor. After the Atomic-Forged process, the most extreme real-world frictional and mechanical forces cannot compromise the rotor surface.

While this technology can be applied to any braking system, PureForge is focusing on police fleets nationwide. The company, which was founded in early 2006, currently offers braking systems for all makes and models of police motorcycle and for the Ford CVPI sedan. PureForge is engaged with some of the most influential police fleets across the country, who are either testing PureForge brakes or have already adopted the technology into their fleet, including San Francisco PD, Las Vegas Metro Police, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office, and San Diego Sheriff’s Office.

PureForge brakes are provided to law enforcement departments through a unique “Brakes as a Service” lease program, a maintenance and service agreement where PureForge outfits brakes on police fleet vehicles with no up-front cost and charges a fixed fee. The program includes a lifetime warranty for all costs including parts and labor. Police fleets benefit from a substantial cost savings through reduced brake maintenance costs during a time when budgets are strained.

Beyond the lack of wear, PureForge brake rotors stop shorter, increase officer safety, extend pad life, maximize performance, and minimize toxic brake dust. Over 10 million miles of on-the-road testing and numerous independent laboratories have validated these results, including the Center for Advanced Friction Studies at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. 

Dr. Peter Filip, Director of the Center, noted, “In my 15-year career working with friction materials, I have had the vision that a braking system could be developed that effectively stops the vehicle under a variety of conditions and that can reduce toxic environmental emissions to near-zero. I am confident the PureForge technology provides just such a braking system.” 

The real indication of the brakes is when they are put to the test by police officers. In July, the company was notified that Officer Michael Garcia, an Escondido Police Motor Officer, attributed the PureForge braking system to saving two lives. While on patrol, Officer Garcia was forced to execute a panic stop when an elderly gentleman fell backward into traffic just a short distance in front of the officer’s police motorcycle. He came to a complete stop only 6 inches from the man’s head. 

“I am very grateful to God that I was able to react appropriately and avoid hitting him. I’m also very grateful for my PureForge brakes that seemed to ‘stop on a dime’ when I needed them most.”

This moving story prompted PureForge to adopt the motto, “We Brake for Life.” Quite simply, this brake for life concept has several important meanings. From manufacturing lifetime brakes to decreasing toxic brake dust and significantly increasing officer safety and saving human lives, they make the world a healthier and safer place.

Douglas F. Wall is the CEO and co-founder of PureForge. He may be reached at

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Sep/Oct 2012

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